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Nokia 3310

The Future plcNokia 3310 is a Future plcNokiaGSM Future plcNokiaGSMmobile phone announced on September 1, 2000,http://company.nokia.com/en/news/press-releases/2000/09/01/nokia-introduces-mobile-chat-with-the-nokia-3310 and released in the fourth quarter of the year, replacing the popular Future plcNokiaGSMmobile phoneNokia 3210 . The phone sold extremely well, being one of the most successful phones with 126 million units sold worldwide. The phone is still widely acclaimed today.Several... read more

Nokia 5510

The back of a Nokia 5510 with the cover removed. Notice that the antenna and the battery holder is the same case used by the Nokia 3310. The The back of a Nokia 5510 with the cover removed. Notice that the antenna and the battery holder is the same case used by the Nokia 3310.Nokia 5510 is a The back of a Nokia 5510 with the cover removed. Notice that the antenna and the battery holder is the same case used by the Nokia 3310.Nokiamobile phone announced on October 11, 2001.http://company.nokia.com/en/news/press-releases/2001/10/11/nokia-introduces-a-new-entertainment-category-for-mobile-phones... read more

Nokia 3410

The Nokia 3410 is a mobile phone made by mobile phoneNokia which was released in early 2002,http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devices/Device_specifications/3410/ being the successor of the mobile phoneNokiaNokia 3310 . The 3410 was the first Java phone by Nokia. The phone features a monochrome display.It is also the first cellphone outside JavaJapan to have 3D graphics on mobile phones, before JavaJapanSymbian and JavaJapanSymbianOpenGL ES .== Design ==The 3410 is a compact, but somewhat... read more

Nokia 1100

The Nokia 1100 (and closely related variants, the Nokia 1101 and the Nokia 1108) is a basic GSM GSMmobile phone produced by GSMmobile phoneNokia . 250 million 1100s have been sold since its launch in late 2003, making it the world's best selling phone handset and the best selling consumer electronics device in the world at the time. The model has been discontinued.The 1100 achieved its popularity despite being made during a time when more modern cellphones with more features (e.g. colour screen,... read more

NGC 3310

NGC 3310 is a grand design spiral galaxy in the constellation Ursa Major. It is a starburst galaxy and it is likely that NGC 3310 collided with one of its satellite galaxies about 100 million years ago, triggering widespread star formation. It is thought to be located approximately 46 million light-years away from the Earth, and is thought to be about 22,000 light-years wide.The ring clusters of NGC 3310 have been undergoing starburst activity for at least the last 40 million years. read more

Nokia network monitor

Nokia network monitor or Monitor Mode was a hidden mode on most Nokia cell phones used to measure network parameters. Additionally there are measurements for phone and battery temperature and other phone specific measurements and tests. The mode can only be activated over a special FBus, or MBUS cable; or in some cases over infrared. Free software exists on the internet that allows one to activate this mode.The first step is to select a Nokia Phone like Nokia 3310 that has network monitor then activate... read more

History of Nokia

Nokia is a Finnish multinational corporation created in 1865 that has ventured into various markets.== 1865 to 1967 ==Eduard Polòn portrait by Eero Järnefelt.The predecessors of the modern Nokia were the Nokia Company (Nokia Ab), Finnish Rubber Works Ltd (Suomen Gummitehdas Oy) and Finnish Cable Works Ltd (Suomen Kaapelitehdas Oy). The company's name came from the Nokia town and the Nokianvirta river.Nokia Company's history started in 1865 when mining engineer Fredrik Idestam established a ground... read more


Nokia Corporation (, ), stylised as NOKIA, is a Finnish multinational communications and multinationalinformation technology company , founded in 1865. Nokia is headquartered in multinationalinformation technology companyEspoo , multinationalinformation technology companyEspooUusimaa , in the greater multinationalinformation technology companyEspooUusimaaHelsinki metropolitan area. In 2014, Nokia employed 61,656 people across 120 countries, did business in more than 150 countries and reported... read more

Nokia 6620

The 6620 is a smartphone created by smartphoneNokia , announced in January 2004, running on Series 60 2nd Edition and the Symbian operating system. It was the first SymbianEDGE -capable phone for the Americas' market.http://company.nokia.com/en/news/press-releases/2004/01/15/nokia-introduces-the-first-edge-capable-smartphone-for-the-americas-marketIt is a version of Nokia's 6600 smartphone for the 6600North America n market, featuring all the features of the 6600 such as the VGA camera,... read more

Nokia 7610

Nokia manufactured the 7610 Nokiasmartphone , featuring a 1 Nokiasmartphonemegapixel camera (1152x864 pixels), in mid-2004. It was targeted at the "fashion conscious" individual. NokiasmartphonemegapixelEnd-user s can also use the 7610 with NokiasmartphonemegapixelEnd-userLifeblog . Other pre-installed applications include the NokiasmartphonemegapixelEnd-userLifeblogOpera Mobile web browser and Kodak Photo Sharing.The is the same phone with a more conventional keypad layout, and slightly... read more

Nokia, Finland

==History==The origin of the name "Nokia" is obscure. In modern Finnish, ''noki'' means municipalityKokemäenjokiPirkanmaaTamperesoot and ''nokia'' is its inflected plural , although this form of the word is rarely if ever used. The most common theory claims the name actually originates from the archaic Finnish word ''nois'' ( pl. ''nokia'') or ''nokinäätä'' ("soot marten"), meaning pl.sable . After sable was hunted to extinction in Finland, the word was applied to any dark-coated fur animal,... read more

Nokia 3510

The Nokia 3510 is an entry-level mobile phone for the mobile phoneGSM network, introduced by mobile phoneGSMNokia in 2002. The phone was the first Nokia phone to bring GPRS internet services to the mass market. - Nokia press release March 12, 2002 An enhanced version, Nokia 3510i, introduced the same year, was one of the first phones with a GPRScolor display . The phone has a Nokia GPRScolor displaySeries 30 96 x 65 color user interface. Like its predecessor, the GPRScolor displaySeries... read more

Nokia 6230

The Nokia 6230 is a Nokiamobile phone based on the Nokiamobile phoneNokia Series 40 platform. It was announced on 28 October 2003 and released in the first quarter of 2004.http://company.nokia.com/en/news/press-releases/2003/10/28/nokia-6230-classic-design-and-advanced-functionality-for-mobile-professionalsIt does not have built in music keys on the side but it is considered to be the third-loudest Nokia phone. Nokiamobile phoneNokia Series 40Cingular Wireless was the primary GSM carrier... read more

Nokia 6110

The Nokia 6110 was a GSM GSMmobile phone from GSMmobile phoneNokia announced in December 1997. It is not to be confused with the GSMmobile phoneNokiaNokia 6110 Navigator . It was a hugely popular follower of the GSMmobile phoneNokiaNokia 6110 NavigatorNokia 2110 , and the first of the many GSMmobile phoneNokiaNokia 6110 NavigatorNokia 2110Nokia 6xxx series business-targeted phones. Main improvements over the 2110 were reduced size and improved talk time. It was the first GSM phone to use... read more

Nokia 7110

A Nokia 7110 opened to expose its keypad. The A Nokia 7110 opened to expose its keypad.Nokia 7110 was the first A Nokia 7110 opened to expose its keypad.Nokiamobile phone to run A Nokia 7110 opened to expose its keypad.Nokiamobile phoneSeries 40 and to come with a WAP browser.http://web.archive.org/web/20010827093408/http://press.nokia.com/PR/199902/777256_5.html Press Release It was announced in February 1999 and released in October 1999.http://www.filibeto.org/mobile/firmware.html First... read more


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