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Folha de S.Paulo

''Folha de S.Paulo'', also known as ''Folha de São Paulo'', or simply ''Folha'' (, ''Sheet''), is a Brazil ian daily newspaper founded in 1921 under the name ''Folha da Noite'' and published in BrazilSão Paulo by the BrazilSão PauloFolha da Manhã company.The newspaper is the centerpiece for BrazilSão PauloFolha da ManhãGrupo Folha , a conglomerate that also controls UOL (Universo Online), the leading Internet portal in Brazil; newspaper '' UOLAgora São Paulo ''; polling institute ... read more

Grupo Folha

Grupo Folha is the third largest Brazilian media conglomerate, after Organizações Globo and Grupo Abril. It was founded by Octavio Frias de Oliveira (1912–2007) and led by his son Luiz Frias since 1992.The group publishes ''Folha de S.Paulo'', the largest circulation paper in the country, which since 1986 keeps the leadership among quality general-interest newspapers in Brazil. In the last decade, the group nearly tripled its revenue, getting to R$2.7 billion in 2010. EBITDA reached R$ 600 million... read more

António Folha

António José dos Santos Folha (born 21 May 1971) is a Portuguese retired footballer who played mostly as a winger.He amassed Primeira Liga totals of 227 games and 22 goals over the course of 12 seasons, mainly in representation of Porto. He also appeared in the competition with Gil Vicente and Braga.==Club career==Folha was born in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto District. In his career he played mostly for FC Porto, with loan stints in Portugal, Belgium and Greece, being often used as a substitute by... read more

Revista da Folha

''Revista da Folha'' (''Folha's Magazine'', in English) is a weekly magazine distributed by ''Folha de S. Paulo'' on Sundays. The magazine was founded by Caio Túlio Costa. It is a diverse magazine, reporting on film, theatre, fashion, TV programs, etc. The headquarters of the magazine is in Sao Paulo.==External links==Category:Magazines with year of establishment missing read more

Folha da Manhã

Empresa Folha da Manhã is a company owned by Grupo Folha that runs dailies Folha de S.Paulo and Agora São Paulo and classified sheet ''Alô Negócios'', a paper that circulates in Paraná State, Brazil.The company was founded in 1921 by a group of newsmen led by Olival Costa e Pedro Cunha, who launched the daily ''Folha da Noite'', a predecessor of ''Folha de S.Paulo''.The company was formally registered one year later, according to Pedro Cunha, and besides the two main shareholders, it had three... read more

América Futebol Clube (SP)

América Futebol Clube (SP), usually known simply as América (or as América-SP, or América (SP)), is a Brazilian football club from São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo state. It was named after America from Rio de Janeiro, even copying their team badge.==History==On January 28, 1946, at Hotel São Paulo, Antônio Tavares Pereira Lima, an Estrada de Ferro Araraquarense (EFA, Araraquara city Railroad) engineer, Vitor Buongermino and 53 local sportsmen and columnists of two local newspapers (''A... read more

Folha Egipciense

Folha Egipciense is a Brazilian newspaper published in the city of São José do Egito. The average weekly circulation in 2012 was 1.200 copies.Category:Publications established in 1912 read more

Fernando Folha

Fernando Manuel Parada Folha (born 18 January 1958 in Matosinhos) is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a forward.==External links==Category:Portugal under-21 international footballersCategory:Portugal international footballers read more

Folha Fede

Folha Fede is a town on São Tomé Island in the nation of São Tomé and Príncipe. Its location is southwest of the capital. Its population is 863 (2008 est.)., Evolução da população São-Tomense por localidades, 2001/2007-08==References==Category:Populated places in São Tomé Province read more

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SP-318 is a state highway in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. Part of it consists of the Rodovia Thales de Lorena Peixoto Júnior. read more

SP Castilblanco

Sociedad Polideportiva Castilblanco is a Spanish football team based in Castilblanco, in the autonomous community of Extremadura. Founded in 1999, it plays in ''Primera Regional de Extremadura'', holding home games at ''Estadio Las Pedreras''.==External links==Category:Divisiones regionales de fútbol clubsCategory:Association football clubs established in 1999 read more


Gym-21 is a highway in the northeastern part of the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The highway is known as the João Batista de Mello Souza for its entire length. The highway runs from the city of the Rodovia Presidente Dutra (BR-116) up to the state boundary with Rio de Janeiro. read more


SP-215 is a state highway in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. Part of it consists of the Rodovia Luís Augusto de Oliveira, Rodovia Dr. Paulo Lauro and Rodovia Deputado Vicente Botta. read more


The SP-64 is a highway in the southeeastern part of the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The highway name is the Rodovia do Resgate and runs from Bananal up to the state of Rio de Janeiro. read more


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