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Converge means the coming together of at least two things. It may also refer to: read more

Converge / Dropdead

''Converge / Dropdead'' is a split EP featuring songs by the American hardcore bands Converge and Dropdead. The EP was self-released commercially in digital and 7" vinyl formats by both of the bands on June 16, 2011, and will be distributed through Deathwish Inc. and Armageddon. Copies were also available during Converge and Dropdead's May/June 2011 tour with Trap Them and Burning Love.== References ==Category:Albums with cover art by Jacob Bannon read more

Converge (band)

Converge have enjoyed a relatively high level of recognition. Their popularity began to rise with the release of breakthrough album, ''Jane Doe'', which was number 1 on Sputnikmusic's "Top 100 Albums of the Decade". During the recording of ''Jane Doe'', longtime member Aaron Dalbec was asked to leave the group.! This reduced Converge to a four-piece line up, which has been intact to the present day. Converge's records have gradually become more elaborate and expensive to produce, This progression... read more

Converge discography

The discography of Converge, an aggressive American band, with various genre influences. The discography consists of eight studio albums, two compilation albums, a video album, two extended plays (EPs) and five split albums.===Other appearances===The following Converge songs were released on compilation albums, soundtracks and other releases. This is not an exhaustive list; songs that were first released on the band's albums, EPs, and split releases are not included.==External links==Category:Heavy... read more

Converge / Napalm Death

''Converge / Napalm Death'' is a split EP by American hardcore band Converge and English grindcore band Napalm Death. The album was self-released on August 1, 2012, and features artwork by Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon. It is available on 7" vinyl and as a digital download.==Background==Both bands contributed two new tracks to the EP. Converge contributed "No Light Escapes", a song that later appeared on the deluxe edition of their album ''All We Love We Leave Behind'', as well as a cover version... read more

Converge (programming language)

Converge is a dynamic object-oriented programming language with compile-time meta-programming facilities.Developed by the British computer scientist Laurence Tratt, Converge was originally intended for implementing model transformations in the context of Model-Driven Software Development approaches such as OMG's Model Driven Architecture (MDA).As a language, Converge is designed to offer the features of ICON in a visual style suited to Python developers.Converge 1.1 was released in September 2009.... read more

ICT 1301

The ICT 1301 and its smaller derivative ICT 1300 were early business computers from International Computers and Tabulators. Typical of mid-sized machines of the era they used core memory, drum storage and punched cards, but they were unusual in that they were based on decimal logic instead of binary.The 1301 was designed by an ICT and GEC joint subsidiary, Computer Developments Limited (CDL) at GEC's Coventry site.The 1301 was the main machine in the line. Its main memory came in increments of 400... read more

ICT update

''ICT Update'' is a bimonthly printed bulletin, a web magazine, and an accompanying email newsletter that explores innovative uses of information technology in agriculture and rural development in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.It is published in English and French by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation ACP-EU (CTA) in Wageningen, the Netherlands, with each issue focusing on a specific theme. The print magazine is widely distributed amongst policy makers in... read more

Kuri, ICT

Kuri, also spelt Korri, is a village located in the Islamabad Capital Territory of Pakistan. It is located at 33°41'0N 73°11'0E with an altitude of .==References==Category:Union councils of Islamabad Capital Territory read more

ICT Group

ICT Group, Inc. was a multinational call center and outsourcing company based in the Philadelphia suburb of Newtown.During the global financial crisis of 2008–2009, it began closing call centers in the United States and Canada, and reducing staff numbers in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, as part of a plan to move its operations to lower-wage countries.On February 2, 2010, ICT was officially acquired by Sykes Enterprises, Inc., a Tampa-based company. read more

Cairo ICT

Cairo ICT is an International Telecommunication, Information Technology, Networking, Computing, Satellite & Broadcasting Trade Fair & Forum for the Middle East and Africa. Cairo ICT is one of the strongest events with regional and international presence both on the level of exhibitors or visitors. Cairo ICT provides: Business leads, Networking opportunities, Publicity and PR in regional media, Launch of new products and services, Vertical focus on selected industries. read more


The ICT Hub was a project in the UK that aimed to support voluntary and community-based organisations in England with their technology needs. It was set up in 2005, archived 2006-04-06 by archive.org, accessed 2014-06-07 and closed in 2008.The Hub worked to create sustainable environment whereby charities and community groups can benefit from the use of information and communications technology (ICT).Smaller organisations can benefit enormously from effective use of technology, whether this is by... read more


New ICT is an open, customer-driven ecosystem which is proposed by the information technology company Huawei. In simple terms, the new ICT fully converges IT and CT technologies to offer large-scale communication, storage, and processing capabilities. The new ICT works as a flexible, agile platform to adapt to ever-changing business goals, system environments, and application configurations. The new ICT era has three compelling characteristics: business-driven development, agile innovation, and a... read more

ICT Frame

ICT Frame is an online magazine for the community belonging to information and communication technology which also provides two versions of magazine based on native and international language. It has its headquarters in Nepal situated at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. ICT Frame serves the need of today's world which is occupied mostly with the ideas relating to information technology. It has been helping out Nepalese youths providing different perspectives regarding the development of Information Technology... read more

Converge International Digital Forum (CIDFo)

CIDFo -The Creative Innovation Digital Forum is an annual international pitching and showcasing event where digital content meets technology and investment. CIDFo takes place in Norwich, England. ()CIDFo 2014 will be held at the , Norwich, England.CIDFo forms part of . For the previous four years the event was based in Cambridge and was known as the Cambridge International Digital Forum.Participation is free to successful applicants.CIDFo has benefited from generous support by UK Trade and Investment,... read more


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