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Giro di Lombardia

The Giro di Lombardia () is a Giovanni GerbiFausto CoppiVincenzo Nibalicycling race , in Giovanni GerbiFausto CoppiVincenzo Nibalicycling raceLombardy , Giovanni GerbiFausto CoppiVincenzo Nibalicycling raceLombardyItaly . It is traditionally the last of the five ' Monuments ' of the season, and also one of the last events on the MonumentsUCI World Tour calendar. It is the biggest ''Autumn Classic'' in cycling, its MonumentsUCI World Tournickname is the ''Classica delle Foglie Morte'' ("the... read more


A giro (, or ), or giro transfer, is a payment transfer from one bank account to another bank account and instigated by the payer, not the payee. Giros are primarily a European phenomenon; although electronic payment systems such as the bank accountAutomated Clearing House exist in the United States and Canada, it is not possible to perform third party transfers with them.In the bank accountAutomated Clearing HouseUnited Kingdom and in other countries the term giro may refer to a specific... read more

Giro d'Italia

The Giro d'Italia (; ; aka Corsa Rosa or Giro) is an annual multiple-stage bicycle race primarily held in bicycle raceItaly , while also occasionally passing through nearby countries. The race was first organized in 1909 to increase sales of the newspaper '' 1909La Gazzetta dello Sport ''; however it is currently run by 1909La Gazzetta dello SportRCS Sport . The race has been held annually since its first edition in 1909, except when it was stopped for the two 1909La Gazzetta dello SportRCS... read more

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Mario Giro

Mario Giro (born 1958, in Rome) is an Italian trade-unionist, and since 1990 a mediator for peace in the Community of Sant'Egidio.== Biography ==Mario Giro joined the Community of Sant’Egidio in 1975, and today serves as its Director for International Relations.Mario Giro participated in several mediation missions, in Mozambique, Algeria, Burundi, Kosovo, Liberia, Guinea, Niger, Togo, Ivory Coast, DR Congo, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Colombia and Uganda.He was awarded on November 5, 2010, the Fondation... read more

Giro City

''Giro City'' is a 1982 British drama film written and directed by Karl Francis and starring Glenda Jackson, Jon Finch and Kenneth Colley. It is also known as ''And Nothing But the Truth''.==Plot==A team of reporters come up against censorship when they pursue a story. read more

Ivelin Giro

Ivelin Giro is a Cuban American actress.Giro is best known for such films as ''Bad Boys II'', ''Hey DJ'' and the Spanish language telenovela ''Valeria''.==External links==Category:American entertainers of Cuban descentCategory:Year of birth missing (living people) read more

Giro (musician)

Jorge Manuel López, also known as Giro Lopez, is a Puerto Rican salsa musician. Giro began his career as part of the boy band of Puerto Rico called Los Chicos. Two singles by "Giro" Jorge López, "Si Tu Supieras" and "Mi Forma de Sentir", reached #1 on the Latin Tropical Airplay. Allmusic.com In 1995, Giro received a Lo Nuestro award for "New Tropical Singer of the Year" and in 1996 also was nominated for Best Male Tropical Singer of the Year.He won a gold record at the New Jersey OTI Awards (National... read more

Giro District

The Giro District is located within southeastern Ghazni Province in Afghanistan, 50 km South East of Ghazni. The district is a wide plain with scattered low mountains. More than 40 000 residents are estimated, according to 2002 year's data (100% Pashtun). The district center is Pana.As the other districts in this area, it is seriously affected by the continuing drought. Harvests have been decreasing in recent years, and agriculture is the primary source of income.The roads are in bad condition.... read more

Giro (company)

Giro is a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor. It manufactures helmets, apparel, shoes, softgoods for cycling, and goggles for skiing and snowboarding. The company was founded in 1985 by Jim Gentes and is headquartered in the Scotts Valley, California area. Giro is a former division of BRG Sports.===Contact===The Contact is a pair of ski goggles with metallic pink color and a swappable injection-molded Zeiss lens. The lens is magnetically attached and secured with a release button.===Montaro===The Monaro... read more

Piotr Giro

Piotr Giro (Piotr Torazawa Giro) born January 16, 1974 is a Swedish freelance actor, dancer and choreographer.Giro was born in Wałbrzych, Poland and moved with his mother to Sweden at the age of seven.In 1993 he began training at the Royal Swedish Ballet school in Stockholm, 1996 he joined the Batsheva dance company based inTel Aviv, Israel led by artistic director Ohad Naharin. In 1998 he joined the Ultima Vez dance company led by Wim Vandekeybus based inUltima Vez and Wim Vandekeybus has launched... read more

Münsterland Giro

The Münsterland Giro is a cycling race annually held in Münsterland, Germany. It was first held in 2006 as a 1.2 race of the UCI Europe Tour, becoming a 1.1 race in 2007 and a 1.HC race in 2015.==External links==Category:Recurring sporting events established in 2006Category:Sport in North Rhine-Westphalia read more

Giro dell'Appennino

The Giro dell'Appennino is a semi classic European bicycle race held in the Apennine Mountains, Italy. Since 2005, the race has been organised as a 1.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour.Famous riders like Fausto Coppi, Francesco Moser, Felice Gimondi, Gianni Bugno and Gilberto Simoni have won the race.==External links==Category:Recurring sporting events established in 1934 read more

Giro dell'Emilia

The Giro dell'Emilia is a late season road bicycle race held annually in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Since 2005, the race has been organised as a 1.HC event on the UCI Europe Tour. It is considered one of the most important classic bicycle races of the calendar.==External links==Category:Recurring sporting events established in 1909 read more

Giro d'Oro

The Giro d'Oro was an early season road bicycle race held annually in Trentino, Italy. The race was organised as a 1.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour from 2005 until 2008. It was an important semi classic race in Italy, but was not held in 2009 or after due to organisational problems.==External links==Category:Recurring sporting events established in 1983Category:Recurring sporting events disestablished in 2008Category:2008 disestablishments in Italy read more


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