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Phạm Tuân

Phạm Tuân (born February 14, 1947) is a retired Vietnam Air Force Vietnam Air Forceaviator . He became the first Vietnam Air ForceaviatorVietnam ese citizen and the first non-Russian Asian in space when he flew aboard the Soyuz 37 mission as an Vietnam Air ForceaviatorVietnamIntercosmos Research Cosmonaut. He was awarded the title Vietnam Air ForceaviatorVietnamIntercosmosHero of the Soviet Union .==Early life and military career==Pham Tuan was born in Quốc Tuấn, Vietnam Air ForceaviatorVietnamIntercosmosHero... read more

Phạm Văn Trà

Phạm Văn Trà (born 20 October 1935 in Quế Võ) was Minister of Defense of Vietnam.Đức Mạnh Ngô, Minh Tuân Lương, Hà Vũ Lê ''Sổ tay đại biểu Quốc hội''-2004 Page 112 "Phạm Văn Trà 19-8-1935"Bá̌c Ninh lịch sử kháng chié̂n chó̂ng Mỹ, cứu nước, 1954–1975 Vietnam. Quân đội nhân dân. Bộ chỉ huy quân sự tỉnh Bá̌c Ninh - 2002 p211 "Anh hùng Phạm Văn Trà, Sinh năm 1935, quê Xă Phù Lăng huyện Quế Võ, tuyên dương ngày... read more


Phạm is the fourth most common Vietnamese family name. But other Asian groups also have Phams.==Origin==Phạm is the Sino-Vietnamese reading of the Chinese character .http://nomfoundation.org/index.php?IDcat=515&codepoint=8303 The same character is used to write the Chinese surname Fan and the Korean surname Beom (범). As with other East Asian surnames derived from Chinese, it does not necessarily imply familial relations with those sharing the same surname. The surname Phạm means "iron" in... read more

Nguyễn Tuân

Nguyễn Tuân (July 10, 1910 – July 28, 1987) was a renowned Vietnamese author. Current literature books for public school in Vietnam rank him as one of the nine biggest authors of contemporary Vietnamese literature. He is known for his essays on multiple subjects, with a clever and creative way in using the language. Hanoi has a street named after him, in the Thanh Xuan district. ==Biography==Nguyễn Tuân was born on July 10, 1910, on Hàng Bạc street in Hanoi. His family lived in Thượng... read more

Nguyễn Quảng Tuân

Nguyễn Quảng Tuân (Chữ Nôm:阮廣詢) (1925-) is a writer, poet and researcher in South Vietnam. He was born in the village of Yên Mẫn, the district Võ Giàng (now district of Quế Võ), the province of Bắc Ninh, northern Vietnam.==Background==Nguyễn Quảng Tuân, who was born on June 11, 1925, during his studying at Bưởi School in Hanoi, already had poems published in ''Tia Sang and Thoi su Chu Nhat''. He also wrote a play in verse, ''The Sound of Flute on the O River'', which... read more

Hoàng Thị Tuân

Hoàng Thị Tuân (born 13 May 1965) is a representative in the Twelfth Việtnamese National Assembly. A member of the Tày ethnic minority, Tuân was born in Phì Điền village, Lục Ngạn District, Bắc Giang Province. She was accepted into the Communist Party of Việt Nam on 5 July 1997, though she has still not been made an official member.==References==Category:Members of the National Assembly (Vietnam)Category:Communist Party of Vietnam politicians read more

Phạm Quỳnh

Phạm Quỳnh (December 17, 1892 – September 6, 1945) was a monarchist during the late Nguyễn Dynasty and supporter of adhering to traditional Vietnamese customs in the establishment of a constitutional monarchy. He was born near Hanoi, Vietnam.He served as a government minister along with Ngô Đình Diệm under Emperor Bảo Đại's administration.After the August Revolution, he was killed by the Viet Minh.==External links==Category:20th-century executions of Vietnamese peopleCategory:Government... read more

Phạm Du

Phạm Du (范猷, ?-1209) was a Vietnamese official who served Lý Cao Tông. His influence and unscrupulous acquisition of wealth raised opposition from Phạm Bỉnh Di, resulting in a conflict which divided the Ly court and caused the deaths of both men.K. W. Taylor ''A History of the Vietnamese'' 2013 Page 103 "Pham Du was apparently not a eunuch, but he was very successful in gaining the king's ear because of the wealth he channeled to the king. It was the manner in which he gained his wealth... read more

Phạm Hùng

Phạm Hùng (Vĩnh Long, June 11, 1912 – Hanoi, March 10, 1988) was the Prime Minister of Vietnam from 1987 to 1988.Ronald B. Frankum Jr. ''Historical Dictionary of the War in Vietnam'' 2011 p.357 "Phạm Hùng (1912-1988). Born Phạm Van Thién and also known as Bay Cuong, Phạm Hùng joined the Indochinese Communist Party in 1930 after being expelled from school for his radical activities two years earlier. "== Life ==Phạm Hùng was born on June 11, 1912, in Vĩnh Long Province, in the... read more

Phạm Bành

Phạm Bành (chữ Hán: 范澎; 1827–1887) was a Vietnamese anti-French nationalist revolutionary, who led the Can Vuong's military operations in Thanh Hóa Province in north central Vietnam.''Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang: A Contemporary History'' "Tống Duy Tân, Phạm Bành, and Đinh Công Tráng (in Thanh Hóa), " He surrendered after his mother and children were captured to gain their release and then committed suicide. read more

Phạm Lực

Phạm Lực (Huế, 1943), is a Vietnamese painter. Pham Luc served in the North Vietnamese army - as a painter. Luc has exhibited paintings in Vietnam and overseas, and continues to paint. He has one daughter and one son, and lives in Hanoi. "Phạm Lực sinh năm 1943 tại Huế" read more

Phạm Duy

Phạm Duy (October 5, 1921 – January 27, 2013) was Vietnam's most prolific songwriter. With a musical career that spanned more than seven decades through some of the most turbulent periods of Vietnamese history and with more than one thousand songs to his credit, he is widely considered one of the three most salient and influential figures of modern Vietnamese music, along with Văn Cao and Trịnh Công Sơn.Shepherd ''Continuum encyclopedia of popular music of the world'' p226 3x entries... read more

Phạm Tuyên

Phạm Tuyên (Hải Dương, January 12, 1930 – ) is a very well known Vietnamese musician. He was head of the music service at Hanoi's Voice of Vietnam Radio during the Vietnam War.Beate Kutschke, Barley Norton ''Music and Protest in 1968'' 2013 Page 104 "Most people had been evacuated from Hanoi into the countryside, but Phạm Tuyên remained in Hanoi as head of the music service at the Voice of Vietnam Radio." He is the author of many popular socialist songs, for example ''Như có Bác Hồ... read more

Phạm Hương

Phạm Thị Hương (born 4 September 1991) is a Vietnamese model, college lecturer and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned as Miss Universe Vietnam 2015 on October 3, 2015 at Crown Convention Center, Nha Trang City, Vietnam. She represented Vietnam at Miss Universe 2015 but unplaced. ==Personal life==Hương was born on September 4, 1991 in Haiphong, Vietnam. Besides being a fashion model, she is also a lecturer at Saigon College of Arts, Culture and Tourism in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.... read more

Phạm Văn Đồng

Phạm Văn Đồng (; 1 March 1906 – 29 April 2000) was a Vietnamese politician who served as Prime Minister of North Vietnam from 1955 to 1976 and, following unification, as North VietnamPrime Minister of Vietnam from 1976 until he retired in 1987 under the rule of North VietnamPrime Minister of VietnamLê Duẩn and North VietnamPrime Minister of VietnamLê DuẩnNguyễn Văn Linh .Ronald B. Frankum Jr. (2011) "Phạm Văn Đồng", p. 141 in ''Historical Dictionary of the War in Vietnam''.... read more


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