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Jaap Mol

Jacob Mol (3 February 1912 – 9 December 1972) was a Dutch football forward who was selected for the Netherlands in the 1934 FIFA World Cup. He also played for KFC, DWS, RKAV Amstelveen and ZFC.==External links==Category:Netherlands international footballers read more

Joannes de Mol

Detail porcelain from Loosdrecht, in Museum Geelvinck-Hinlopen HuisJoannes de Mol (September 15, 1726 – November 22, 1782) was a Dutch minister, Patriot and porcelain manufacturer in the second half of the 18th century. De Mol - like many of his contemporaries - had a great interest in poetry and scientific experiments.==Life==Portrait of Joannes de Mol by Pieter Oets (1720-1790). Kasteel-museum Sypesteyn, Nieuw-Loosdrecht.De Mol was born in 1726 at Midlum, near Harlingen and, like his father,... read more

Gretchen Mol

Gretchen Mol (born November 8, 1972) is an American Americanactress and former model. She is known for her roles in the films '' Rounders '', '' Celebrity '', '' 3:10 to Yuma '', '' 3:10 to YumaThe Thirteenth Floor '', and '' 3:10 to YumaThe Thirteenth FloorThe Notorious Bettie Page '', where she played the title character . She also appeared as Gillian Darmody in title characterHBO 's '' title characterHBOBoardwalk Empire ''.==Early life==Mol was born in title characterHBOBoardwalk EmpireDeep... read more

Albert Mol

Albert Mol (1 January 1917 – 9 March 2004) was a popular Dutch author, actor and television personality.==Life and career==Mol was born in , and was one of the first openly gay actors in the . He married Lucy Bor in 1948. They couple had a child the following year, actress Kika Mol but divorced in 1955.On 16 March 1998, Mol registered his relationship with his partner Guerdon Bill. Their relationship lasted until Guerdon's death on 17 August 2003. Mol died in on 9 March 2004 from an , aged... read more

MOL Enterprise

''MOL Enterprise'' is a Panamax -type Panamaxcontainer ship owned by Panamaxcontainer shipMitsui O.S.K. Lines , a Japanese transport company that covers major worldwide services and destinations. The vessel currently operates between North East Asia and Australia as part of the NEAX consortium. The ship was delivered to Mitsui on December 27, 2003, from the IHI Marine United Inc. shipyard at Panamaxcontainer shipMitsui O.S.K. LinesYokohama , and was the last of four Panamax-type container ships... read more

Mol, Belgium

Mol () is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Antwerp . The municipality only comprises the town of Mol. On January 1, 2014 Mol had a total population of 35,395 inhabitants. The total area is 114.19 km² which gives a Antwerppopulation density of 307 inhabitants per km². (see Mol)Mol is a popular holiday resort, with a number of lakes surrounded by woods. There are two main tourist lakes:Furthermore, there is a Sun Parks holiday centre called "Kempense Meren" with an indoor... read more

Van Mol

van Mol is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: read more

Michael Mol

Michael Benjamin Mol (Born 16 August 1971) in Cape Town, South Africa is a medical doctor, an executive television producer, presenter, international speaker and business consultant.Mol graduated from the University of Pretoria with a MBChB in 1995. He started his career as a medical doctor with interests in Emergency medicine and HIV management.In 1999, whilst continuing in the medical fraternity, he began anchoring the television show ''Top Billing'' in South Africa.Michael Mol has claimed media... read more

Woutherus Mol

Woutherus Mol (21 March 1785, Haarlem – 30 August 1857, Haarlem), was a 19th-century painter and drawer from the Netherlands. in the KNAW==Biography==Once Mol chose to make a living out of painting, he was tutored by the Haarlem painter Hermanus van Brussel. in the RKD In 1802 he became a member of the Haarlem drawing society "Tekengenootschap Kunstmin en Vlijt". After he got excited about the Paris Art Museum where many master pieces resided, he obtained permission from his parents and moved... read more

Mol language

Amol, also Alatil or Aru, is a Torricelli language of Papua New Guinea. The names Amol and Aru are both actually slightly erroneous. Speakers of the language call their language Mol (not Amol), while speakers of surrounding languages call the language Oru (not Aru). Matthew S. Dryer of the University at Buffalo has collected data on Mol. read more

Dick Mol

Dick "Sir Mammoth" Mol (June 26, 1955) is a Dutch paleontologist - a specialist in the field of mammoths for almost three decades. He is a research associate of several museums. Mol’s primary focus is on mammals of the Quaternary period, including mammoths and extinct rhinoceros species.===Early life and Education===Dick Mol was born in Winterswijk, Gelderland (The Netherlands), in 1955, as one of nine children, Mol could not afford to attend higher education after high school and he joined customs... read more

MOL Comfort

''MOL Comfort'' was a 2008-built Bahamian-flagged post-Panamax container ship chartered by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines. On 17 June 2013, she broke into two about off the coast of Yemen. The aft section sank on 27 June and the bow section, after having been destroyed by fire, on 11 July.== Career ==One of twelve ships of similar design, ''MOL Comfort'' was laid down at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki shipyard in Japan on 23 August 2007 and launched on 8 March 2008 as ''APL Russia'' for charter to APL... read more

Serge Mol

Serge Mol (/'sərdʒ 'mɑl /; katakana: セルジェ・モル; Russian: Серге Молл) (1970) is a dedicated martial artist, martial arts historian and martial arts book author from Belgium. He is among a select number of Westerners who hold authentic Japanese credentials in koryū martial arts. He is the first non-Japanese person who has received the top-rank of menkyo kaiden in Enshin-ryū Iaijutsu, suemonogiri, kenpō, and yawara-jutsu. He also holds the rank of menkyo in Hōki-ryū jūjutsu.... read more


MOL-360 is a mid-level systems programming language for the IBM System/360 family of computers based on Algol. The only data structure supported by the language is arrays. It has no support for floating point data, but allows direct access to processor registers and inline assembly language.MOL-360 was used by System Development Corporation (SDC) to develop the ADEPT time-sharing system. A similar language, MOL940, was written for the SDS 940 computer system.==References==Category:Procedural programming... read more

Simon Mol

Simon Mol (6 November 1973 in Buea, Cameroon – 10 October 2008) was the pen name of Simon Moleke Njie, a Cameroon-born journalist, writer and anti-racist political activist. In 1999 he sought political asylum in Poland; it was granted in 2000, and he moved to Warsaw, where he became a well-known anti-racist campaigner.In Poland, Mol was accused of knowingly spreading the HIV virus and was charged in the cases of eleven women and remanded in custody.. However, Mol's trial was suspended due to his... read more


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