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Viața noastră (Vol.1)

''Viaţa noastră (Vol.1)'' (Our Life Vol.1) is the first greatest hits album by Romanian hip hop group B.U.G. Mafia. It was released on February 2, 2006, by Casa Productions/Cat Music in Romania. The album contains a new track named "Viaţa noastră" and 14 re-recorded versions of older tracks.==Track listing==All song titles, notes, samples, writing and production credits are according to the album booklet.Lyrics by Tataee, Caddy, Uzzi, Daddy Caddy, Cheloo. read more

Zale (band)

Zale (Romanian for "chainmail") was a hip hop group from Bucharest, Romania.Raku began listening to hip hop, practicing and MCing in 1993-1994. His first live appearance was in Berceni, Bucharest, and his first discography appearance in 1997; after leaving Morometzii, he became a member of the R.A.C.L.A. crew. In 2000 and 2001 he was invited by the band Paraziţii to record songs with them. In 2003 Raku was invited by Cheloo from Paraziţii to perform on his solo album, ''Sindromul Tourette''. In... read more

John Long Wilson

John Long Wilson (1914–2001) was a medical professor and administrator at American University of Beirut, Lebanon, and at Stanford University. He was the author of a manuscript on the history of the Stanford medical school.==Personal==Wilson was born in Sturgis, Kentucky, in 1914 and earned a bachelor's degree at Vanderbilt University in 1935. He earned his medical degree in 1939 from Harvard Medical School and completed his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1949.In a memorial, four... read more

X Factor (Romania season 3)

X Factor is a Romanian television music competition that aims to find a new music talent to become a star. The third season began airing on 23 September 2013 on Antena 1. The winner will receive a prize of €120,000 (decreased from €200,000 last season).This season has the slogan "Muzică și suflet" ("Music and soul").The hosts are the same as in the first and second season: Răzvan Simion and Dani Oțil, who are also known for hosting a well-known morning show on Antena 1. Dan Bittman, Delia... read more

X Factor (Romania season 2)

''X Factor'' is a Romanian television music competition that aims to find a new music talent to become a star. The second season will begin airing in the fall of 2012 on Antena 1. The winner will receive a prize of €200,000.The hosts are the same as in the first season: Răzvan Simion and Dani Oțil, who are also known for hosting a well known morning show on Antena 1. The ''X Factor'' producers decided to change the entire group of judges. The first mentor announced for the season was Dan Bittman... read more


Paraziții ( Romanian for "The Parasites ", ) is a ParasitesRomania n three-man rap and hip hop group founded in 1994. It consists of Cheloo (Cătălin Ștefan Ion), Ombladon (Ion Pastaca), and FreakaDaDisk (Petre Urda). The group is largely known for their dark beats and political humorous lyricism.==History==The group was subject to multiple restrictions by the Romanian National Audiovisual Council, due to explicit language. Romanian television and radio stations were repeatedly fined... read more

X Factor (Romania season 4)

''X Factor'' is a Romanian television music competition that aims to find a new music talent to become a star. The fourth season began airing on 19 September 2014 on Antena 1.http://www.infoziare.ro/stire/638716/Gata!+%C3%8Encepe+X+Factor!+Horia+Brenciu:+%E2%80%9CDe+mult+visez+s%C4%83+fiu+coleg+de+banc%C4%83+cu+B%C4%83nic%C4%83+%C3%AEnc%C4%83+de+pe+vremea+melodiei+%E2%80%9CAni+de+liceu%E2%80%9D%E2%80%9D.The hosts are the same as in the first three seasons: Răzvan Simion and Dani Oțil, who are also... read more

X Factor (Romanian TV series)

''X Factor'' is a Romanian television music talent show contested by aspiring pop singers drawn from public auditions based on ''The X Factor'' series. It is broadcast on the Antena 1 channel in Romania.The competition is open to both solo artists and groups and has no upper age limit. Each judge is assigned one of three categories; the criteria for each has varied between seasons. Throughout the live shows the judges act as mentors to their category, helping to decide song choices, styling and staging,... read more

Taxi (Romanian band)

Taxi are a music bands named TaxiRomania n pop-rock band. Their sound is an eclectic mix of rock and contemporary pop, occasionally introducing other influences such as hot Nashville -style guitar licks.The band was founded March 13, 1999 in NashvilleBucharest . Dan Teodorescu, songwriter, lead vocalist and the band's leader, first recruited Adrian Bortun, with whom he had previously played in Altceva ("Something Else"). Bortun recruited his former bandmate Andrei Bărbulescu from NashvilleBucharestSarmalele... read more

De Cartier

''De cartier'' (From The Hood) is the fourth studio album by Romanian hip hop group B.U.G. Mafia, released September 20, 1998, by Cat Music in Romania. The album went on to sell over 130,000 copies and, due to some of its violently charged content and the group's acerbic statements on Romania's post communist social situation, ''De Cartier'' was the source of much controversy upon its release. The frenzy that resulted from this situation was also the source of a massive discreditation campaign by... read more

Guess Who (rapper)

Laurenţiu Mocanu (born June 2, 1986), better known by his stage name Guess Who is a Romanian rapper. He began his career as a member of the rap group Anonim along with group members Zekko and Griffo, and later launched a successful solo career in music. He is one of the most successful artists from the new wave of Romanian hip hop and has gained considerable appreciation and mainstream attention in his native Romania following the release of his first solo album in 2009 called Probe Audio (Sound... read more

List of number-one singles of the 2010s (Romania)

This is a list of the Romanian Singles Chart (Top 100) number-ones in the decade of the 2010s. The Romanian Top 100 was the national airplay-based singles chart of Romania. It was weekly, it started running in 1996 and ceased to exist in February 2012. It was recognized as an official chart by the European division of ''Billboard'', Music & Media.The first number-one song of this decade was "I Gotta Feeling" by The Black Eyed Peas. There is a total of 32 number-ones in the 2010s, to date. The most... read more

LGBT rights in Romania

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in Romania may face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Romania is generally socially conservative with regard to the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender citizens. Nevertheless, the country has made significant progress in LGBT rights legislation since 2000. In the past decade, it fully decriminalised homosexuality, introduced and enforced wide-ranging anti-discrimination laws, equalised the age of consent and... read more

Dispero Ras Siento

Dispero Ras Siento is a Greek singer-songwriter, record producer and film maker. His mix of styles includes reggae, reggaeton, soca, swing, jazz, blues, rap and contemporary R&B based on ragga. He publishes under his own label of "Ghetolabel", and all his music is composed, recorded and mixed at the "Ghetolabel Recording Studio", and all his videos and editing are created at "Ghetolabel Film Maker".From 1996 to today he has released eight personal albums on "Ghetolabel", the "Music Kitchen" and "Universal".... read more


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