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Vyacheslav Molotov

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov (;. '' Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary ''. ; – 8 November 1986) was a Soviet politician and diplomat, an SovietOld Bolshevik , and a leading figure in the Soviet government from the 1920s, when he rose to power as a Soviet governmentprotégé of Soviet governmentprotégéJoseph Stalin . Molotov served as Chairman of the ChairmanCouncil of People's Commissars (Premier) from 1930 to 1941, and as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1939 to 1949... read more

Molotov cocktail

A Molotov cocktail, also known as a petrol bomb, bottle bomb, poor man's grenade, fire bomb (not to be confused with an actual ) or just Molotov, is a generic name used for a variety of bottle-based . Due to the relative ease of production, Molotov cocktails have been used by street criminals, ers, ers, sters, or even that are short on equivalent military-issue weapons. They are primarily intended to set targets ablaze rather than instantly obliterate them.==Name==The name "Molotov cocktail" was... read more

Molotov Line

Molotov Line and its fortified districts, on a map showing the borders in the 1939–1941 periodThe so-called Molotov Line was a system of border fortified regions built by the Soviet Union in the years 1940–1941 along its new western borders. These borders were the result of the Occupation of the Baltic States, Eastern Poland and Bessarabia in 1940.The line stretched from the Baltic Sea to the Carpathian Mountains. It was made up of thirteen fortified regions, most covering about 100 km of... read more

Molotov (band)

Molotov is a Mexican rock band formed in Mexico City in September 1995. Their lyrics feature a mixture of Spanish and English, rapped and sung by all members of the group. Molotov blends heavy basslines with heavy guitar riffs in many songs, such as "Gimme the Power" and "Frijolero"==Biography==The band began in 1995 when two friends, Tito Fuentes (guitar) and Micky "Chicho" Huidobro (bass), started playing together. On September 21 of the same year, Javier de la Cueva "J" and Iván Jared "La Quesadillera"... read more

Molotov Plan

The Molotov Plan was the system created by the Soviet Union in 1947 in order to provide aid to rebuild the countries in Eastern Europe that were politically and economically aligned to the Soviet Union. It can be seen to be the USSR's version of the Marshall Plan, which for political reasons the Eastern European countries would not be able to join without leaving the Soviet sphere of influence. Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov rejected the Marshall Plan (1947), proposing the Molotov Plan... read more

Molotov Jive

Molotov Jive is an indie rock group from Karlstad, Värmland, Sweden, formed in late 2003 by vocalist and songwriter Anton Annersand and drummer Johan Hansson (nicknamed Johnny Handsome). Main influences for the band in the early days were The Beatles, The Smiths and The Who, and with their second album in 2009, titled ''Songs for the Fallen Apart'', a more epic and type of songwriting in the likeness of 1970s Bruce Springsteen, The Killers and The Clash made its presence noted.Molotov Jive were... read more

Molotov (EP)

''Molotov'' is an EP by The Bruisers. It was released on Cyclone Records in 1998. It was the last release before the band broke up. read more

Molotov Solution

Molotov Solution is an American deathcore band from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. They are notable for their politically charged lyrics, which include themes of government conspiracies and world issues. The band announced their hiatus on June 13, 2012, but has since reformed.==History==Molotov Solution was founded during 2004, the group's first release, ''The Path to Extinction'' was finished and released in 2005 and again in 2006 the band provided one half of a split release album with War... read more

Molotov Man

''Molotov Man'' is the title by which a photograph taken by Susan Meiselas during the 1979 Nicaraguan Revolution has come to be known. Famous in its Nicaraguan context as a symbol of the Sandinista revolution, it has been widely reproduced and remixed. Latterly, outside this context, it was reproduced via an internet meme based on Joy Garnett's 2003 painting ''Molotov'', becoming a prominent case-study of re-use of art.Stephen Marvin, 'Copyright Innovation in Art', ''International Journal of Conservation... read more

Cocktail Molotov

''Cocktail Molotov'' is a 1980 French drama film written and directed by Diane Kurys. It is her second feature after ''Peppermint Soda''. A female coming of age story set during the spring and summer of 1968, the film is not a sequel but can be considered "companion piece" to its predecessor.Tarr 1999, pg. 39. It has been called a female take on the male-dominated road movie genre.Tarr 1999, pg. 53.== Plot ==Seventeen-year-old middle-class Anne (Elise Caron), runs away with her working-class boyfriend... read more

Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact

The pact remained in force until the German government broke it by launching an attack on the Soviet positions in Eastern Poland on 22 June 1941 contrary to the supplementary protocol of the launching an attack on the Soviet positions in Eastern PolandGerman-Soviet Frontier Treaty dictating the new European launching an attack on the Soviet positions in Eastern PolandGerman-Soviet Frontier Treatyspheres of interest .The stated clauses of the Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact were a guarantee of... read more

Molotov Solution (album)

''Molotov Solution'' is the first album by deathcore band Molotov Solution. It is the last release to feature vocalist Kyle Davis.== References ==Category:Musical groups established in 2008 read more

Molotov bread basket

A Soviet RRAB-3 "Molotov bread basket" from which bombs were spread.The RRAB-3, nicknamed the Molotov bread basket (; Russian: ''ротативно-рассеивающая авиационная бомба'' - "rotationally dispersing aviation bomb"), was a Soviet-made droppable bomb dispenser that combined a large high-explosive charge with a cluster of incendiary bombs. It was used against the cities of Finland during the Winter War of 1939–1940. The bomb consisted of a cylinder long and in... read more

Molotov and Haze

''Molotov and Haze'' is the eighth studio album released by British musician, songwriter and producer Steven Wilson under the pseudonym Bass Communion. The album consists of four tracks, and, according to Steven Wilson's website, is divided in two sections: "2 noisy tracks (Molotov) and 2 transcendently beautiful tracks (Haze)." All pieces were generated from guitar and recorded from 14 to 17 February 2008.The album was issued in miniature card gatefold sleeve. Some excerpts from "Haze" and "Corrosive"... read more


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