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====Chicago PD====... that ''Chicago PD'' is going to be spun off from the NBC series ''Chicago Fire'' during the 2013–14 United States television season?Created/expanded by TonyTheTiger (talk). Self nominated at 06:43, 13 May 2013 (UTC). read more


==See also== poundPee DeeCategory:Two-letter disambiguation pages read more

Chicago Crossover

"Chicago Crossover" is the seventh episode of the sixteenth season of the American police procedural-legal drama, ''Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'', and the 350th overall episode of the long-running series. It originally aired on National Broadcasting Company (NBC) in the United States on November 12, 2014. In this episode, the SVU team meets up with the Intelligence Unit of Chicago P.D. to solve a decades-old child pornography ring case, which is personal for ''CPD's'' Detective Erin Lindsay... read more

PD 144418

PD 144418 or 1,2,3,6-tetrahydro-5--1-propylpyridine is a potent and selective ligand for the sigma-1 receptor, with a reported binding affinity of ''K''i = 0.08 ± 0.01 nM, and 17 212 times selectivity over the sigma-2 receptor. read more


LTA-PD is a Paralympic rowing classification for people with physical disabilities that was developed in March 2011. It includes people with spinal cord injuries generally at around the S1 level. It also includes people with cerebral palsy. People in this class have issues with their legs, arms and trunk.==Definition==Rowing Australia defines this classification as "It includes athletes with a physical disability .... Athletes with a physical disability that typically compete as LTA-PD include:... read more

PD Draw

The PD Draw is a partially dismantled railroad bridge on the Passaic River between Newark and Kearny in the US state of New Jersey. It was built as part of Central Railroad of New Jersey branch known as the Newark and New York Railroad. The swing bridge is the first crossing upstream from Newark Bay at mile point 1.2.At the north end of the bay at Kearny Point, the mouths of both the Passaic and the Hackensack River meet at the tip of a peninsula once known as New Barbadoes Neck. In order to... read more


PD-102,807 is a drug which acts as a selective antagonist for the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M4. It is used in scientific research for studying the effects of the different muscarinic receptor subtypes in the body and brain. read more


PD-0298029 is a drug which acts as a selective antagonist for the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M4. It was developed for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, but poor bioavailability and rapid metabolism in animal studies have meant its use is largely limited to ''in vitro'' research into the M4 and other muscarinic receptors.Boehme TM, Angelli-Szafran CE, Corinne E, Hallak H and Schwarz RD. Analogs of M4 selective synthetic muscarinic receptor antagonists: Synthesis, binding and pharmacokinetic... read more


PD-217,014 is a drug developed by Pfizer and related to gabapentin, which similarly binds to the α2δ calcium channels (1 and 2). It was developed as a potentially more potent successor to gabapentin and pregabalin, along with several other analogues such as atagabalin and 4-methylpregabalin, but while PD-217,014 produces visceral analgesic effects in animal studies with higher potency and efficacy than gabapentin, it was not developed further for clinical use because of its comparatively more complex... read more

PD Notebook

PD Notebook (Korean language: PD수첩) is a controversial investigative journalism program on MBC in South Korea.PD Notebook is noteworthy for its role in stimulating the US beef protest and raising questions regarding the subsequently-discredited Hwang Woo-suk stem cell cloning.==Name==The "PD" is a Konglish abbreviation for "producer".===Mad Cow Disease===On April 27, 2008, PD Notebook televised an episode called "Is American Beef Really Safe from Mad Cow Disease?" which covered mad cow disease... read more


PD-168,077 is a drug which acts as a dopamine agonist selective for the D4 subtype, which is used for researching the role of D4 receptors in the brain, particularly relating to learning and memory. read more

PD 360

PD 360http://www.pd360.com/ is an online library of educational professional development video programs broken into segments. The product was developed by the School Improvement Network. The segments are topical based with classroom examples featuring various educational experts. PD 360 has increased student achievement in schools in North America.http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=3751138==Basic Operation==PD 360http://schoolimprovement.com/pd360-info.cfm is an on-demand professional... read more

Campus PD

''Campus PD'' was an American television show on G4. Campus PD was produced by Cineflix Productions. The show was similar in style and tone to the show ''COPS''.Unlike ''COPS'', Campus PD focused specifically on college and university campuses and towns and the authorities who patrol them, either using local police departments or the on-campus police departments maintained autonomously by the universities themselves. Filming takes place at various locations across the country. The first season consisted... read more

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Cho PD

Cho Joong-hoon (; born January 27, 1976), better known by his stage name Cho PD, is a South Korean record producer, rapper, and the founder of record label Stardom Entertainment. He debuted in 1998 and announced his retirement from music in 2010. However, he resumed releasing music in 2011 with his two-part album, ''State of the Art'' and ''Art of Business''.=== Studio albums ===# 나의 라임 연습장 (Intro) (feat. Yoon Mi-rae)# 악동이 (feat. Digital Masta, Ray Jay)# Do Da Right Thang (똑바로... read more


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