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Gabriel Garko

Dario Oliviero (born 12 July 1972), better known by his stage name Gabriel Garko, is an Italian actor and former fashion model.==Background==Born in Turin, Piedmont, Italy to a Venetian father and Sicilian mother, Garko was raised in the nearby suburb of Settimo Torinese. His film credits include ''Callas Forever'' (2002),"Ardant's passion drives Zeffirelli's fictional 'Callas Forever' " (20 May 2005) ''Times – Picayune'', New Orleans and ''L'onore e il rispetto'' (2006) a television mini-series... read more

Ryan Garko

Ryan Francis Garko (born January 2, 1981) is a former professional baseball outfielder, first baseman, and designated hitter. In college, he was a catcher. He has played for the Cleveland Indians, the San Francisco Giants, and the Texas Rangers in Major League Baseball as well as the Samsung Lions in the Korea Baseball Organization. Garko is seen by former ESPN reporter John Sickels as a good hitter who hits to all parts of the field, but with poor defensive instincts. Through 2010, he has a .275... read more

Gianni Garko

Gianni Garko (born Giovanni Garcovich 15 July 1935 in Zadar, Croatia), often billed as John Garko and occasionally Gary Hudson, is an Italian actor who found fame as a leading man in 1960s Spaghetti Westerns. He is perhaps best known for his lead role as Sartana, starting with the first official film ''If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death'' and starring in three sequels as this character.==Early life and career==Garko moved from Zadar to Trieste, and later Rome to attend University and Drama School.... read more

Garko, Nigeria

Garko is a Local Government Area in Kano State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Garko on the A237 highway.It has an area of 450 km² and a population of 162,500 at the 2006 census.==References==Category:Local Government Areas in Kano State read more


In the Abrahamic religions , Gabriel ( ''Gavri'el'' "God is my strength", Abrahamic religionsBiblical Greek : Γαβριήλ, ''Gabriel''; Amharic , Geez and Tigrinya : ገብርኤል, TigrinyaArabic : جبريل or جبرائيل ''Jibril'' or ''Jibra'il'') is an TigrinyaArabicangel who typically serves as a messenger sent from TigrinyaArabicangelGod to certain people.Gabriel is mentioned in both the Old and OldNew Testament s of the OldNew TestamentBible . In the Old Testament,... read more


''.Gabriel'' (pronounced "dot Gabriel") is an opera in two acts (to be performed continuously) written by American composer Robert J. Bradshaw.American Record Guide: Nov/Dec Issue 2010 (pg.95) The libretto, also by Bradshaw, was inspired by the composer's online experiences with social networking websites, instant messaging, chat rooms and email correspondence.''.Gabriel'', Program/Notes, score published by Beauport Press The opera was commissioned by the Australian Trumpet Guild for performance... read more

Gabriel Narutowicz

Gabriel Narutowicz (; 17 March 1865 – 16 December 1922) was a Polish professor of Polishhydroelectric Polishhydroelectricengineering at PolishhydroelectricengineeringSwitzerland 's PolishhydroelectricengineeringSwitzerlandZurich Polytechnic (1907-1919), Polish PolishMinister of Public Works (1920–21), Polish PolishMinister of Public WorksMinister of Foreign Affairs (1922), and then the first President of the PolishMinister of Public WorksMinister of Foreign AffairsSecond Polish... read more

Gabriel Miró

Gabriel Miró Ferrer (, 28 July 1879 P538 ''Columbia Dictionary of Modern European Literature''; Jean Albert Bédé, William Benbow Edgerton, Columbia University Press, 1980ISBN 0-231-03717-1 - , 24 May 1930), known as Gabriel Miró, was a Spanish modernist writer. In 1900 he finished his studies in Law in the University of Granada and in the University of Valencia. He focused mainly on writing novels, but also collaborated to a large number of newspapers such as: ''El Heraldo, Los Lunes de El Imparcial,... read more

Gabriel Thomson

Gabriel Thomson (born 27 October 1986) is an English actor , best known for his role as Michael Harper in the British situation comedy series '' situation comedy seriesMy Family ''.==Career==Thomson began his acting career at the age of four, performing in plays with a company called ''the Goliards'' while his family holidayed in situation comedy seriesMy FamilyDevon . At the age of five, he gave his first TV performance in an advert for '' Frosties '' which he later said he'd "rather forget."... read more

Gabriel Loubier

Gabriel Loubier (born September 27, 1932) was a politician in Quebec , QuebecCanada . He served as leader of the '' Union Nationale '' party from 1971 to 1974, and as Leader of the Opposition in the Leader of the OppositionNational Assembly of Quebec from 1971 to 1973.Born in Black Lake, Quebec , Loubier studied law at Black Lake, QuebecLaval University , and was admitted to the bar in 1958. He was first elected to the Quebec legislature representing Bellechasse in 1962 and served as Minister... read more

San Gabriel

San Gabriel, Spanish for Saint Gabriel, may mean: read more

Gabriel Cramer

Gabriel Cramer (; 31 July 1704 – 4 January 1752) was a Swiss mathematician , born in mathematicianGeneva . He was the son of physician Jean Cramer and Anne Mallet Cramer.== Biography ==Cramer showed promise in mathematicianGenevamathematics from an early age. At 18 he received his doctorate and at 20 he was co-chairHe did not get the chair of philosophy he had been a candidate for; but the mathematicianGenevamathematicsUniversity of Geneva was so impressed by him that it created a chair of... read more

Gabriel Holmes

Gabriel Holmes (1769 – September 26, 1829) was the 21st Governor of the GovernorU.S. state of GovernorU.S. stateNorth Carolina from 1821 to 1824. He was not affiliated with any party; a Representative from North Carolina; born near Clinton , Sampson County , N.C., in 1769; attended Zion Parnassus Academy in Rowan County and Sampson CountyHarvard University ; studied law in Raleigh , N.C.; was admitted to the bar in 1790 and commenced practice in Clinton, N.C.; served in the State House... read more

Gabriel Knight

''Gabriel Knight'' is a series of point-and-click adventure game s developed and released by point-and-click adventure gameSierra On-Line in the 1990s. point-and-click adventure gameSierra On-LineActivision currently holds the rights to Gabriel Knight. Series creator point-and-click adventure gameSierra On-LineActivisionJane Jensen hopes that the launch of her new studio, point-and-click adventure gameSierra On-LineActivisionJane JensenPinkerton Road Studio will lead to a fourth Gabriel... read more

Gabriel Batistuta

Gabriel Omar Batistuta (; born 1 February 1969), nicknamed ''Batigol'' as well as ''El Ángel Gabriel'' (Spanish for '' Angel Gabriel ''), is a retired Argentine professional footballer . After beginning his career in Argentina in 1988, where won titles playing for footballerNewell's Old Boys , River Plate , and subsequently River PlateBoca Juniors , the prolific striker played most of his club football at Fiorentina in Italy; he is the twelfth-highest scorer of all-time in the Italian... read more


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