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Map of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo North Kivu and South Kivu ("the Kivus") Kivu was the name for a large "Region" in the North Kivu and South Kivu ("the Kivus")Democratic Republic of Congo under the rule of North Kivu and South Kivu ("the Kivus")Democratic Republic of CongoMobutu Sese Seko that bordered North Kivu and South Kivu ("the Kivus")Democratic Republic of CongoMobutu Sese SekoLake Kivu . It included three "Sub-Regions" ("Sous-Regions" in French): North Kivu and South Kivu... read more

Mircea Florian (musician)

Mircea Florian (, also known as Florian din Transilvania, M. A. N. Florian, Mihai Plămădeală, in ''Observator Cultural'', Nr. 463, February 2009 FloriMAN; Luiza Vasiliu, in ''Dilema Veche'', Nr. 368, March 2011 born December 5, 1949), is a Romanian multi-instrumentalist musician, multimedia artist and computer scientist, based in Germany. Having started his musical career as a folk rock singer, in the late 1960s, he developed a fusion between Romanian folklore and Eastern music, especially Indian... read more


Mircea is a Romanian Romaniangiven name , a form of the South Slavic name Romaniangiven nameMirče (Мирче) that derives from the Slavic word ''mir'', meaning ''peace''. Mircea may refer to: ==See also== List of all pages beginning with "Mircea"Category:Romanian masculine given names List of all pages beginning with "Mircea"Category:Romanian masculine given namesCategory:Slavic-language names read more

North Kivu

North Kivu () is a province bordering provinceLake Kivu in the eastern provinceLake KivuDemocratic Republic of the Congo .North Kivu borders the provinces of Orientale to the north and northwest, OrientaleManiema to the southwest, and OrientaleManiemaSouth Kivu to the south. To the east it borders the countries of OrientaleManiemaSouth KivuUganda and OrientaleManiemaSouth KivuUgandaRwanda .The province consists of three cities— OrientaleManiemaSouth KivuUgandaRwandaGoma , OrientaleManiemaSouth... read more

South Kivu

South Kivu () is one of 26 provinces of the provincesDemocratic Republic of the Congo .==History==South Kivu Province was created in 1969, when the existing Kivu Province was divided into two parts.In June 2014, around 35 people were killed in an attack in the South Kivu village of an attackMutarule . The attack was apparently part of dispute over cattle.On 7 August 2015 the an attackMutarule2015 South Kivu earthquake , a magnitude 5.8 earthquake, struck north northeast of Kabare at a depth... read more

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu is one of the . It lies on the border between the and , and is in the , the western branch of the . Lake Kivu empties into the , which flows southwards into .==Geography==The lake covers a total surface area of some and stands at a height of above sea level. Some 1 370 km2 or 58 percent of the lake's waters lie within DRC borders. The lake bed sits upon a that is slowly being pulled apart, causing in the area, and making it particularly deep: its maximum depth of is ranked eighteenth... read more

Ornipholidotos kivu

''Ornipholidotos kivu'' is a butterfly in the Lycaenidae family. It is found in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Kivu). The habitat consists of forests.==References==Category:Endemic fauna of the Democratic Republic of the Congo read more

Kivu Ruhorahoza

Kivu Ruhorahoza is a Rwandese film director, writer and producer. He is internationally known for his feature film ''Grey Matter'' which won the Jury Special Mention for Best Emerging Filmmaker at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival and the Ecumenical Jury special mention at the 2011 Warsaw Film Festival. He also won the Grand Prize of the Tübingen French Film Festival, Best Director and Signis Award of the Cordoba African Film Festival and the Jury Special Prize of the Khouribga Film Festival in Morocco.Born... read more

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Kivu Air

Kivu Air is an airline based in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo working in collaboration with the American company, Mesopotamia Group LLC. It operates domestic, regional and charter flights and cargo services across DRC and neighboring countries. Its main bases are Goma International Airport and Bukavu Airport.The airline is on the List of air carriers banned in the European Union. Gradually developing towards being the First IATA certified company in DRC.== History ==The airline was established... read more

Category:South Kivu

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Kivu shrew

The Kivu shrew (''Crocidura kivuana'') is a species of mammal in the family Soricidae. It is endemic to Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its natural habitat is swamps.==Sources==Category:Endemic fauna of the Democratic Republic of the Congo read more

Kivu conflict

The Kivu conflict began as an armed conflict between the military of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC) and the Hutu Power group Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) in 2004. The United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo also became involved in the conflict. Until March 2009, the main combatant group against the FARDC was the rebel Tutsi forces formerly under the command of Laurent Nkunda (National Congress for the Defence of the People, CNDP).CNDP is sympathetic... read more

Kivu Lacus

Kivu Lacus is a small Titanean hydrocarbon lake. It was discovered by the Cassini probe. The lake is near Titan's north pole and is named after Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. In 2012, Cassini spotted an Infrared glint off of the lake. The aspects of it suggested waves.Kivu Lacus is near the center of this image read more

Mircea Albulescu

Iorgu Constantin Albulescu (4 October 1934 – 8 April 2016), known professionally as Mircea Albulescu (), was a Romanian actor, university professor, journalist, poet, writer, and member of the Writers' Union of Romania (''Uniunea Scriitorilor''). He was born as Iorgu Constantin V. Albulescu, in Writers' Union of RomaniaBucharest , on 4 October 1934. He graduated from the Secondary School of Architecture in 1952, and in 1956 he graduated from the Institute of Theatrical and Cinematographic Art... read more


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