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Paolo Guerrero

José Paolo Guerrero Gonzales (; born 1 January 1984) is a Peruvian footballer who plays as a striker for Brazilian club Flamengo and the Peru national team.He spent his early career in Germany, formed at Bayern Munich, and later playing at Hamburger SV, amassing Bundesliga totals of 161 games and 47 goals across eight seasons. He later played in Brazil, scoring the goal which won the 2012 FIFA Club World Cup Final for Corinthians.Since his debut in 2004, Guerrero has earned over 70 caps for Peru... read more


Guerrero (), officially the Free and Sovereign State of Guerrero (), is one of the 31 states which, with the , comprise the of . It is divided in and its capital city is and its largest city is .It is located in . It is bordered by the states of to the north and west, and to the north, to the northeast and to the east.The state was named after , one of the most prominent leaders in the and the second . It is the only named after a president. The modern entity did not exist until 1849, when... read more

Eddie Guerrero

Eduardo Gory "Eddie" Guerrero Llanes (October 9, 1967 – November 13, 2005), was a Mexican-American professional wrestler and a member of the Guerrero wrestling family . He performed in Guerrero wrestling familyMexico and Guerrero wrestling familyMexicoJapan for several major Guerrero wrestling familyMexicoJapanprofessional wrestling promotion s, and in the Guerrero wrestling familyMexicoJapanprofessional wrestling promotionUnited States , performed for Guerrero wrestling familyMexicoJapanprofessional... read more

Julen Guerrero

Julen Guerrero López (born 7 January 1974) is a Spanish retired footballer who played solely for footballerAthletic Bilbao .Ambidextrous, the attacking midfielder was mainly known for his skills and shooting ability. A Spanish international since 1993, he represented the nation at two World Cups , gaining more than 40 caps and appearing in more than 400 official games for his only team.==Club career==Born in World CupsPortugalete , World CupsPortugaleteBiscay , Guerrero joined World CupsPortugaleteBiscayAthletic... read more

Vicente Guerrero

Vicente Ramón Guerrero Saldaña (; August 10, 1782 – February 14, 1831) was one of the leading revolutionary generals of the Mexican War of Independence . He fought against Mexican War of IndependenceSpain for independence in the early 19th century, and later served as Mexican War of IndependenceSpainPresident of Mexico , coming to power in a coup. He was of Afro - Mestizo descent, championed the cause of Mexico's common people, and abolished slavery during his brief term as president.Green,... read more

Lisa Guerrero

Lisa Guerrero (born April 9, 1964) is an American investigative journalist, Americanactress , former Americanactresssportscaster , host and model . The '' modelLos Angeles Times '' has called Guerrero the "hardest working sports reporter".http://www.cigaraficionado.com/Cigar/CA_Archives/CA_Show_Article/0,2322,1302,00.html==Early years==Guerrero was born in modelLos Angeles TimesChicago, Illinois , the daughter of Walter Coles, an American of English descent, and Lucy Guerrero, who was from... read more

Vladimir Guerrero

Vladimir Alvino Guerrero (born February 9, 1975) is a Dominican former Dominicanprofessional baseball player who spent 16 seasons in Dominicanprofessional baseballMajor League Baseball (MLB) as a Dominicanprofessional baseballMajor League Baseballright fielder and Dominicanprofessional baseballMajor League Baseballright fielderdesignated hitter . He played for the Dominicanprofessional baseballMajor League Baseballright fielderdesignated hitterMontreal Expos from (1996–2003), the ... read more

Alberto Guerrero

Antonio Alberto García Guerrero (February 6, 1886November 7, 1959) was a Chile an- Canadian composer, pianist, and teacher. While he is most famously remembered as the mentor of Canadian pianist CanadianGlenn Gould , Guerrero influenced several generations of musicians through his many years of teaching at the CanadianGlenn GouldToronto Conservatory of Music .==Biography==Born in CanadianGlenn GouldToronto Conservatory of MusicLa Serena, Chile , Guerrero first studied piano with his mother... read more

Roberto Guerrero

Roberto José Guerrero Isaza (born 16 November 1958, in 1998Medellín ) is a former 1998Medellínracing driver from 1998Medellínracing driverColombia . He participated in 29 1998Medellínracing driverColombiaFormula One Grands Prix, debuting on 23 January 1982.With no championship points in Formula One and no prospects to drive for a competitive team, Guerrero left at the end of the 1983 season to race in the 1998Medellínracing driverColombiaFormula OneUnited States . He had an auspicious... read more

Adabel Guerrero

Adabel Anahí Guerrero Melachenko (; born July 18, 1978), better known simply as Adabel Guerrero, is an Argentine professional theater and burlesque dancer, actress, and supervedette, who has also dabbled as a model and as a singer in several of her television, magazine and theater appearances. Guerrero has worked as a television co-hostess and panelist, currently a panelist on "El Chimentero 3.0".Guerrero has participated in multiple seasons of the Argentine version of ''Dancing with the Stars'',... read more

Alejandro Guerrero

Alejandro Guerrero is a paralympic athlete from Mexico competing mainly in category T11 distance running events.Alejandro was part of the Mexican team who travelled to Atlanta for the 1996 Summer Paralympics, there he competed in the 5000m where he won the silver medal and also in the 10000m where he won the gold medal. He also competed in the 2000 Summer Paralympics in Sydney in the same two events but without any medal success.==References==Category:Athletes (track and field) at the 1996 Summer... read more

Arturo Guerrero

Arturo Guerrero (born 30 August 1948) is a Mexican former basketball player who competed in the 1968 Summer Olympic games and in the 1976 Summer Olympic Games. He coached the Mexico national team in the 2013 FIBA Americas Championship.==References==Category:Olympic basketball players of MexicoCategory:Basketball players at the 1968 Summer OlympicsCategory:Basketball players at the 1976 Summer OlympicsCategory:Basketball players at the 1967 Pan American Games read more

Jorge Guerrero

Jorge Guerrero (born 17 October 1988 in Paraguay) is a Paraguayan footballer currently playing for Deportes Puerto Montt of the Primera División B in Chile.== External links ==Category:Paraguayan expatriate footballersCategory:Expatriate footballers in Chile read more

Xavier Guerrero

Xavier Guerrero (December 3, 1896 San Pedro de las Colonias, Coahuila – June 29, 1974 Mexico City) was one of the pioneers of the Mexican muralism movement in the early 20th century. He learned painting working with his father, who worked in masonry and decorating, with evidence that his ability was mostly self-taught. In 1912, he moved to Guadalajara and began painting murals, moving to Mexico City in 1919 just as the muralism movement was about to begin. Most of his work was in collaboration... read more

Gustavo Guerrero

Gustavo Guerrero (born 22 October 1959) is a former professional tennis player from Argentina.==Career==Guerro competed in five French Opens. He lost to Rod Frawley in the first round of the 1981 French Open and then to another Australian, Paul McNamee, in the 1984 French Open opening round. His only Grand Slam win was in the men's doubles at the 1986 French Open, where he and Spaniard Jose Clavet beat Eddie Edwards and Francisco González, before being eliminated in the second round.The Argentine... read more


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