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''Digita'' is a genus of moths of the Erebidae family. read more

Digita biuncus

''Digita biuncus'' is a moth of the Micronoctuidae family. It is known from Taiwan.Adults have been found in April, August and September. There are probably two generations per year.The wingspan is 10-12.5 mm. The crosslines are all present. The antemedial, postmedial and terminal lines are prominent, black and slightly waved. The terminal line is marked by tight black interveinal spots. The hindwing is blackish brown, without a discal spot. read more

Digita ampullai

''Digita ampullai'' is a moth of the Micronoctuidae family. It is known from Taiwan.Adults have been found from March to December, probably in several generations.The wingspan is 9-10 mm. The crosslines are all present. The antemedial and postmedial lines are prominent, black and slightly waved. The terminal line is marked by tight black interveinal spots. The hindwing is blackish brown and without a discal spot. read more


The GOGBOT Festival is an annual festival in Enschede organized by ''Planetart'', a local group of artists. The festival deals with subjects on the area of multimedia, art, music and technology and features lectures, a film program and the Youngblood award for art academy graduates.== History ==The festival originates from several festivals that ''Planetart'' organized earlier in the city center of Enschede, i.e. in empty warehouses, on squares, in Music venues, examples are the Gods must be Crazy,... read more

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Joy Gregory

Joy Gregory (born 1959 in Bicester, UK) is a British artist. Gregory's work explores concerns related to race, gender and cultural differences in contemporary society.Gregory was born in Bicester in 1959 to Jamaican parents. She grew up Buckinghamshire and went on to study at Manchester Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art.Gregory's techniques range from digita video installations to Victorian printing techniques.The exhibition ''Lost languages and other voices'' in 2011 at the Impressions Gallery... read more

Minolta Dimage EX

The Minolta Dimâge EX (also sold as EX 1500) is a digital camera, first marketed in 1998. Similar to the earlier Minolta Dimâge V of 1996, the Dimâge EX line was one of the first consumer point-and-shoot cameras released in the American market and featured an unusual interchangeable lens system not normally found in point-and-shoot cameras.The Dimâge EX line was originally intended to be "obsolescence-proof," in that it was designed with internal software that would be upgradable through downloads... read more


DNA Oy (DNA) is a Finnish on telecommunications company. It was born originally in 2000, and reborn in 2007 after a merger.DNA offers cellular phone services, ADSL, terrestrial television (DVB-T/DVB-T2), cable television (DVB-C) and regular (landline) telephone service.DNA was originally founded as the cell phone operator of the ''Finnet'' group of current and former telephone cooperatives after there was a split-up in the association. The Helsinki Telephone Association (now Elisa Oyj) left Finnet... read more

Gerhard Graf-Martinez

Gerhard Graf-Martinez (born 1952 in Schorndorf, Baden-Württemberg) is a German Jewish Flamenco guitarist, author and composer. In 1982, he founded the Flamenco-Jazz trio “Modo Nuevo”. Being a member of the “Peña Flamenca Sierra Blanca Marbella”, he hosted the “Curso Internacional De La Guitarra Flamenca” in Marbella (Málaga) between 1984 and 1987. From 1987 to 1989, he performed as a duo together with a Jewish singer. Between 1989 and 1996, Graf-Martinez was regularly invited as docent... read more

Amit Kapur (entrepreneur)

Amit Kapur is an American-born internet entrepreneur. He is best known as co-founder of technology start-up Gravity. ''LA Weekly'' By Ben Westhoff May 1, 2014 and as the former chief operating officer at MySpace.==Early life and education==Amit grew up in a small farm town in South Dakota. He then graduated with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.==Career==After graduation, Kapur worked at NBC Universal in their planning and digita strategy department.. ''New York... read more


ArsDigita was a web development company cofounded by Philip Greenspun , Philip GreenspunTracy Adams , Ben Adida, Eve Andersson, Olin Shivers, Philip GreenspunTracy AdamsAurelius Prochazka , and Jin Choi and was started in Philip GreenspunTracy AdamsAurelius ProchazkaCambridge, Massachusetts in the mid-1990s. The company produced a popular Philip GreenspunTracy AdamsAurelius ProchazkaCambridge, MassachusettsOpen Source toolkit, the Philip GreenspunTracy AdamsAurelius ProchazkaCambridge, MassachusettsOpen... read more

Express Publishing

== History ==Express Publishing is an independent UK based publishing house with its headquarters in Berkshire, UK.http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk//compdetails "Express Publishing". ''Companies House''. March 24, 2015. The company was founded in 1988 and it specializes in English language learning and teaching and ELT educational materials. Express Publishing has established a presence in more than 90 countries, in many of them holding ministerial approvals. April 16, 2015. Tokyo International... read more

Draft:Opera Fatal

''Opera Fatal'' is a 1996 educational graphic adventure puzzle video game developed by Ruske & Pühretmaier Design und Multimedia Gmbh and published by Heureka-Klett. The game's plot follows maestro Angelo, the orchestra director, on the night before the premiere of Beethoven's Fidelio. A mysterious thief has stolen the musical scores; to retrieve them, Angelo must solve a series of music-themed riddles that have been scattered throughout the opera house. ==Gameplay==The gameplay of ''Opera Fatal''... read more

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Babbel is an online language learning software and e-learning platform available in various languages since January 2008. Fourteen languages are currently offered: Dutch, Danish, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish and Turkish. According to babbel.com, it has over 20,000,000 users from more than 190 countries. == Concept ==Babbel courses may be completed within the learner's web browser, not through an installable program. There are... read more


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