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Husein Mehmedov

Husein Mehmedov (25 January 1924 – 9 March 2014) was a Bulgarian wrestler of Turkish descent who competed in the 1956 Summer Olympics.Husein Mekhmedov was of the Turkish minority in Bulgaria and as wrestling is Turkey’s national sport, he was introduced to wrestling at a young age. Mehmedov competed in heavyweight his entire career and was equally strong at both styles of wrestling. He was selected to the Bulgarian national team in 1950 after his military service with the Bulgarian Army.... read more

Husein Madhavji

Husein “The Huse” Madhavji (pronounced Ma-dav-gee; born July 19) is a Canadian actor and television personality. He is best known as the former face of Star! Canada’s Entertainment Channel and for his role as Ruptal 1 on HBO Canada's ''Call Me Fitz''. Madhavji’s roles as an actor include playing Lt. Col. Max Prakash in ''Combat Hospital'' and Dr. Gill in the film ''Cold Blooded''. Husein goes by the name "Huse".==Hosting==After graduating from the radio and television arts program at Ryerson... read more

Husein Beganović

Husein Beganović (; born 16 June 1971) is a retired Macedonian footballer of Bosniak descent, who last played for FK Sloga Jugomagnat.==External sources==Category:Macedonian people of Bosnia and Herzegovina descentCategory:Macedonia international footballersCategory:Expatriate footballers in BelgiumCategory:R. White Daring Molenbeek playersCategory:Expatriate footballers in Slovenia read more

Husein Rovčanin

Husein Rovčanin (1907 — 1944) was a Bosniak commander of a detachment of Sandžak Muslim militia from Komaran (Brodarevo in Sandžak) during the Second World War.== World War II ==When Axis forces occupied Yugoslavia in April 1941, Ustaše forces of the Independent State of Croatia occupied Sandžak and established detachments of Muslim militia. Rovčanin was a commander of a detachment of Sandžak Muslim militia from Komaran (Brodarevo in Sandžak). Together with other commanders of Muslim militia... read more

Husein Miljković

Husein "Huska" Miljković (1905 – 27 May 1944) was a Bosnian Muslim military commander who fought with various military formations in Yugoslavia during World War II. A communist politician during the interwar period, he joined the Yugoslav Partisans following the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia but defected to the Ustaše in mid-1941. He defected back to the Partisans in December 1941 and was made leader of communist forces in northwestern Bosnia during 1942. Following a political disagreement, he... read more

Husein Cumber

Husein Aftab Cumber (born June 12, 1975) is the Executive Vice President for Corporate Development for Florida East Coast Industries, LLC. (FECI). FECI is one of Florida’s largest commercial real estate, transportation and infrastructure companies.Prior to joining Florida East Coast Industries, LLC. Cumber served as Deputy Chief of Staff for the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) as part of the Bush Administration from 2007 to 2008 under Secretary Mary Peters.==Early life and education==Cumber... read more

Husein Gradaščević

Husein-''kapetan'' Gradaščević (31 August 1802 – 17 August 1834) was a Bosniak general who fought against the Ottoman Empire and new reforms implemented by the Sultan Mahmud II which abolished the ayan (landlord) system. He is often referred to as ''"Zmaj od Bosne"'', meaning "the Dragon of Bosnia". Gradaščević was born in Gradačac in 1802—hence his surname ''Gradaščević'', meaning "of Gradačac"—and grew up surrounded by a political climate of turmoil in the western reaches... read more

Husein Alicajic

Husein Alicajic is an Australian filmmaker who writes and directs for film and television, known for award-winning commercials for Foxtel.==Background==Born in Sydney, Australia to a Bosnian father and a Scottish mother, Alicajic attended Newington College (1983–88).Newington College Register of Past Students 1863-1998 (Syd, 1999) pp2 He attained degrees in Economics (Hons), Philosophy and Communications before deciding to become a filmmaker.==Career==With director Alex Proyas, Alicajic created... read more

Husein Huseinov

Husein Huseinov (born on 22 September 1951 in Ashgabat) is a Turkmen painter and art director in films.==Biography==In 1977 he graduated from the Art Faculty of the All-Union State Institute for Cinematography in Moscow and afterwards he participated in numerous Republican, All-Union and international art exhibitions. In 1982 he joined the USSR Union of Artists and from 1992 regularly appeared on the artistic scene in Baku, Azerbaijan.In the late 1990s he attained a scholarship and moved to Innsbruck,... read more

Husein Kavazović

Husein Kavazović (born July 3, 1964 in Jelovče Selo near Gradačac) is a Bosnian Islamic cleric and since September 2012 the new Grand Mufti (''Reis ul-Ulema'') of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after having been Mufti of Tuzla.Son of Hasan and Saima Kavazović, Husein attended primary schools in Gradačac and then enrolled at the Gazi Husrev-Bey Madrasa in Sarajevo, where he graduated in 1983. He left Yugoslavia to study Islamic law in 1985-1990 at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, then came back to... read more

Husein Dubravić

Husein Đogo Dubravić (3 May 1880 – 11 September 1961) was a Bosnian comedic writer, historian, teacher, and publisher. He wrote about the history of Persian literature and general history of the Middle Ages.Dubravić revived the Bosnian political magazine ''Behar'' in 1927, under the new name ''Novi Behar''. The magazine was in print for nearly 20 years, with Dubravić serving as editor.==Early life==Dubravić was born as Husejn Glušćević in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sources give both... read more

Husein Balic

Husein Balic (born 15 February 1996) is an Bosnian footballer who plays for SKN St. Pölten.==References==Category:Bosnia and Herzegovina footballers read more

Michael Milli Husein

Dr. Michael Milli Husein is a South Sudanese politician. He is the current Minister for General Education in the Cabinet of South Sudan. He was appointed to that position on 10 July 2011.==External links==Category:Government ministers of South Sudan read more

Husein Hasanally Abdoolcader

Sir Husein Hasanally Abdoolcader, CBE (b. 10 September 1890, in Surat, Bombay Presidency, British India; d. 16 June 1974) was a barrister and politician in Malaya.He was educated first in Malaya, at Raffles Institution, Singapore and Penang Free School, Penang. He was sent to England and went to Ilford County High School and Christ's College, Cambridge, then joined Lincoln's Inn.== Career ==He was awarded the George V Silver Jubilee Medal, 1935 and the George VI Coronation Medal, 1937. He was made... read more

Husein Sastranegara International Airport

Husein Sastranegara International Airport () is an airport in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. This fast-growing international airport is located c. 5 km north-west from the city centre and 2.4 km from Bandung Central train station. The site occupies an area of and serves the area of civil aviation in the south western region of Java.The airport is located in the city of Bandung and is surrounded by mountains, thus the landing approach has unique characteristics. This airport handles various... read more


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