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Dag efter dag

"Dag efter dag" ("Day after day") is a song in Swedish, with melody by Lasse Holm and text by Monica Forsberg. The pop and country group Chips won the Swedish Melodifestivalen 1982 with the song, which was sung by Kikki Danielsson and Elisabeth Andreasson. Chips finished eighth in the Eurovision Song Contest 1982 with the song. On April 18, 1982, the song reached the first place at Svensktoppen; where it stayed for nine rounds. *On June 13, 1982, the song was the last song to be number one at Svensktoppen,... read more

Dag för Dag

Dag för Dag is a Swedish-American brother and sister duo based in Stockholm. The band's core members are Sarah and Jacob Snavely. Formed in 2007, they are supported both on stage and in the studio by a drummer.Their first tour was with friends Shout Out Louds in January 2008 and since then they have supported The Kills, Wolf Parade, Lykke Li, Handsome Furs, Wintersleep and Cursive.The band's name, Dag för Dag, is Swedish for "day by day". Originally taken from a language-learning tape the two stumbled... read more

Dag Hammarskjöld

Dag Hjalmar Agne Carl Hammarskjöld (; 29 July 1905 – 18 September 1961) was a Swedish diplomat, economist, and author. The second secretary-general of the United Nations , he served from April 1953 until his death in a plane crash in September 1961. At the age of 56 years and 255 days, Hammarskjöld was the youngest to have held the post. He is one of only four people to be awarded a posthumous second secretary-general of the United NationsNobel Prize . Hammarskjöld is the only UN secretary-general... read more


Chatyr-Dah (, ) is a in , near - highway. In the ''çatır'' means tent and ''dağ'' means mountain.==Overview==The mountain consists of two plateaus: the lower (north) and the upper (south). The lower plateau slopes gently down to its northern side, which is covered in grass. On its southern end (near the steep slope of the higher plateau), the lower plateau is covered with forests and glades. It has many hiking trails and several beautiful s (listed below). On the east side of the lower plateau... read more

Dag Prawitz

Dag Prawitz (born 1936, Stockholm ) is a Swedish Stockholmphilosopher and Stockholmphilosopherlogician . He is best known for his work on Stockholmphilosopherlogicianproof theory and the foundations of Stockholmphilosopherlogicianproof theorynatural deduction .Prawitz is a member of the Stockholmphilosopherlogicianproof theorynatural deductionNorwegian Academy of Science and Letters , of the Stockholmphilosopherlogicianproof theorynatural deductionNorwegian Academy of Science and LettersRoyal... read more

Dag Nasty

Dag Nasty is an American New Yorkmelodic hardcore band from New Yorkmelodic hardcoreWashington D.C. , formed in 1985 by guitarist Brian Baker of Brian BakerMinor Threat , drummer Brian BakerMinor ThreatColin Sears and bassist Brian BakerMinor ThreatColin SearsRoger Marbury , both of Brian BakerMinor ThreatColin SearsRoger MarburyBloody Mannequin Orchestra , and vocalist Brian BakerMinor ThreatColin SearsRoger MarburyBloody Mannequin OrchestraShawn Brown (later of Brian BakerMinor ThreatColin... read more

Dag Solstad

Dag Solstad (born 16 July 1941) is a Norwegian novelist, short-story writer, and dramatist whose work has been translated into several . He has written nearly 30 books and is the only author to have received the three times. His works have been translated into 20 languages.His awards include the in 1969, the in 1989, for ''Roman 1987'' and the in 2006 for ''Armand V''. Solstad is among Norway's top-ranked authors of his generation. His early books were considered somewhat controversial, due to... read more

Dag Arnesen

Dag Syver Arnesen (born 3 May 1950) is a Norwegian jazz pianist with a series of album releases.== Career ==Dag Arnesen and Bergen Big Band in November 2014.Arnesen was born in Bergen, and studied classical piano under Jiri Hlinka at the Bergen Music Conservatory and got a commitment by Den Nationale Scene. Eventually he went to jazz and played in the 1970s with the Arvid Genius' orchestra, and led his own Trios, Quartets and Septetter og 13'tets. There were several records under his own name and... read more

Dag Lyseid

Dag Lyseid (12 February 1954 – 2 January 2012) was a Norwegian footballer and politician for the Labour Party.He played as a defender for SFK Lyn between 1973 and 1982, the first and sixth season in the First Division (highest tier). He made his debut against Frigg in May 1973, and played 117 league games and 15 cup games for Lyn, never scoring a goal. He grew up at Ullevål, and studied in Oslo and Trondheim.He settled in Meråker, where he was a sheep farmer at Stordalen and eventually entered... read more

Dag Szepanski

Dag Szepanski (born 25 December 1943) is a Swedish former footballer. He started his career in IFÖ Bromölla IF.In 1967, while playing for Malmö FF, he was the highest goalscorer in allsvenskan with 22 goals.http://svenskfotboll.se/allsvenskan/historik/skyttekungar-publiksnitt-1925-/ After a couple of seasons in Malmö he surprisingly chose to transfer to AIK in 1970. There Szepanski retrained to midfield and soon became one of the best in whole of allsvenskan.In October 1972 he made his debut... read more

Dag Palovic

Dag Palovič (* 4. January 1975, Bratislava) is a Slovak professional poker player, businessman and a former TV host. Since 1 January 2011, he is a member of PokerStars Team Pro, first and as of October 2011 only sponsored poker player from Slovakia. He is best known for making two European Poker Tour (EPT) final tables as well as being the only player from Slovakia who has cashed in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, finishing 120th in 2009 and 37th in 2010. As of March 2013, he is second... read more

Ny Dag

''Ny Dag'' ('New Day') was a Swedish communist newspaper and the main publication of the Communist Party of Sweden (later renamed 'Left Party – Communists') from 2 January 1930' to 5 August 1990, when publication stopped.''Ny Dag'' was started in 1930 by the branch of the Communist Party that had selected to remain faithful to Comintern in the big party split of 1929, in order to replace ''Folkets Dagblad Politiken'', which had been the party's main publication since 1917, but had selected to join... read more

Dag Coward

Dag Coward (1910–2000) was a Norwegian Economist who served as the fourth rector of the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) from 1964-1972.Born in Kristiansand he studied at the University of Oslo, where he took the economics exam in 1931.http://www.nhh.no/en/about-nhh/history/influential-people/dag-coward.aspxHe was appointed Knight of the Order of St. Olav. read more

Dag Tjernsmo

Dag Tjernsmo (born 1962) is a Norwegian banker.In the Swedish bank conglomerate Handelsbanken he is an executive vice president as well as head of its regional bank in Norway. He has also led the stock fund company Xact Fonder. He is a board member of the Norwegian Financial Services Association and Finance Norway. read more

Dag Gundersen

Dag Gundersen (15 January 1928 – 2 February 2016) was a Norwegian linguist and lexicographer, dictionary editor and professor. Born in Ringsaker, he was a professor at the University of Oslo from 1985 to 1997 and was the editor of several dictionaries of the Norwegian language. He was a member of the Norwegian Language Council from 1990 to 2000, and since 1993 a member of Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.==References==Category:Members of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters read more


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