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Cultural appropriation

Example of Phoenician craftmanship, recycling Egyptian motifs for purely decorative purposes. The cartouche contains hieroglyphs in a meaningless combination. On display at the British Museum.Cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of another culture. Cultural appropriation is seen by some as controversial, notably when elements of a minority culture are used by members of the cultural majority; this is seen as wrongfully oppressing the minority culture... read more

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Cultural appropriation is the adoption of some specific elements of one culture by a different cultural group. read more

Appropriation (sociology)

Appropriation in sociology is, according to James J. Sosnoski, "the assimilation of concepts into a governing framework... arrogation, confiscation, seizure of assimilationconcept s." According to Tracy B Strong it contains the Latin root ''proprius'', which, "carries the connotations not only of assimilationconceptproperty , but also of proper, stable , assured and indeed of common or ordinary." He elaborates: "I have appropriated something when I have made it mine, in a manner that I feel... read more

Appropriation (music)

In music , appropriation is the use of borrowed elements ( aspects or techniques ) in the creation of a new piece , and is an example of piececultural appropriation .Appropriation may be thought of as one of the placement of elements in new context, as for Gino Stefani who "makes appropriation the chief criterion for his 'popular' definition of piececultural appropriationmelody (Stefani 1987a). Melody, he argues, is music 'at hand'; it is that dimension which the common musical competence... read more

Appropriation (art)

''Composition with Fruit, Guitar and Glass''. 1912. Pablo Picasso.Appropriation in art is the use of pre-existing objects or images with little or no transformation applied to them.Chilvers, Ian & Glaves-Smith, John eds., Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Art, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009. pp. 27-28 The use of appropriation has played a significant role in the history of the arts (literary, visual, musical and performing arts). In the visual arts, to appropriate means to properly adopt,... read more

Cultural appropriation in the fashion industry

Cultural appropriation has been a growing controversy in the fashion industry over the last fifteen years.One of the top ten issues in the fashion world today is cultural appropriation. However popular these new items may be fashion houses and designers fail to realize the negative impact it has. People are always looking for the latest trends and what new items they feel they must purchase in order to be deemed "fashionable" by societal standards. The fashion industry has been accused of becoming... read more

Appropriation of knowledge

Appropriation of knowledge is the process of constructing knowledge from social and cultural sources, and integrating it into pre-existing schemas.Billett (1998), Johnson et al (2003) It is a developmental process that comes about through socially formulated, goal-directed, and tool-mediated actions.Cook et al (2002), Grossman et al (1999) Appropriation draws on the developmental theories of Piaget and Vygotsky, as both the cognitive and social-constructivist views of learning are equally emphasized.Billett... read more

Appropriation bill

An appropriation bill or running bill or supply bill is a legislative motion ( bill ) that authorizes the billgovernment to spend money. It is a bill that sets money aside for specific spending. In most democracies, approval of the legislature is necessary for the government to spend money.In a billgovernmentWestminster parliamentary system , the defeat of an appropriation bill in a parliamentary vote generally necessitates either the resignation of a government or the calling of a billgovernmentWestminster... read more

Appropriation (law)

In law and lawgovernment , appropriation (from lawgovernmentLatin ''appropriare'', "to make one's own", later "to set aside ") is the act of setting apart something for its application to a particular usage, to the exclusion of all other uses.It typically refers to the setting apartlegislative designation of setting apartlegislativemoney for particular uses, in the context of a setting apartlegislativemoneybudget or setting apartlegislativemoneybudgetspending bill .== Ecclesiastical... read more

Original appropriation

Appropriation is a non-violent process by which previously unowned natural resources, particularly land, become the property of a person or group of persons. The term is widely used in economics in this sense. In certain cases, it proceeds under very specifically defined forms, such as driving stakes or other such markers into the land claimed, which form gave rise to the term “staking a claim.” "Squatter’s rights" are another form of appropriation, but are usually asserted against land to... read more

Gallifrey: Appropriation

''Gallifrey: Appropriation'' is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series ''Doctor Who''. The series is set on the Doctor's home planet of Gallifrey.== Plot ==The Civil War is over, but Gallifrey is in ruins. Romana is too exhausted from her victory to govern the remains of her world, so Chancellor Valyes has become Acting-President. Although willingly aligned with the vanquished Pandora, he now claims to have been secretly working... read more

Appropriation Act

An Appropriation Act is an Act of Parliament passed by the United Kingdom Parliament which, like a Consolidated Fund Act, allows the Treasury to issue funds out of the Consolidated Fund. Unlike a Consolidated Fund Act, an Appropriation Act also "appropriates" the funds, that is allocates the funds issued out of the Consolidated Fund to individual government departments and Crown bodies.Bradley & Ewing (2003) pp. 202–203==Format==Each Appropriation Act has a series of schedules which contain tables... read more

Cultural Geographies

''Cultural Geographies'' is a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering research and commentaries on the cultural appropriation and politics of nature, environment, place, and space. The journal was established in 1994 and is published by Sage Publications.== Abstracting and indexing ==''Cultural Geographies'' is abstracted and indexed in Scopus and the Social Sciences Citation Index. According to the ''Journal Citation Reports'', its 2011 impact factor is 1.659, ranking it 20th out of 73... read more

Cultural practice

Cultural practice generally refers to the manifestation of a culture or sub-culture, especially in regard to the traditional and customary practices of a particular ethnic or other cultural group. In the broadest sense, this term can apply to any person manifesting any aspect of any culture at any time. However, in practical usage it commonly refers to the traditional practices developed within specific ethnic cultures, especially those aspects of culture that have been practiced since ancient... read more

Prior-appropriation water rights

Prior appropriation water rights is the legal doctrine that the first person to take a quantity of water from a water source for "beneficial use"—agricultural, industrial or household —has the right to continue to use that quantity of water for that purpose. Subsequent users can take the remaining water for their own beneficial use provided that they do not impinge on the rights of previous users.This doctrine developed in the western states of the western statesUnited States . These water... read more


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