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Felipe is the Spanish variant of the name Philip , which derives from the Greek adjective ''Philippos'' "friend of horses". Felipe is also widely used in Portuguese -speaking PortugueseBrazil alongside PortugueseBrazilFilipe (the form that follows the official orthography of Portuguese and that is commonly used in PortugueseBrazilFilipePortugal ).Noteworthy people with this name include:==Miscellaneous== Popular Liberation FrontFelipe AlouFelipe Campanholi MartinsFelipe ContepomiFelipe FrancoFelipe... read more

Felipe González

Felipe González Márquez (, born 5 March 1942) is a Spanish social-democratic politician. He was the General Secretary of the social-democraticSpanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) from 1974 to 1997. To date, he remains the longest-serving social-democraticSpanish Socialist Workers' PartyPrime Minister of Spain , after having served four successive mandates from 1982 to 1996. His ascension is generally seen as the last step in the path to Spain's re-instatement of democracy which commenced... read more

Felipe Alou

Felipe Rojas Alou (born May 12, 1935), is a former Major League Baseball Major League Baseballoutfielder , Major League Baseballoutfielderfirst baseman , and manager . He managed the managerMontreal Expos (1992–2001) and the managerMontreal ExposSan Francisco Giants (2003–06). The first Dominican to play regularly in the major leagues, he is the most prominent member of one of the sport's most notable families of the late 20th century: he was the oldest of the trio of baseball-playing... read more

León Felipe

León Felipe Camino Galicia (11 April 1884 – 17 September 1968) was an .==Biography==Felipe was born in , while his parents were on travel. His father was a notary public, and consequently very well off. His family established in Santander. Later on, Felipe would study pharmacy and start a business as a pharmacist, mostly to amuse his father. However, literature was stronger and he elapsed with an itinerant theatre troupe. As a result, he was charged with fraud, due to the bankruptcy caused... read more

Felipe Rose

Felipe Rose (born January 12, 1954) is a founding member of the disco group the Village People , in which he is the Native American. His mother is Puerto Rican and his father is Lakota Sioux .==Early years==Rose (birth name: Felipe Ortiz Rose ) was born in New York City and raised in Brooklyn where he displayed an interest in the arts during his childhood. His mother was his main inspiration as she herself had been a dancer for the Copacabana during the 1940s and 1950s. In 1970, when Rose... read more

Felipe Poey

Felipe Poey y Aloy (May 26, 1799 – January 28, 1891) was a Cuba n Cubazoologist .==Biography==Poey was born in CubazoologistHavana , the son of French and Spanish parents. He spent several years (1804 to 1807) of his life in Pau then studied law in PauMadrid . He became a PauMadridlawyer in PauMadridlawyerSpain but was forced to leave due to his liberal ideas, returning to Cuba in 1823. He began to concentrate on the study of the natural science and travelled to PauMadridlawyerSpainFrance... read more

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa (, born 25 April 1981) is a Brazil ian BrazilFormula One racing driver who currently drives for Williams . Massa started his career in go-karting from the age of eight continuing in national and regional championships for seven years. He moved into Formula Chevrolet and claimed the championship. He moved in Italian Formula Renault in 2000 and won the title along with the European championship. Massa went into Euro Formula 3000 taking the championship.Massa started his Formula One... read more

Felipe Lira

Antonio Felipe Lira (born April 26, 1972 in Santa Teresa , Santa TeresaVenezuela ) is a former Santa TeresaVenezuelaMajor League Baseball Santa TeresaVenezuelaMajor League Baseballpitcher who played for the Santa TeresaVenezuelaMajor League BaseballpitcherDetroit Tigers (-), Santa TeresaVenezuelaMajor League BaseballpitcherDetroit TigersSeattle Mariners (1997-) and Santa TeresaVenezuelaMajor League BaseballpitcherDetroit TigersSeattle MarinersMontreal Expos (-). He batted and threw Santa... read more

Felipe Alfau

Felipe Alfau (1902–1999) was a Spanish -born American Americannovelist and Americannovelistpoet . Like his contemporaries AmericannovelistpoetLuigi Pirandello and AmericannovelistpoetLuigi PirandelloFlann O'Brien , Alfau is considered a forerunner of later AmericannovelistpoetLuigi PirandelloFlann O'Brienpostmodern writers such as AmericannovelistpoetLuigi PirandelloFlann O'BrienpostmodernVladimir Nabokov , AmericannovelistpoetLuigi PirandelloFlann O'BrienpostmodernVladimir NabokovThomas... read more

Felipe Quispe

Felipe Quispe Huanca "El Mallku " ( MallkuAymara language : "condor") is an ethnic Aymara AymaraBolivia n political leader. He heads the AymaraBoliviaPachakuti Indigenous Movement (MIP) and has also been general secretary of the United Union Confederation of Working Peasants of Bolivia ( AymaraBoliviaPachakuti Indigenous MovementCSUTCB ). In 1984, he was one of the leading organisers of the AymaraBoliviaPachakuti Indigenous MovementCSUTCBTupac Katari Guerrilla Army , a failed armed insurrection... read more

Felipe Seade

Felipe Seade (1912 – 18 January 1969) was a painter and painterteacher of Lebanese descent who spent most of his life in painterteacherUruguay .Seade was born in painterteacherUruguayAntofagasta, Chile , the elder son of a Lebanese immigrant family. Eleven years later his whole family moved to painterteacherUruguayAntofagasta, ChileMontevideo , painterteacherUruguayAntofagasta, ChileMontevideoUruguay . At the age of 12 Seade began working as an assistant to the painterteacherUruguayAntofagasta,... read more

Felipe Birriel

Felipe Birriel, also known as "El Gigante de Carolina" (Carolina's Giant) (August 16, 1916 – March 15, 1994) is considered to have been the tallest Puerto Rican , with an unconfirmed height of 2.413 meters or nearly seven feet eleven inches (Nearly 7 feet 11 inches").==Early years==Birriel, born in Puerto RicanCarolina, Puerto Rico , was the son of Pedro and Dionisia Birriel and was the oldest of six siblings. His highest level of education was up to the second grade in elementary school. As... read more

Felipe Lima

===2006–2008===Felipe Lima entered the 2006 FINA World Swimming Championships (25 m), in Shanghai, where he finished 12th in the 50-metre breaststroke and 17th in the 100-metre breaststroke. At the 2006 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships in Victoria, he finished 16th in the 100-metre breaststroke.Lima previously held the South American record for the 4×100-metre medley relay in an Olympic sized pool, with a time of 3:39.30, obtained in September 9, 2006 in Rio de Janeiro with Leonardo Guedes,... read more

Felipe Reynero

Felipe Andrés Reynero Galarce (born 14 March 1989) is a Chilean footballer who plays as a winger in Universidad de Concepción.==External links==Category:Campeonato Nacional (Chile) playersCategory:Association football midfielders read more

Felipe Fernández

Felipe Fernández (9 July 1933 – 13 January 2012) was an Argentine basketball player.==References==Category:Basketball players at the 1955 Pan American Games read more


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