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Francis Heaulme

Francis Heaulme (born February 25, 1959 at Metz) is a French serial killer dubbed the "Criminal Backpacker". He has Klinefelter's syndrome (a supplemental X chromosome).==Biography==Heaulme's father brutalized him until the age of 17. He became an alcoholic and attempted suicide. However, he had a good relationship with his younger sister and held a boundless adoration of his mother, who died of cancer when he was 23 years old.At the age of 20, he suddenly picked up a passion for cycling. Eight years... read more

Le Heaulme

Le Heaulme is a commune in the Val-d'Oise department in Île-de-France in northern France. read more


FRANCIS is an academic bibliographic database maintained by INIST. FRANCIS covers the core academic literature in the humanities and social sciences with special emphasis on European literature.== See also ==Category:Bibliographic databases and indexesCategory:French National Centre for Scientific Research read more

Francis Francis

Francis Philip Francis (15 September 1852 – 18 January 1926) was an English cricketer. Francis was a right-handed batsman who fielded as a wicket-keeper. He was born in Upminster, Essex.Francis made a single first-class appearance for Middlesex in 1881 against Surrey at Lord's. In his only first-class match he wasn't required to bat or bowl. He also played a number of matches for Essex before they were granted first-class status.He died in Claygate, Surrey on 18 January 1926. read more

Francis Francis (disambiguation)

Francis Francis was an English cricketer. read more

Francis Francis (writer)

Francis Francis (1822–1886) was an English writer on angling.==Early life==Francis, born at Seaton, Devon, was son of Captain Morgan, R.N.; his mother Sarah was the only daughter of Henry Robinson Hartley who founded the Hartley Institution at Southampton. He changed his name on coming of age and inheriting property. After studying at private schools, and with tutors, he adopted the profession of a civil engineer, but on completing his articles abandoned it for sport and sporting literature.==Angler==In... read more

Sam Francis

Samuel Lewis Francis (June 25, 1923 – November 4, 1994) was an American painter and painterprintmaker .==Early life==Sam Francis was born in painterprintmakerSan Mateo, California ,. Samfrancisfoundation.com. Retrieved on April 5, 2014. the son of Katherine Lewis Francis and Samuel Augustus Francis, Sr. The 1935 death of his mother, who had encouraged his interest in music affected him deeply, but he later developed a strong bond with his stepmother, Virginia Peterson Francis.Francis... read more

Francis Hutchinson

Francis Hutchinson (2 January 1660 – 1739) was Bishop of Down and Connor and an opponent of witch-hunting.Hutchinson was born in Bishop of Down and ConnorCarsington , Bishop of Down and ConnorCarsingtonWirksworth , Bishop of Down and ConnorCarsingtonWirksworthDerbyshire , the second son of Mary and Edward Hutchinson or Hitchinson (a family of the lesser landed gentry). He was taught history by his uncle, Bishop of Down and ConnorCarsingtonWirksworthDerbyshireFrancis Tallents , a Bishop of... read more

Francis Garnier

Francis Garnier, as an "Enseigne de vaisseau". Marie Joseph François Garnier (; 25 July 1839 – 21 December 1873) was a French officer, inspector of Indigenous Affairs of FrenchCochinchina and explorer , eventually becoming mission leader of the Mekong Exploration Commission in 19th century Mekong Exploration CommissionSoutheast Asia .==Early career==He was born on July 25, 1839 at Mekong Exploration CommissionSoutheast AsiaSaint-Étienne , Loire , and entered the LoireFrench Navy... read more

Hywel Francis

Dr David Hywel Francis (born 6 June 1946) is a Welsh Labour Party politician, who was the Labour PartyMember of Parliament (MP) for Aberavon from 2001 to 2015 .==Background==Hywel Francis attended Whitchurch Grammar School and Llangatwg Secondary School. He studied at the University of Wales, Swansea , where he earned a University of Wales, Swanseadoctorate in University of Wales, Swanseadoctoratehistory . Francis continued to work at the University of Wales, SwanseadoctoratehistoryUniversity... read more

Francis Parkman

Francis Parkman, Jr. (September 16, 1823 – November 8, 1893) was an American historian, best known as author of '' The Oregon Trail: Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life '' and his monumental seven-volume '' The Oregon Trail: Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain LifeFrance and England in North America .'' These works are still valued as historical sources and as literature. He was also a leading horticulturist , briefly a professor of Horticulture at horticulturistHarvard University... read more

Francis Lovelace

Francis Lovelace (circa 1621–1675) was an English Royalist and the second Governor of New York colony .He was born the third son of Sir William Lovelace (1584–1627) and his wife Anne Barne of Lovelace Place, Governor of New York colonyBethersden and Governor of New York colonyBethersdenWoolwich , Governor of New York colonyBethersdenWoolwichKent . He was the younger brother of Governor of New York colonyBethersdenWoolwichKentRichard Lovelace , the Cavalier poet. The Bethersden Lovelace... read more

Francis Godwin

Francis Godwin (1562–1633) was an English historian, science fiction author, divine , divineBishop of Llandaff and of Hereford .==Life==He was the son of Thomas Godwin , Thomas GodwinBishop of Bath and Wells , born at Thomas GodwinBishop of Bath and WellsHannington, Northamptonshire . He was the great uncle of the writer Thomas GodwinBishop of Bath and WellsHannington, NorthamptonshireJonathan Swift . He was elected student of Thomas GodwinBishop of Bath and WellsHannington, NorthamptonshireJonathan... read more

Francis Maude

Francis Anthony Aylmer Maude, Baron Maude of Horsham, PC (born 4 July 1953) is a British Conservative Conservativepolitician , who served over 25 years on the front bench in the House of Commons, including posts as front benchMinister for the Cabinet Office and front benchMinister for the Cabinet OfficePaymaster-General , as well as Member of Parliament representing Horsham in HorshamSussex , and then as Baron Maude of Horsham as HorshamSussexMinister of State for Trade and Investment... read more

Francis Wheen

Francis James Baird Wheen (born 22 January 1957) is a British journalist, writer and broadcaster.==Early life and education==Wheen was born into an army familyNicholas Wroe ''The Guardian'', 29 August 2009 and educated at two independent schools: Copthorne Preparatory School near Copthorne Preparatory SchoolCrawley , West Sussex, and Copthorne Preparatory SchoolCrawleyHarrow School in north west London.==Career==Running away from Harrow at 16 "to join the alternative society," Wheen had early... read more


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