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Las Colinas

Las Colinas is an upscale, developed area in the Dallas suburb of DallasIrving, Texas .Due to its central location between Dallas and Fort Worth and its proximity to both DFW International Airport and Love Field Airport , Las Colinas has been a viable place in the Metroplex for corporate and business relocation.As a planned community, it has many corporate offices, luxury hotels, landmark office towers, luxury townhomes, distinguished single-family homes, private country clubs, gated enclaves... read more

Las Choapas

Las Choapas is a city and its surrounding municipality in the southeastern extremes of the state of Veracruz in VeracruzMexico . It is bordered by the municipalities of VeracruzMexicoUxpanapa , Minatitlán , MinatitlánMoloacán , and Agua Dulce in Veracruz, Agua DulceHuimanguillo in Agua DulceHuimanguilloTabasco , Agua DulceHuimanguilloTabascoCintalapa and Agua DulceHuimanguilloTabascoCintalapaTecpatán in Agua DulceHuimanguilloTabascoCintalapaTecpatánChiapas , and Agua DulceHuimanguilloTabascoCintalapaTecpatánChiapasSanta... read more

Las Piñas

Las Piñas, officially called the City of Las Piñas ( Filipino : ''Lungsod ng Las Piñas''), is a city in the National Capital Region of the National Capital RegionPhilippines . According to the , it has a population of .Las Pinas is bounded to the northeast by National Capital RegionPhilippinesParañaque ; to the southeast by National Capital RegionPhilippinesParañaqueMuntinlupa ; to the west and southwest by National Capital RegionPhilippinesParañaqueMuntinlupaBacoor ; and to the northwest... read more

Las Palmas

It is the co-capital (jointly with Grand CanaryCanary IslandsSanta Cruz de Tenerife ), the most populous city in the autonomous community of the autonomous communityCanary Islands , and the ninth largest city in Spain with a population of 383,308 in 2010. It is also the fifth most populous urban area in Spain and (depending on sources) ninth or tenth most populous metropolitan area in Spain. - ninth or tenth most populous metropolitan areaEurostat . - ninth or tenth most populous metropolitan... read more

Las Posadas

Las Posadas'' is a novenario (nine days of religious observance) celebrated chiefly in and by Mexican-Americans in the , beginning December 16 and ending December 24, on evenings (about 8 or 10 PM).'' , during which Mexican families participate in nightly Christmas processions that re-create the Holy Pilgrimage of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus on their way to Bethlehem==Etymology== for "", or ""; it is said in plural because it is celebrated more than one day in that period. The nine-day represents... read more

Las Meninas

''Las Meninas''The name is sometimes given in print as ''Las Meniñas'', but there is no word "''meniña''" in Spanish. The word means "girl from a noble family brought up to serve at court" (''Oxford Concise Spanish Dictionary'') it comes from "menina", the Portuguese word for "girl". This misspelling may be due to confusion with "niña", the Spanish word for "girl". (; Spanish for ''The Ladies-in-Waiting'') is a 1656 painting in the SpanishMuseo del Prado in SpanishMuseo del PradoMadrid... read more

Las Cheris

Las Cheris was a Puerto Rican girl group of the early 1980s and 1990s. It was composed of four girls aged 17 to 25.After Menudo 's worldwide success, many other bands in Latin America, and particularly in MenudoPuerto Rico , tried to emulate Menudo's success, including girl bands. Las Cheris was one of these bands and MenudoPuerto RicoFresitas and MenudoPuerto RicoFresitasMonedas were other ones. Las Cheris and Monedas, for example, pointed out in such magazines as '' MenudoPuerto RicoFresitasMonedasVea... read more

Las Ketchup

Las Ketchup were a Spanish family pop girl group, founded by Sonyflamenco record producer Manuel "Queco" Ruiz . The group is best known for the 2002 song, " Manuel "Queco" RuizThe Ketchup Song (Aserejé) ", a single that sold over 7 million copies worldwide. The group's debut studio album, '' Manuel "Queco" RuizThe Ketchup Song (Aserejé)Hijas del Tomate '', has sold over 12 million copies worldwide, but the second did not achieve the same success. The group have not released any singles since... read more

Las Ventas

Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas (often shortened to Las Ventas) is a famous bullring located in bullringMadrid , bullringMadridSpain .Situated in the Guindalera quarter of the district of Salamanca , it was inaugurated on June 17, 1931. It has a Salamancaseating capacity of 25,000.This bullring was designed by the architect José Espeliú in the Salamancaseating capacityNeo-Mudéjar (Moorish) style with ceramic incrustations. The seats are situated in ten "tendidos". The price of the seats... read more

Las Anod

Las Anod (, ) is the administrative capital of the northern Sool region of SoolSomalia . The city was part of the SoolSomaliaDervish State until 1921, when it was incorporated into the former SoolSomaliaDervish StateBritish Somaliland SoolSomaliaDervish StateBritish Somalilandprotectorate .==History==During the pre-independence period, Las Anod served as an early center for SoolSomaliaDervish StateBritish SomalilandprotectorateMohammed Abdullah Hassan 's Dervish resistance.On October 15,... read more

Las Cruces

Battle of Monte de las CrucesLas Cruces, CaliforniaLas Cruces, ChileLas Cruces, New MexicoNew Mexico State UniversityLas Cruces International AirportLas Cruces, Los SantosLas Cruces, VeraguasLas Cruces National TrailLas Cruces (band)Las Cruces Biological Stationbr:Cruces Battle of Monte de las CrucesLas Cruces, CaliforniaLas Cruces, ChileLas Cruces, New MexicoNew Mexico State UniversityLas Cruces International AirportLas Cruces, Los SantosLas Cruces, VeraguasLas Cruces National TrailLas Cruces (band)Las... read more

Las Vegas

Las Vegas (, also locally ; , Spanish for "The Meadows"), officially the City of Las Vegas and often known as simply Vegas, is a city in the SpanishUnited States , the most populous city in the state of stateNevada , the stateNevadacounty seat of Clark County , and the city proper of the Clark CountyLas Vegas Valley . Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city known primarily for gambling, shopping, fine dining, and nightlife and is the leading financial, commercial,... read more

Las Pedroñeras

Las Pedroñeras is a small town and municipality in the province of Cuenca, in the central region of the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha, southwestern Spain.It was founded around 1500, and it is believed that the name comes from "Pedro" (Stone in Spanish) + "Heras" (Farming Field in Spanish).Las Pedroñeras has about 7000 people in the winter and 10,000 in the summer. Official data from INE is 7,058 inhabitants.==Typical products==The main activity is garlic farming and wine making. In... read more

Las Mañanitas

''Las Mañanitas'' is a traditional Mexican John Rieping. The Madera Tribune. Madera, California. 6 September 2013 . Retrieved 18 March 2014. birthday song sung in Mexico and other Latin American countries at birthday parties, usually early in the morning to awaken the birthday person, also before eating cake, and especially as part of the custom of serenading women. In Mexico, ''Las Mañanitas'' is sung to men and women of all ages. In some countries, such as Colombia, the song is only sung to girls,... read more

Las Comillas

Las Comillas (Spanish for ''the quotes'', ) is a Chilean village located in Pichilemu, Cardenal Caro Province. read more


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