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Kleptomaniax is a pop group from Nairobi, Kenya. The group consists of three members: Roba (Robert Manyasa), Collo (Collins Majale) and Nyashinski (Nyamari Ongegu).Kleptomaniax were formed in 1999, when they were still high school students at the Nairobi School. The group joined the Ogopa DJ's label and released their first single, "Freak It" in 2002 and was followed by "Maniax Anthem" and "Haree."Daily Nation, Lifestyle Magazine, June 1, 2003: In 2004 the group released another single "Tuendelee",... read more

Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/RiversProductions/Archive

=====10 April 2014=====The two users have jointly edited the page Lindsey Sporrer. In this instance the sock master that was removed by another editor as vandalism. Later on the same content that had been removed was reinstated by the other sockpuppet Englismanfilms as seen . Additionally the two users have been editing the same pages consistently as seen in their contribs pages. Contributions for Englishmanfilms here and those of fellow sock RiversProductions here. Nyashinski (talk) 04:19, 10 April... read more

Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/SMGeorge34/Archive

=====21 June 2014=====The account I’ve designated sock master here, User:SMGeorge34, is stale, but it is the oldest one. Of the five accounts, User:Nyashinski is already blocked for spamming. Two of the accounts, Nyashinski and Olenyash, were created on the same day, Dec 10 2013.These accounts have been editing according to the same pattern: making a number of constructive edits, including removing spam and correctly tagging articles for speedy deletion. Many of the edits of all these accounts... read more

Amani (musician)

Cecilia Wairimu (born 28 November 1980), better known by her stage name Amani,! is a Kenyan pop, R&B singer-songwriter. Her contributions to the Kenyan music industry have earned her several coveted accolades, including the Best Female category at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards, Pearl of Africa Music Awards, Kisima Awards and Chaguo La Teeniez Awards. She released her debut album in 2006.=== Beginnings ===Amani went to Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High School, where she was part of the accapella... read more


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