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Noticias MundoFox

Noticias MundoFox was the national news division of the Spanish-language network, MundoFox, that was previously co-owned by the Fox International Channels division of 21st Century Fox and RCN Television. The weeknightly news broadcast of the same name was hosted by Rolando Nichols with correspondents Carolina Sarassa and Max Aub. Following RCN acquiring Fox's share of MundoFox, the channel itself was renamed MundoMax and the newscast was cancelled on July 28, 2015 following the final broadcast the... read more

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Univision Noticias

Univision Noticias is an planned American Spanish language cable news channel. It is owned by Univision Communications and is targeted at the Hispanic and Latino community in the United States.== History ==In May 2011, Univision Communications announced three new cable television channels to strengthen its position in the Latino market and diversify revenues, including one dedicated to news and information. Latinos were the United States' fastest growing population according to the 2010 census, which... read more

Noticias Uno

''Noticias Uno'' (known from 1992 to 2002 as NTC Noticias) is a nightly Colombian newscast produced by NTC Televisión and aired weekends and holidays on state-owned privately run Canal Uno.Until 2011 its director was Daniel Coronell; since mid-2011 he was replaced by Cecilia Orozco Tascón. Silvia Corzo, Néstor Morales, María Fernanda Navia and Germán Arango are its presenters.The newscast is known for being critical of former president Álvaro Uribe Vélez and keeping distance with current president... read more

Telefe Noticias

Telefe Noticias is an Argentine TV news program. It is aired by Telefe since 1989. Now, it is the most-watched newscast every evening, surpassing Channel 13´s Telenoche.== History ==Telefe has a trusted and respected news service during the first half of the 1990s, but after 1995, was often criticised by the sensational style adopted by its then news director Horacio Larrosa (former Channel 9 news director and inventor of Nuevediario). In 1999, hundreds of workers were sacked, closing Red de Noticias... read more

Ahora Noticias

''Ahora Noticias'' (abbreviated AN) is a Chilean news program that was broadcast by Mega since August 25, 2013.== External links ==Category:2013 Chilean television series debutsCategory:Chilean television news programmesCategory:Mega (Chilean television channel) showsCategory:2010s Chilean television series read more

Chilevisión Noticias

''Chilevisión Noticias'' (''Chilevision News'') is the branding of news programmes on the Chilean television network Chilevisión, since March 25, 1996. Its flagship program is the daily evening newscast ''CHV Noticias Central'' presented by Iván Núñez and Macarena Pizarro, broadcast everyday at 9:00pm in continental territory and 7:00pm in Easter Island, it features a review of eighty-five minutes of only national and sports news. Other programmes include a morning magazine, an Afternoon edition... read more

América Noticias

América Noticias is an Argentine TV news program.==References==Category:América TV television programsCategory:2010s Argentine television series read more

Noticias ECO

Noticias ECO (''Empresa de Comunicaciones Orbitales, S.A. de C.V.''), also known as ECO News, was a Mexican news channel, which broadcast from 1 September 1988 to 1 May 2001. It was the first 24-hour news channel in Spanish and was owned by Televisa. It closed due to low profits.Its signal covered the Americas, Europe and Northern Africa via satellite, with correspondents in 32 countries. Some of the other Televisa networks, such as Galavisión and Canal de las Estrellas, included ECO newscasts.In... read more

Últimas Noticias

''Últimas Noticias'' is the highest selling daily newspaper in Venezuela. It was founded in Caracas on 16 September 1941 after the pro-freedom measures implemented by President Medina Angarita. It initially bore the name ''Diario del Pueblo'' (the people's newspaper), and was created by Víctor Simone D´Lima, “Kotepa” Delgado, Vaughan Salas Lozada and Pedro Beroes. Miguel Ángel Capriles Ayala acquired the majority of the shares in 1948. He is the current president of ''La Cadena Capriles'',... read more

Cable Noticias

Cable Noticias is a Colombian 24-hour cable television news channel owned by Medellín-based company Global Media. On August 5, 2011 Alberto Federico Ravell purchased Cable Noticias. The channel operated out of Bogotá, Colombia.==External links==Category:24-hour television news channelsCategory:Television channels and stations established in 2007Category:Spanish-language television stations read more

Noticias (magazine)

''Noticias de la Semana'' is a weekly newsmagazine in Spanish published in Argentina, where it is known simply as ''Noticias'' (''News''). The magazine was founded by Jorge Fontevecchia in 1976 and published by him in a format similar to U.S. publications such as ''Time'' or ''Newsweek''. ''Noticias'' was known as ''La Semana'' (''The Week'') until 1989 and is widely considered the leading Spanish-language newsmagazine in the world.The magazine is also known in Argentina for its loss of photojournalist... read more

NY1 Noticias

NY1 Noticias (pronounced "New York One Noticias") is a 24-hour Spanish language cable news television channel that is owned by Charter Communications through its acquisition of Time Warner Cable in May 2016, and serves New York City's five boroughs. It is available to customers on channels 95 and 801 on Time Warner Cable's ''DTV: Digital Television'' and ''DTV en Español'' and first went on the air at 8:01 p.m. on June 30, 2003.NY1 Noticias covers general news events covering the New York City area... read more

Noticias Univision

Noticias Univision (, ''Univision News'') is the news division of Univision, an American Spanish language broadcast television network that is owned by the Univision Television Group division of Univision Communications. The news division is based out of the network's facilities, referred to as the "NewsPort", in the Miami suburb of Doral, Florida, which it shares with sister English language cable news channel Fusion and Univision's flagship owned-and-operated station WLTV-DT.The division's flagship... read more

Todo Noticias

ARGPresident Néstor Kirchner is interviewed in 2007 by Gustavo Sylvestre and Marcelo Bonelli of the news interview program, ''A Dos Voces''.Todo Noticias (also known as TN) is an Argentine news cable channel. It is owned by the Grupo Clarín and its subsidiary, Artear. TN began broadcasting on Tuesday, June 1, 1993, at 07:00 (10:00 GMT).It also has a news website, ranked as the 20th most visited in Argentina according to Alexa.== Notes ==Category:24-hour television news channels in ArgentinaCategory:24-hour... read more


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