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Chrome plating

Decorative chrome plating on a motorcycle Chrome plating (less commonly chromium plating), often referred to simply as chrome, is a technique of Decorative chrome plating on a motorcycleelectroplating a thin layer of Decorative chrome plating on a motorcycleelectroplatingchromium onto a Decorative chrome plating on a motorcycleelectroplatingchromiummetal or Decorative chrome plating on a motorcycleelectroplatingchromiummetalplastic object. The chromed layer can be decorative, provide Decorative... read more

Chrome (band)

Chrome is an American acid punk group founded in acid punkSan Francisco , acid punkSan FranciscoCalifornia in 1975.Chrome took part of their inspiration for their rough and sometimes chaotic music from punk pioneers like punkThe Stooges . The sound of the group was often coarse and featured heavy elements of feedback and distortion. Their experiments in mixing synthesized noise with rock instrumentation, marking them as part of the punkThe Stoogespost-punk movement,http://dangerousminds.net/comments/stream_the_new_chrome_song_exclusively_on_dangerous_mindshttp://thequietus.com/articles/15284-chrome-interview-helios-creedhttp://www.popmatters.com/review/173372-chrome-half-machine-from-the-sun-the-lost-chrome-tapes-79-80/... read more

Chrome Cats

Jamila Sims (Born February 20, 1997) and Korland "Kj" Sims (Born May 19, 1994) better known by their Stage name Chrome Cats, are an American brother-sister Hip Hop & Pop Duo.== Early life ==Korland and Jamila were born and raised In Vallejo, California. They attended both Elementary and Middle school there. In 2009, the siblings later moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana where they currently reside. They are both of Kenyan American descent As their mother is from Kenya & Father is from Indiana. The siblings... read more

Chrome Box

''Chrome Box'' is a box set by the experimental rock band Chrome, released on December 7, 1982 by Subterranean Records.== References ==Category:Chrome (band) compilation albums read more

Chrome Zone

Chrome Zone is the first ever retail store by the internet search company Google. The store's only location as of May 2012, inside the PC World located on Tottenham Court Road in, London, England, opened in late September 2011, and a second location in Essex, England opened on October 7 of the same year. The store only sells Chromebooks, laptops that run the Chrome OS, as well as their accessories. As of May 2012, no more Chrome Zone locations have been opened besides the two in England. In a statement... read more

Chrome Island

Chrome Island is the site of a light station in the Salish Sea/Georgia Strait on the coast of Vancouver Island in an area known as Baynes Sound. Chrome Island is located off the southeast tip of Denman Island and southeast of the harbour at Deep Bay, British Columbia.The Island was known as Yellow Rock until 1940, when the name changed to prevent confusion with a similarly named island. Archaeological studies have explored evidence of pre-contact human use including petroglyphs, human bones and... read more

Chrome Dokuro

is a fictional character in the ''Reborn!'' manga and anime series created by Akira Amano. Apart from the manga and anime, Chrome has also appeared in other media from the ''Reborn!'' franchise including video games, Drama CDs, and light novels.=== Personality ===Chrome is a nice and kind girl. She is very loyal to people she holds dear, especially Mukuro, whom she loves, and is willing to put her life on the line for them. However, she's too shy and timid to the point she runs away from any sign... read more

Chrome Peel

Chrome Peel is a condition which occurs when the chrome coating of a wheel, usually that of an automobile, disintegrates in the area where the tire is bound to the wheel. Gradually the air escapes and a slow leak of pressure from the tire occurs. A common cause is failure to thoroughly clean the inside of the wheel and tire after the usage of emergency tire inflation applications such as "Fix-A-Flat."Under certain conditions, technicians may be able to slow down the process by sanding down or smoothing... read more

Chrome Industries

Chrome Industries is a global manufacturer of messenger bags, backpacks, utility cycling apparel “Chrome’s Cobra & Pasha Jackets Make a Great Holiday Gift”, BikeReviews, 2010-12-13, http://bikereviews.com/2010/12/chromes-cobra-pasha-jackets-make-great-holiday-gift", Retrieved 2010-12-20 and utility cycling footwear."Chrome Tobruk Shoes", Urban Velo, 2010-08-09, http://urbanvelo.org/chrome-tobruk-shoes/", Retrieved 2010-11-02 After establishing a reputation in Boulder, Colorado in 1995, Chrome... read more


Cobalt-chrome disc with dental bridges and crowns manufactured using WorkNC DentalCobalt-chrome or cobalt-chromium (CoCr) is a metal alloy of cobalt and chromium. Cobalt-chrome has a very high specific strength and is commonly used in gas turbines, dental implants, and orthopedic implants.== History ==Co-Cr alloy was first discovered by Elwood Haynes in the early 1900s by fusing cobalt and chromium. The alloy was first discovered with many other elements such as tungsten and molybdenum in it. Haynes... read more

Chrome Specialties

Chrome Specialties was an American manufacturer and distributor of custom and replacement parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Founded in 1984 by brothers John A. Kuelbs and Gregory G. Kuelbs, Chrome Specialties grew into one of the largest aftermarket motorcycle parts distributors in the world,Eagle's Eye Magazine, Issue March 1994, Article: "Chrome Specialties: The Story of a Modern Giant" by Eric Pierce offering over 12,000 products from a 900-page catalog. Chrome Specialties brands and products... read more

Chrome (singer)

Tyrone Emmanuel Paul, better known as Chrome, is a singer who shot to fame through his vocal contributions to the two Dizzee Rascal UK #1 records "Holiday" and "Dance wiv Me".At the end of 2010, Chrome leaked a track entitled "Ooh Now Baby" to critical acclaim, with the Tron Legacy inspired video spreading across the internet. The song was produced by LP and JC, the producers behind no. 1 Box Office movie ''StreetDance 3D'' and featured UK rapper Stylah.In July 2011, Chrome signed a publishing deal... read more

Chrome Entertainment

Chrome Entertainment is a record label and talent agency founded by Hwang Hyun-chang in 2011, based in Seoul, South Korea. Since 2014, Chrome Entertainment is a label under Sony Music Entertainment.==History==Hwang Hyun-chang, a commercial photographer, was inspired to create a girl group after seeing T-ara's "Roly Poly" on television. Before that, he had never paid attention to pop idols and only listened to classical music. After an initial investment of 10 million won, he converted his photography... read more

California Chrome

California Chrome (foaled February 18, 2011) is an American Thoroughbred racehorse. Winner of the 2014 Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, he was named the 2014 American Horse of the Year. After a difficult 2015 season, he returned to form in 2016 and won the Dubai World Cup. He is currently the all-time leading North American horse in earnings won.Bred in California, the chestnut-colored horse was named for his flashy white markings, called "chrome" by horse aficionados. He was bred and originally... read more

Chrome Hill

on the Derbyshire side of the upper Dove valley. It is adjacent to the more distinctive but lower Parkhouse Hill.Chrome Hill was declared open access land under the provisions of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000. However, the only access from the North West remains along a concessionary footpath. Chrome Hill contains good exposures of ''Gigantoproductus'' fossils; it is part of a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest and visitors are asked not to remove geological samples.In 1997,... read more


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