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The Donauinselfest (German for ''Danube Island Festival'') is an open-air free music festival taking place annually at Donauinsel in Vienna, Austria. It usually takes place in mid or end of June. Only in 2008, the event was scheduled in September in order to prevent clashing with the European Football Championship, which was co-hosted by Austria''.== The event ==According to numerous media reports (including ) the Donauinselfest is Europe's biggest open-air event; soon expected to reach the 3 million... read more

Resurrection Tour

The Resurrection Tour is the third headlining concert tour by the American recording artist, Anastacia. The tour promotes her sixth album, ''Resurrection''. The tour began October 2014 in Europe and also visited Australia Her biggest crowd was in Vienna, at the festival Donauinselfest on June 27, in 2015; she sang for more than 100,000 people.==Setlist==The following setlist was obtained from the January 20, 2015 concert, at the Palladium Köln in Cologne, Germany. It does not represent all concerts... read more

Heart Strings Tour

The ''Heart Strings Tour'' was a tour by Welsh singer, Bonnie Tyler in promotion of her 2003 cover album ''Heart Strings''. The album was recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, but because of obvious difficulties with performing with the orchestra, Tyler only performed with her band.==Set list==Tyler also performed Lean On Me on one occasion.==Tour dates==Tyler headlined in the festival "''Donauinselfest 2003''" alongside Snap! and Deichkind, performing selections from the new album... read more


Imst in 2006 — from left: Georg Danzer, Rainhard Fendrich, Wolfgang Ambros.2007-04-16from left: Fendrich, Danzer, Ambros.Austria3The group's name is an allusion to the cheap cigarette blend "Austria 3" produced in Austria after World War II and approximately until the end of the 1950s. The blend was infamous for its awful taste, but Austrians in their teens at that time are likely to have had an "Austria 3" as their first cigarette. was a conglomerate of three Austrian quite individualist... read more


DENK is an Austrian rock band from Schwechat near Vienna, formed around the lead singer Birgit Denk, who writes the band's lyrics in Viennese dialect.They offer two different kinds of live shows: fully amplified rock-shows, with electric guitars, bass, drums, keyboars and vocals, and unplugged shows, in which they use acoustic instruments, including guitars, double bass, mandolin, and bozouki== History ==Their first maxi single was self-titled and had five tracks. They played in locations like the... read more

Excuse Me Moses

Excuse Me Moses is an Austrian rock band from Vienna. They competed in the Austrian selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, just narrowly missing out on a spot in the final, after coming 11th in the Online Selection, with the song "Way Out".=== Funkalicious ===The band was formed in 2000 under the name ''Funkalicious''. They produced the EP ''Deduction'' in 2002 and released their album ''Perfekta'' in 2004 which shortly appeared on #42 in the Austrian charts. They didn't reach a... read more


sound:frame is an organisation that holds an annual festival in Vienna, Austria, and an artist and event agency in the fields of audiovisual art, music, intermedia and vjing.== sound:frame festival ==Initiatied in 2007, the sound:frame festival has been staged annually in Vienna, Austria. The festival activities focus on the link between auditive and visual media in the context of art and culture (interdisciplinarity). The name sound:frame stands for the combination and the equal importance of... read more


Trio Wien, ''Stadt.Fest.Wien 2009''The Extremschrammeln, Donauinselfest 2008The Wienerlied (German, literally: Viennese song, pl. Wienerlieder) or Weanaliad (viennese, pl. ''Weanaliada'') is a song genre which has its roots in Vienna, the capital of Austria. Traditional Viennese songs, known as ''Wienerlieder'' are centred on the theme of life in Vienna and are almost exclusively sung in Viennese (a local Austro-Bavarian dialect). The Wienerlied is a unique musical and socio-cultural phenomenon,... read more


Dragony is a power metal band from Vienna, Austria, which incorporates elements of symphonic metal in their style.=== First steps ===Dragony was founded in 2007 by guitarist Daniel Stockinger and lead vocalist Siegfried Samer. Originally conceived as a studio rock opera project and accordingly named "The Dragonslayer Project", the project quickly evolved into a full band when new members Andreas Poppernitsch (guitars), Georg Lorenz (keyboards), Frederic Brünner (drums) and Herbert Glos (Bass) joined... read more

Rainhard Fendrich

Rainhard Jürgen Fendrich (born 27 February 1955, in Vienna) is an Austrian singer, composer, entertainer, and actor. He is one of the most successful Austropop musicians, and his songs are written in Viennese German. He is very popular in Austria, but less so in other German-speaking countries. In non-German speaking countries he is little known. His song from 1990, "I am from Austria" (its lyrics, except for the title, are in Viennese German) is still popular in Austria.==Life==Rainhard, called... read more


The Parkpop festival is a free music festival held annually on the last Sunday of June in the city of The Hague, Netherlands.It was first held in 1981 and attended by 35,000 visitors. Today up to 350,000 people visit the festival every year. They held the title for largest free pop festival in Europe for a long time. Depending on the source however, there are several claims to this title by other festivals. Przystanek Woodstock in Poland and Austria's Donauinselfest now claim being the second biggest... read more


Donauinsel, separating New Danube (left) from Danube (right). View from Kahlenberg. Mind Millennium Tower near the center of the picture, and UNO-City at left margin''Copa Cagrana'' with lighthouse and pontoon bridge, from SE. In the background: Millennium Tower, Kahlenberg (w. antenna), Leopoldsberg (w. church) and, far out, Klosterneuburg.The Donauinsel (Danube Island) is a long, narrow island in central Vienna, Austria, lying between the Danube river and the parallel excavated channel ''Neue Donau''... read more

Chi Coltrane

Chi Coltrane (Chi is pronounced "shy"; born November 16, 1948) is an American rock-pop-jazz songwriter, pianist, and singer.==Career==Her first hit in the United States was "Thunder and Lightning," released in May 1972. By August it reached #17 on the U.S. ''Billboard'' Hot 100 chart, and #12 on the U.S. Record World top 100 record chart and U.S. CashBox top 100, #18 on the Canadian RPM magazine charts, and #4 on the German hit list. It drove her first album, ''Chi Coltrane'', to stay on the charts... read more

Hitradio Ö3

Hitradio Ö3 is one of the nationwide radio stations of Austria's public broadcaster ORF. The format focuses on contemporary hit radio, specialising pop music and chart hits from the 1980s to the present. Ö3 has the biggest audience share by far (averaging 31%) of all Austrian radio stations.==History==The station was launched by the ORF broadcaster on 1 October 1967 to a new numbered system, together with the classical music station Österreich 1 and the local radios of the Ö2 group, following... read more

Sympathy for Nothing

Sympathy for Nothing is an Austrian Melodic metalcore band formed in 2006.== Band history ==The band was formed in 2006 in Schwanenstadt/Upper Austria by Klaus Schobesberger, Thomas Putz, Christian Danninger, Martin Wagner and Christina Stur. Stur left the band in June 2008 because of personal problems. In October of the same year Richard Thallinger was the new singer. In May 2008 the band won the ''International Live Award''. Martin Wagner won the title as "Austria's Best Young Drummer" in the same... read more


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