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Ein is German for '' Germana and an '' and ''one'' (masculine/neuter). read more

Dorf (surname)

Dorf is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: read more

Dorf, Switzerland

Dorf is a municipality in the district of Andelfingen in the canton of Zürich in Switzerland. The German word ''Dorf'' means “village”.==History==Dorf is first mentioned in 1044 as ''Dorf'', though the document that mentions this is a copy from 1347.==Dorf==Because Dorf simply means village in German, there are a number of Dorfs throughout Switzerland, Germany and Austria. In Switzerland, Dorf is the only municipality with this name. There are a number of smaller villages or hamlets with either... read more

Dorf, Germany

Dorf in German translates to "village", and -dorf is a common suffix in place names in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. read more


Schinznach-Dorf is a former municipality in the district of Brugg in canton of Aargau in Switzerland. On 1 January 2014 the former municipalities of Schinznach-Dorf and Oberflachs merged into the new municipality of Schinznach. accessed 13 December 2014==Geography==Before the merger, Schinznach-Dorf had a total area of . Of this area, or 37.1% is used for agricultural purposes, while or 46.0% is forested. Of the rest of the land, or 13.4% is settled (buildings or roads), or 3.3% is either... read more

Erling Dorf

Erling Dorf was an American Geologist. He was born July 19, 1905 and died in April, 1984. He was hired in 1928 as a professor of Geology at Princeton University. He retired from Princeton in 1974. He was a renowned paleobotanist working on the floras of the Late Cretaceous and Paleogene. He was married to Ruth Kemmerer Dorf. They had three sons and a daughter: Thomas Alfred Dorf (1937-1958), Norman Kemmerer Dorf (1938-2007), Robert Erling Dorf (1941- ) and Molly Dorf Purrington (1948 - ).Anonymous... read more

Shel Dorf

Sheldon "Shel" Dorf (July 5, 1933 - November 3, 2009) was an American comic book enthusiast and the founder of the San Diego Comic-Con International."", ''Associated Press'', 4 November 2009. Accessed 4 November 2009. 4 November 2009.Spurgeon, Tom. "", ''The Comics Reporter'' (self-published), 4 November 2009. Accessed 4 November 2009. 4 November 2009.Evanier, Mark, "", ''POV Online'' (self published), November 3, 2009. Accessed 4 November 2009. 4 November 2009. Dorf was also a freelance artist... read more

Dorf Mecklenburg

Dorf Mecklenburg is a municipality in the Nordwestmecklenburg district, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. It is located 6 km south of Wismar.It is home to the castle "Mikilenburg" (Old German: "big castle"), that gave its name to the whole region known as Mecklenburg. read more

Draft:Larry Dorf

Larry Dorf is an American Actor, Screenwriter and Producer, best known for his work on the animated series, "Mike Tyson Mysteries" and . Most recently, Larry played Security Guard Kenny in "The Boss" (2016). He has also appeared in several other movies, including, (2005), (2007) and (2009). He is currently in Production on a new TV Land Series, "Nobodies." Larry Dorf, along with Hugh Davidson and , Executive Produce, Write and Star in the series. Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone are also attached... read more

Robin Llwyd ab Owain

Robin Llwyd ab Owain (born June 1959) is an author, national award winning poet, and Wikipedian. He won the chair at the National Eisteddfod of Wales in 1992 at Mold for a poem titled "Merch Ein Amserau" (The Girl of Our Times). In 2013, he was appointed Wikimedia UK's first Wales Manager.==Poet==In 1992, Owain won the chair at the National Eisteddfod of Wales at Mold for a poem titled "The Girl of Our Times". The poem was described by one of the adjudicators as breaking new ground. In December... read more


==See also== classification of electric amplifiercategory of abelian groupsNZR Ab classAnswerbagApacheBenchAB bloodAB toxinAntibodyrectus abdominis muscleAB de VilliersAkademisk BoldklubAllan BorderAt BatAll BlacksAb (Egyptian heart-soul concept)Ab (Semitic)Ap (water)Abkhaz languagePirkei AvotAitareya BrahmanaAssembly BillHalal snack packAlter BridgeAmerican BandstandAncienne BelgiqueArmed boarding steamerA/B (disambiguation)BA (disambiguation)A-flat (disambiguation)AvBeta amyloidCategory:Two-letter... read more

Ein Herz, ein Sinn!

Ein Herz, ein Sinn! (One Heart, one Mind!), opus 323 is a opuspolka-mazurka composed by opuspolka-mazurkaJohann Strauss II in 1868 belonging to a period of creativity of the opuspolka-mazurkaJohann Strauss IIcomposer . Strauss dedicated this piece to 'the Committee of the Citizen's Ball' which was held at the Imperial Redoutensaal on 11 February 1868 where on occasion he had earlier also dedicated his opuspolka-mazurkaJohann Strauss IIcomposerwaltz opuspolka-mazurkaJohann Strauss IIcomposerwaltzBürgersinn... read more

Alpnach Dorf railway station

Alpnach Dorf is a Swiss railway station in the municipality of Alpnach in the canton of Obwalden. It is on the Brünig line, owned by the Zentralbahn, that links Lucerne and Interlaken. Alpnach Dorf station is one of two stations to serve Alpnach, the other being Alpnachstad Dorf, which is on the Brünig line some to the north.The station is served by the following passenger trains:== References ==Category:Railway stations in the canton of Obwalden read more

Oberrieden Dorf railway station

Oberrieden Dorf is a railway station in Switzerland, situated on the banks of Lake Zurich in the town of Oberrieden. The station is located on the Zürich to Lucerne railway line and was, until June 2014, served by lines S21 and S24 of the Zurich S-Bahn.As of June 2014, it is only served by the S24, which now goes to/from Zug/Oerlikon. Thus, at peak hours, there are now fewer options.Oberreiden station should not be confused with the nearby, but lower level, Oberrieden railway station, which is on... read more

DORF (film festival)

DORF is a film festival featuring music documentary films. The festival was started in 2007 and was organized by Association of movie fans "RARE" in Vinkovci. The festival is held annually in the first half of March. Movies of all formats are selected in three categories—regional, international and out of competition. DORF largely concentrates on covering regional documentary production, and after several years of activity, it opened to international works, and became a member of the Association... read more


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