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Monaco (; ), officially the Principality of Monaco (), is a sovereign EnglishWorld BankUnited Nations Statistics Divisioncity-state and EnglishWorld BankUnited Nations Statistics Divisioncity-statemicrostate , located on the EnglishWorld BankUnited Nations Statistics Divisioncity-statemicrostateFrench Riviera in EnglishWorld BankUnited Nations Statistics Divisioncity-statemicrostateFrench RivieraWestern Europe . EnglishWorld BankUnited Nations Statistics Divisioncity-statemicrostateFrench... read more

Monaco (band)

Monaco was a side project of New Order bassist New OrderPeter Hook . Together with David Potts , the only remaining member of Revenge , the band was formed in 1995. The group is best known for the 1997 single " What Do You Want From Me? " and the album from which it was taken, '' Music for Pleasure '', which sold over half a million copies. Hook and Potts currently work together in The Light .==Follow-up album "failures"==In 1999, The LightPolydor Records rejected Monaco's follow up album,... read more

Lorenzo Monaco

Lorenzo Monaco (born Piero di Giovanni; 1370 – c. 1425) was an Italian painter of the late Gothic -early GothicRenaissance age. He was born Piero di Giovanni in GothicRenaissanceSiena . Little is known about his youth, apart from the fact that he was apprenticed in GothicRenaissanceSienaFlorence . He was influenced by GothicRenaissanceSienaFlorenceGiotto and his followers GothicRenaissanceSienaFlorenceGiottoSpinello Aretino and GothicRenaissanceSienaFlorenceGiottoSpinello AretinoAgnolo... read more

Dodge Monaco

The Dodge Monaco is a full-size car that was built and sold by full-size carDodge in three generations from 1965 to 1976, as a mid-size model in 1977 and 1978, and again as a mid-size, front-wheel drive version of the mid-sizeEagle Premier from 1990 to 1992.===1965===On introduction on September 25, 1964, for the 1965 model year, the Dodge Monaco was intended to compete with the mid-sizeEagle PremierPontiac Grand Prix in what came to be known as the personal luxury market, but ended up... read more

Monaco City

Monaco City () is the southcentral Ward in the WardPrincipality of Monaco . Located on a WardPrincipality of Monacoheadland that extends into the WardPrincipality of MonacoheadlandMediterranean Sea , Monaco City is nicknamed The Rock (). The name "Monaco City" () is misleading, Monaco City is a historical and statistical district, not a city.==Geography==Monaco City is one of the four traditional quarters () of Monaco, the others are The RockLa Condamine , The RockLa CondamineMonte Carlo... read more

Fontvieille, Monaco

Fontvieille is the southernmost ward in the Principality of Monaco . It was developed by an Italian architect, Principality of MonacoManfredi Nicoletti , between the 1970s and the 1990s. == History ==In contrast to the other city districts , and , Fontvieille was constructed, after Italian engineer Gianfranco Gilardini's design, almost entirely on artificially reclaimed land and thus represents one of the younger parts of the principality. In order to combat the chronic land shortage in the... read more

Kelly Monaco

Kelly Marie Monaco (born May 23, 1976) is an American model , modelactress , and modelactressreality television personality. She is the modelactressreality televisionPlayboy Playmate for the April 1997 issue of '' modelactressreality televisionPlayboy PlaymatePlayboy '' magazine. Monaco portrayed the character modelactressreality televisionPlayboy PlaymatePlayboyLivvie Locke on the ABC ABCsoap opera '' ABCsoap operaPort Charles '' from 1997 until the show's cancellation in 2003; that... read more

Augusto Monaco

The 1935 Trossi-Monaco, usually on display at the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile.Augusto Camillo Pietro Monaco (March 15, 1903 – November 4, 1997) was an Italian engineer, best known for his racing cars from the early 1930s.He was born in Buenos Aires where he earned a degree in engineering before relocating to Turin in the early 1920s, where he made his automobile engineering contributionsSince then he declined an offer to join Fiat, and among several engineering projects, was involved in developing... read more

Miss Monaco

Miss Monaco or Miss Monte Carlo is a national beauty pageant for unmarried women in Monaco. The pageant was held several times in the 1950s, with the 1953 winner, Elizabeth Chovisky, placing 4th runner-up at Miss World 1953 as Miss Monte Carlo. In intervening years, contestant winners went on to compete in various unofficial Europe-wide contests. Not all winners are documented.In 2015 the preselection of contestants for the new edition of the Miss Monaco beauty pageant has started.==Winners==The... read more

Lisa Monaco

Lisa Oudens Monaco (born February 25, 1968) is an American federal prosecutor who currently serves as the United States Homeland Security Advisor to President Barack Obama; the chief counterterrorism advisor to the President, and a statutory member of the United States Homeland Security Council.Monaco previously served as the Assistant Attorney General for National Security from 2011 to 2013, and as the Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Justice Department.==Early life, education,... read more

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Gennaro Monaco

Gennaro Monaco (born January 5, 1968) is an Italian association football: he is former manager of Palmese and former player.===Playing career===Monaco began to play football in his city, within the Napoli youth team. On the season 1986-1987 the chairman of Ischia, Roberto Fiore, bought him at the age of 18. With 34 appearances and 3 goals is one of the main contributors to the second place on the table and the promotion, first time for the club, in Serie C1. Two season later he went to play in Serie... read more

Monaco Telecom

Monaco Telecom is the main telecommunications provider in the Principality of Monaco. The company was founded in 1997 following a decision by the government of Monaco to privatize the state-owned Office Monégasque des Téléphones.==Operations in Monaco==Monaco Telecom offers Monegasque residents and companies the entire range of products and services expected of a major telecommunications company. Through a concession agreement with Principality, the company holds the monopoly for fixed-line telephone... read more

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