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Medellin (disambiguation)

Medellín is a city and municipality in the Antioquia Department, Colombia. read more

Medellin, Cebu

The municipality of Medellin is one of the nine municipalities comprising the 4th Congressional District of Cebu Province. It is approximately north from Cebu City via barangay Curva, or via barangay Luya. The town is bounded on the north by Daanbantayan; on the south by San Remigio and Bogo; on the east by the Camotes Sea and on the west by the Tañon Strait.Based on cadastral survey, the municipality of Medellin has a total land area of .==History==The name Medellin is of Spanish origin and... read more

University of Medellin Theater

The University of Medellín Theater is a 1702-seat capacity theater which is largest theater in Medellín. Its stage has hosted the most important national and international events the city has seen. World-class musicals, musicians, and entertainers such as Cats, Chespirito, Mayumaná, Emma Shapplin, Los Vivancos, Raphael, José Luis Perales, Paloma San Basilio, and Bajofondo, among others, have performed under its lights. This auditorium’s technical, acoustic, and field-of-vision aspects make... read more

Medellin climbing salamander

The Medellin Climbing Salamander (''Bolitoglossa phalarosoma'') is a species of salamander in the family Plethodontidae.Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. read more

Lycée Français de Medellin

Lycée Français de Medellin () is a French international school in the Medellín metropolitan area in Colombia."." Lycée Français de Medellin. Retrieved on October 24, 2015. "Km 10 vía Envigado - Las Palmas Antioqua - Colombia" As of September 2014 the school is in Retiro, Antioquia."" (). Embassy of France in Colombia. Retrieved on October 24, 2015. "Lycée Franҫais de Medellin Loma del Escobero, Km 10, Vereda Carrizales, Municipio de El Retiro, Antioquia, Colombie """ (). AEFE. Updated 19... read more

Medellin National Science High School

Medellin National Science and Technology School (MNSTS) is a secondary school in Medellin, Cebu in the Philippines.The school was established in 1996 after a resolution was passed by a Medellin municipal councilor that a science school be made in the place, particularly in Poblacion. Local officials then collaborated hand to provide funds for the establishment of the edifice.In its early years of conception, when there was not enough rooms or a building for the students to occupy, lectures were done... read more

St. Ignatius Loyola College, Medellin

St. Ignatius Loyola College (''San Ignacio de Loyola'') was founded by the Jesuits in 1885 in la Plazuela area of Medellin, Colombia. It 1957 it moved to the Stadium area. It offers kindergarten through 12th grade.==History==San Ignacio opened in 1885 with 200 students, including 30 borders. In 1957 it moved to its present location in the Stadium area. The school went coeducational in 1994. ==Programs==Sports facilities include a fitness center, football field, track and field, tennis court, rama... read more

File:Plazuela botero coltejer y metro de medellin david h montoya .jpg

== Summary ==davimontoya@hotmail.com davimontoya@gmail.com read more

Boy Kills Man

Boy Kills Man is 2004 novel by British novelist Matt Whyman about child assassins in Medellin, Colombia. read more

Justo Arosemena Lacayo

Justo Arosemena Lacayo's work ''Los Obreros''Justo Arosemena Lacayo (March 31, 1929, Panama City - October 12, 2000) was a Colombian sculptor born in Panama and based in the city of Medellin. read more

Art of Antioquia Department

Art of Antioquia Department is art located or produced in the Antioquian Department of Colombia. The main art museum is the Museum of Antioquia located in Medellin. read more

Juan Pablo Llano

Juan Pablo Llano (born November 17, 1977, Medellin, Colombia), is a Colombian actor and model.== External links ==Category:Colombian male telenovela actorsCategory:21st-century Colombian male actors read more

Torre del Café

Torre del Café (), also known as Edificio del Caféhttp://www.emporis.com/building/torre-del-cafe-medellin-colombia. (), is a 36-storey high-rise commercial office skyscraper in the city municipality of Medellin. Although the starting date of its construction is unknown, the Torre del Café was completed in 1975. Torre del Café is 160 metres (520 feet) high. Torre del Café has 36 floors, with a roof height of 520 feet, making it the second tallest skyscraper in Medellin after the 175 metre (574... read more

Prado station

Prado is the ninth station on line A of the Medellín Metro going south. ==Description==The station honors one of the old traditional neighborhood of Prado in Medellin. This station officially begins the downtown area of the city. Is it located on one of the main avenues in the center of Medellin: Eastern Avenue, which crosses the city center from north to south along the east and passes through an area of banks, theaters, parks, and cultural and recreational centers. From this station it is easy... read more

Retiro, Antioquia

El Retiro is a town and municipality in Antioquia Department, Colombia. Part of the subregion of Eastern Antioquia.The Lycée Français de Medellin, a French international school, has its campus in El Retiro."" (). Embassy of France in Colombia. Retrieved on October 24, 2015. "Lycée Franҫais de Medellin Loma del Escobero, Km 10, Vereda Carrizales, Municipio de El Retiro, Antioquia, Colombie """ (). AEFE. Updated 19 October 2015. Retrieved on 24 October 2015. "Dans la commune d’El Retiro, à quelques... read more


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