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Pražské schody

Pražské schody (Prague Stairs) is a specific cycling race held every year since 1994 in capital city of Czech republic, Prague. The race specificity is the fact that cyclists riding down stairs (190 stairs) in Prague Castle and then climb back of cobblestones to the top. They do this for 1 hour + last circle.Many top cyclists took part in this popular race Miguel Martinez, Julien Absalon, Daniele Pontoni, Thomas Frischknecht, Jaroslav Kulhavý etc.==External links==Category:Cycle races in the Czech... read more

Pražské schody 2010

Pražské schody 2010 represented sixteen years since Pražské schody (Prague Stairs) cycling race was first held in Pražský hrad, Praha in the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague. It took place on June 9, 2010. read more

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Category:Cycle races in the Czech Republic read more

Jindřich Barák

Jindřich Barák (born October 2, 1991 in Prague) is a Czech professional ice hockey player. 7.2.2011 "..Debut si v dresu havlíčkobrodského A-mužstva odbyl kromě juniorského tandemu Ondřej Šíma – Filip Ondráček také Jindřich Barák, šikovný mladík z defenzívy pražské Slavie."hokejdb.idnes.cz Hokej iDNES.czhttp://www.dev.hokejportal.cz Jindřich Barák - přehled článků hokejisty Jindřich Barák. He played with HC Slavia Praha in the Czech Extraliga during the 2010–11 Czech... read more

Svijany Brewery

Established in 1564, Svijany is one of the oldest Czech breweries. It is located in the village of Svijany.The brewery produces an extensive range of unpasteurised lagers, mostly light in color and ranging in strength between 3.2% and 6.5% ABV.In common with the breweries in Náchod and Rohozec, Svijany is owned by the Liberec Investment Fund.==Production==Svijany are available as a 10°-15°, dark and as a special variant.== History of Svijany village and brewery==The first mention of Svijany dates... read more


Sojovice is a village and municipality in Mladá Boleslav District in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. Sojovice can be found on the river bank of Jizera river. Its waters are being used in the process of water purification for neighboring municipalities and Prague. In Sojovice district natural infiltration wells can be found and there is a system of raw water pumping and transportation to artificial infiltration.In it surroundings also some sedimentation lagoons can by found. Iron... read more

Alois Wachsman

Alois Wachsman (14 May 1898, in Prague – 16 May 1942, in Jičín) was a Czech painter, stage designer and architect.== Life ==He stems from an artist family. His granduncle was Bedřich Wachsmann and his cousin was Jiří Voskovec. From 1917-1922 he studied architecture at the Prague Technical University (CTU) and in 1920 was one of the founders of Devětsil. From 1925-1928 he studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts under Josef Gočár. From 1923 he was a member of the Association... read more

Prague Ham

Prague Ham on a stall at the Old Town Square in PraguePrague Ham () is a type of brine-cured, stewed, and mildly beechwood-smoked boneless ham originally from Prague in Bohemia (Czech Republic). When cooked on the bone, it is called ''šunka od kosti'' ("Ham off the bone"), considered a delicacy. It was first marketed in the 1860s by Antonín Chmel, a pork butcher from Prague's ''Zvonařka'' ("Bell-Maker street") on the ''Nuselské schody'' (The Nusle Steps).It was a popular export during the 1920s... read more

Václav Matěj Kramerius

Bust of Kramerius by Gustav Zoula (1899)Václav Matěj Kramerius (sometimes written Kramérius, February 9, 1753 in Klatovy, Bohemia – March 22, 1808 in Prague) was a Czech publisher, journalist and writer, one of the most important early figures of the Czech National Revival.Kramerius went to the Jesuit high school in Klatovy and then studied philosophy and law in Prague (1778–1780). During his studies he earned money by cataloguing the library of a nobleman, which gave him access to old Czech... read more

Jan Slavomír Tomíček

J. S. Tomíček, The Age of the First ManJan Slavomír Tomíček (1806, in Branná by Jilemnice – 28 April 1866, in Praha) was a Czech writer, journalist, historian and ethnologist. He graduated from a gymnasium in Jičín and studied philosophy in Prague. He did not graduate, though, as he left in an effort to become an independent writer. Very soon, however, he had to start giving private lessons to earn enough money. He was a member of the fellowship of the magazine ''Čechoslav''; he also... read more

Jizera (river)

Jizera flowing through Great Jizera PlainThe Jizera (; ) is a river that begins on the border between Poland and the Czech Republic (in Silesia) and ends in Central Bohemia. Like some other names in Bohemia, the name Jizera is of Celtic origin, as the Celtic Boii (hence the Germanic word ''Bohemia'', home of the Boii) lived in the area before the Roman times (see also the Isar in Germany and the Isère in France) before assimilation by the Marcomanni and later Germanic and West Slavic peoples.Zdeněk... read more

Emanuel Max

Radetzky Monument (c.1900). It was taken down in 1919 and is currently on display in the National MuseumEmanuel Max, after 1876: Ritter von Wachstein (19 October 1810, Janov, near Sloup v ČecháchToman Prokop, ''Nový slovník československých výtvarných umělců'' (New Dictionary of Czechoslovak Artists), Vol.2, Rudolf Ryšavý, Prague (1950) – 22 FebruaryMiloš Szabo, ''Pražské hřbitovy. Olšanské hřbitovy III.'', Libri, Prague (2011) ISBN 978-80-7277-487-6 1901, Prague) was a German-Czech... read more


Česká telekomunikační infrastruktura a.s., (abbreviated CETIN) is a Czech telecommunications company that is part of PPF Group, an international investment group majority-owned by Czech billionaire Petr Kellner. The company was created as a result of the separation of O2 Czech Republic a.s. into two companies, following a decision taken at O2 Czech Republic’s general meeting on 28 April 2015. The actual separation took place on 1 June 2015. CETIN, the new company created alongside O2, now runs... read more

Teun Jacob

''Twiggy,'' Tilburg 1967.Rotterdam relief childrenTeunis (Teun) Jacob (11 June 1927 - 12 October 2009) was a Dutch wall painter and sculptor, who lived and worked in Rotterdam since the early 1950s. He made both figure and nonrepresentational art. at rkd.nl, 2015. Born in Rheden, studied fine art at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in the department of drawing and painting. As sculptor he was autodidact.Scheen, Pieter A. ''Lexicon Nederlandse beeldende kunstenaars, 1750-1950.'' 's-Gravenhage... read more

Karel Cudlín

Karel Cudlín (born 28 June 1960) is a Czech photographer.== Career ==Cudlín was born in PragueUnless noted otherwise, biographical information is from Silverio, pp. 7–13, 112. and started taking photographs in his teens. Borrowing his father's Exakta and supported by his uncle, a photography enthusiast, Cudlín soon started photographing the Romani people of Žižkov, the suburb where he lived. Cudlín attended a social work school that, combined with a short stint in a low-grade job,... read more


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