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EDE or Equinox Desktop Environment is a small desktop environment that is meant to be simple and fast. Previous 1.x versions were based on a modified version of desktop environmentFLTK called eFLTK, while later versions are based on pure FLTK 1.x.==EDE 2==In EDE 2, eFLTK has been replaced with FLTK 1.x and EDE's own library, edelib (have nothing in common with EDELIB, the first library EDE used when the project was started). edelib contains functionality for creating a window, saving program... read more


== Given name ==''Ede'' is a Hungarian given name which can be traced back to Edward. For example: read more

Jim Ede

Harold Stanley Ede (7 April 1895 – 15 March 1990), also known as 'Jim' Ede, was an English collector of art and friend to artists.==Life and career==Ede studied painting at EnglishNewlyn Art School between 1912 and 1914 when he was called up in EnglishNewlyn Art SchoolWorld War I . On returning from the Western Front he continued his studies at the Western FrontSlade School of Art . In 1921, Ede got a job as assistant curator at the Western FrontSlade School of ArtTate Gallery in Western... read more

Ede, Osun

Ede is a town in Osun State , southwestern Osun StateNigeria . It lies along the Osun River at a point on the railroad from Lagos, 112 miles (180 km) southwest, and at the intersection of roads from Oshogbo, Ogbomosho, and Ife. Ede is one of the older towns of the Yoruba people. It is traditionally said to have been founded about 1500 by Timi Agbale, a hunter and warlord sent by Alaafin (King) Kori of Osun StateNigeriaOld Oyo (Katunga), capital of the Oyo empire, to establish a settlement... read more

Ede, Netherlands

Ede () is a and a city in the center of the , in the province of .=== Location ===The town itself is situated halfway between the larger cities of and with direct rail and road connections to both cities. There are no connections to any water nearby; however, there also is a direct road connection to the city of which hosts a small industrial port on the river and a direct road and rail connection to the city of Arnhem, which features larger port at a greater distance. The environment is clean... read more

David Ede

David Ede (4 July 1935 – 13 September 2008) was an American scholar of Islam.== Biography ==David Ede was born on July 4, 1935, as the son of a Lutheran minister. He studied Lutheran theology at St. Olaf College and Luther Theological Seminary and received bachelor's degrees from these institution in 1957 and 1961. Subsequently, he studied Islam at the McGill University Institute of Islamic Studies where he received a master's degree in 1967 and his doctorate with honors in 1978.He started his... read more

Ede Staal

Ede Ulfert Staal (2 August 1941 – 22 July 1986) was a Dutch singer-songwriter from the Northern province of Groningen who sang mainly in Gronings dialect.==Early life==Ede Staal was born in 1941 in Warffum, the son of a NSB-father (National Socialist) and a farmer's daughter. His father worked as a teacher, and his eldest son Ede would later follow in his footsteps by becoming a teacher himself. ==Career==At the age of five, Staal started making music. He was inspired by his grandfather who had... read more

Ede Szerdahelyi

Ede Szerdahelyi (1820–1880) was a Hungarian pianist and composer who had been imprisoned in Olmütz for his participation in the Hungarian uprising of 1848. He studied with Franz Liszt in Weimar, Germany, from January to 13 July 1851, when he moved to London and subsequently to the United States. On his return to Pest in 1877 he visited his friend Liszt who had dedicated his ''Hungarian Rhapsody Nr. 1'' in E major S. 244/1, which had been composed by 1846 as ''Rêves et fantaisies'' S. 243b and... read more

Concordia, Ede

Concordia is a smock mill in Ede, the Netherlands, which is maintained in working order. The mill is listed as Rijksmonument number 14469.==History==The mill was built in 1868 to replace an earlier mill that burnt down in 1865, which was believed to date back to the 17th century. The new mill would partly originate from Zaan, where it was used as a sawmill. In Ede, however, the mill was used mainly for milling grain and to extract oil from beechnuts.==Description==The mill is octagonal and has a... read more

Charles Ede

Sophie Gengembre Anderson, A portrait of a fairy, by (1869). The title of the painting is ''Take the Fair Face of Woman, and Gently Suspending, With Butterflies, Flowers, and Jewels Attending, Thus Your Fairy is Made of Most Beautiful Things'' - purportedly from a poem by Charles Ede.Charles Richard Montague Ede (22 October 1921 (Sevenoaks) - 29 May 2002"Ede, Charles Richard Montague (1921–2002)" by Brian Wolfson in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, Jan 2006, online... read more

Ede language

Ede is a dialect continuum of Benin and Togo that is closely related to the Yoruba language. The best-known variety is Ife.Kluge (2011) includes Yoruba within Ede. read more

Nick Ede

Nick Ede (born 1973) is an award winning Scottish public relations and brand consultant and television presenter. He runs the London based PR agency www.eastofeden.london and he lives in Hackney. He is a well respected and charity activist.Ede was born in Edinburgh, where he attended Edinburgh Academy. He studied at Glasgow School of Art and Bretton Hall College in Leeds. He moved to Stoke Newington in 1996 to try to become an actor, but his mother died from a stroke in 1997 when he was 22 and he... read more

Basil Ede

Basil Rashley Ede (born 12 February 1931 in Epsom, Surrey) is an English wildlife artist specialising in avian portraiture.==Early life==Ede's interest in drawing began early in life.Introduction ''Basil Ede's Birds''. Hamlyn Paperbacks 1982 As a schoolboy growing up during the Second World War, he filled his exercise books with sketches of military aircraft and unflattering caricatures of his school teachers. He was educated at St John's School, Leatherhead. He later attended Kingston School of... read more

Brian Ede

Brian Richard Ede (born 9 March 1946) is a former Australian politician. He was the Labor member for Stuart in the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly from 1983 to 1996 and led Labor unsuccessfully to the 1994 territory election.==References==Category:Members of the Northern Territory Legislative AssemblyCategory:Australian Labor Party members of the Northern Territory Legislative AssemblyCategory:Leaders of the Opposition in the Northern Territory read more

James Ede

James Luke Ede (born 19 September 1984) is an English cricketer. Ede is a right-handed batsman who bowls right-arm medium pace. He was born at Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire.Ede played a single List-A match for the Derbyshire Cricket Board in the 1st round of the 2003 Cheltenham & Gloucester Trophy against the Middlesex Cricket Board, a match which was played in 2002. During the match he scored 10 runs and took a single wicket, that of Rajesh Rao.In local domestic cricket, Ede plays for Quarndon... read more


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