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Ayşen Gruda

Ayşen Gruda (born 30 November 1946 in İstanbul) is a Turkish actress and comedian.==Biography==Ayşen Gruda was born in Istanbul. Her sisters Ayben and Ayten would also go on to become actors.Ayşen Gruda appeared in several musicals such as "Mum Söndü", "Deve Kuşu Kabare", "Hababam Sınıfı Müzikali", "Yedi Kocalı Hürmüz". Her role in the sketch ''Her Domates Güzeli Nahide Şerbet'' on television, gained her the nickname "Domates Güzeli". She appeared in over 100 films including classics... read more


Uzuh (alsı known as ''Uzuğ'' or ''Uğuz'')Kaf Dağı, Zümrüdü Anka Kuşu ve Masal Motifleri is a mythological being like a giant. Uzuh was described as human-like creatures as high as a house or tree, completely covered with hair. They were very strong, able to uproot trees and carry heavy loads, while their chest was so large that they could make storms by blowing. When they spoke or sang, it was heard far away. They lived deep in the forests, where they built their towns, and were divided... read more


Anka Air, stylised as Ankair, was a charter airline headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey and based at Atatürk International Airport. Founded in 2005 as World Focus Airlines, the company changed its corporate image to its current form in February 2008 as a result of publicity surrounding the crash of Atlasjet Flight 4203 on 30 November 2007.The airline operated charter flights to Europe and the Middle East.== History ==The airline was established as World Focus Airlines on 27 September 2005, beginning... read more

Grup Vitamin

Grup Vitamin is a Turkish pop and pop rock band which make parody songs. The Grup Vitamin is composed of Emrah Anul, Selçuk Aksoy and Tolga Sünter. Previously Gökhan Semiz, Ercan Saatçi, İzel, Murat Uzunal, Sertaç Demirtaş and Ufuk Yıldırım were members of the band.The band released its debut album, Bol Vitamin in 1990. The band's first cast members were Gökhan Semiz, Ufuk Yıldırım, Ercan Saatçi, İzel Çeliköz, Sertaç Demirtaş, Emrah Anul, Selçuk Aksoy and Murat Uzunal. After... read more

Deniz Ugur

Deniz Ugur (born October 17, 1973), is a Turkish film actress, script writer and dubbing artist.Deniz Ugur is the single child of opera singer Mete Ugur and ballerina Suna Ugur. Her grandparent Yumnu Ugur is the classmate of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who is the founder of Republic of Turkey. The chamberlain of Sultan Abdulhamid II; İhsan Bey is the father of her grandmother Saliha Hanım. First Miss Turkey member and Turkey's first Miss World winner Keriman Halis Ece,http://www.milliyet.com.tr/deniz-ugur-kimdir--magazin-2017406/... read more

Okan Bayülgen

Okan Bayülgen ''(real name: Okan Kaan Görgün)'' (born March 23, 1964) is a Turkish actor, variety and talk show host, comedian and photographer.==Biography==Bayülgen was born on March 23, 1964 in Istanbul, Turkey, the son of a lawyer father and a painter mother.He spent six years in Galatasaray High School which he says emotionally harsh years, then he passed to Bodrum High School, eventually he graduated from Şişli High School in 1984. He attended Tours University Faculty of Law and transferred... read more

Oğuz Tansel

Oğuz Tansel (February 15, 1915, Meyre, Konya - October 30, 1994, Ankara) was a Turkish poet and folklorist.==Early life and career==Tansel graduated from Davutpaşa junior high school and Pertevniyal high school in İstanbul. He took up teaching as a profession as early as 1938 while studying at the Department of the Turkish Language and Literature of the Faculty of Literature at the University of İstanbul and gave it up in 1969 when he retired for health reasons. He taught and held administrative... read more

Wikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports/sibersahne.com

Reporting statistics of link sibersahne.com; 1 records.# 14:31:10, Mon Oct 20, 2008 :tr:user:Sibersahne sibersahne.com (100%/76.92%/76.9% - calculated overlap Sibersahne sibersahne.com) - :tr:MIRC - () - COIBot UserReport - :tr:Special:Contributions/Sibersahne.Below a full report on all use of the link sibersahne.com.This list is intended to see how the external link gets used, it does not imply that involved accounts are having a conflict of interest in adding the link, or that the involved accounts... read more

Nevra Serezli

Nevra Serezli (born 9 August 1944) is a Turkish film, stage, television and voice actress. Following her graduation from Robert College, she went on to study theatre. In 1965, she started working as a professional stage actress at the Dormen Theatre. Two years later, she appeared at the Ankara Art Theatre. Between 1971 and 1978, she performed in numerous plays with Altan Erbulak and Metin Serezli. In 1984, she registered with Devekuşu Kabare Tiyatrosu (''Ostrich Cabaret Theatre'') as an actress.... read more

TAI Anka

The TAI Anka is a family of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries for the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces. Basic Anka-A is classified as a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAV. Envisioned in the early 2000s for tactical surveillance and reconnaissance missions, the Anka has made progress towards the integration of Synthetic aperture radar and combat systems. The drone is named after a phoenix-like mythological creature called ''Zümrüd-ü Anka'' (alternatively... read more

Genco Gulan

Genco Gulan ( (born 1969 in Turkey) is a contemporary conceptual artist and theorist, who lives and works in Istanbul. His transmedia contextual work involves painting, found objects, new media, drawings, sculpture, photography, performance and video.Foroohar, Rana and Matthews, Owen. (Aug 28, 2005). . Newsweek. Retrieved 2012-06-01. His work often carries political, social and/or cultural messages but is never transformed into propaganda. He rejects being modern or minimal. He describes his work... read more

Wikipedia:JSTOR/Approved/Round 3

== Approved accounts, Round 3 - November 2014 ==# I am planning to get involved in the GA review process, (See here ) particularly science articles. Many of the references are accessible only via JStor, and I would like to review the references to make sure they support the article. (I checked to see if I qualified under the alumni option of if a local public library had access, but came up empty.) # I actively edit articles related to the Partition of India, 1971 Bangladesh genocide and minorities... read more

Orhan Veli Kanık

Orhan Veli Kanık or Orhan Veli (13 April 1914, Beykoz , Beykozİstanbul – 14 November 1950, İstanbul) was a Turkish Turkishpoet . Kanık is one of the founders of the TurkishpoetGarip Movement together with Oktay Rıfat and Oktay RıfatMelih Cevdet . Aiming to fundamentally transform traditional form in Oktay RıfatMelih CevdetTurkish poetry , he introduced colloquialisms into the poetic language. Besides his poetry Kanık crammed an impressive volume of works including essays,... read more


==Approved accounts - Round One, July 2014 ==#For further featured material (articles/lists) and no, I have no access to JSTOR material. The Rambling Man (talk) 17:53, 4 April 2012 (UTC)#For featured and good articles as well as filling out current coverage. I only have access to JSTOR material through an hour or so drive to a university. At the price of gas now, that's $40 or so a trip. Ealdgyth - Talk 17:56, 4 April 2012 (UTC)#For work primarily on Mesoamerican articles, both GAs and FAs and adding... read more


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