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Radio Nova

Radio Nova may refer to one of several different radio stations, among them: read more

Nova (radio network)

The Nova Network is a group of five Australia n Australiaradio station s owned wholly or in part by Australiaradio stationNOVA Entertainment . The Perth station is a joint venture between Australiaradio stationNOVA EntertainmentNOVA Entertainment and the Australiaradio stationNOVA EntertainmentNOVA EntertainmentAustralian Radio Network .Like many radio networks, each station has its own local Breakfast show and daytime presenters, with the Drive and Night shifts networked across all stations.==... read more

Radio Nova (Norway)

Radio Nova is a non-commercially run student radio situated and broadcasting in student radioOslo , student radioOsloNorway , at FM 99.3. The radio is run by a team of volunteer journalists and technicians.The station went on-air for the first time on 16 March 1982, as Norway's first non-Christian, local radio station., the station broadcasts 60 hours a week between 40 programs. In the course of a week there is a range of different programmes; debates, programs that deal with film, the sciences,... read more

Radio Nova 100FM (Ireland)

Radio Nova is a radio station licensed by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, based in Dublin, Ireland. It was awarded its broadcasting licence by the BAI in September 2008 and launched on 1 September 2010. It is the only Dublin radio station licensed to transmit to the extensive Dublin commuter belt, including Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath (County Offaly can also pick up the frequency of Radio Nova 100fm however it is greater in some areas than others and Mullingar County Westmeath usually... read more

Radio Nova (Finland)

Radio Nova is a radio channel in Finland. It was a major radio industry milestone when it launched in 1997. Nova was the only national commercial broadcaster. It was formerly owned by Bonnier and Proventus. Radio Nova was sold to Bauer Media in December 2015.Nova specializes in playing popular music for people aged 25-44 and has hourly news bulletins. read more

Radio Nova (Ireland)

Radio Nova was a pirate radio station broadcasting from Dublin, Ireland. Owned and operated by the UK pirate radio veteran Chris Cary, the station’s first broadcasts were during the summer of 1981 on 88.5 MHz FM and 819 kHz AM.==Early history==Prior to Nova's arrival, Irish radio consisted of the government broadcaster RTÉ and a number of local AM pirate stations. Radio Nova was the first station in Ireland to utilise a high powered signal on FM. By 1982 Radio Nova was pulling in over... read more

Radio Nova (France)

Radio Nova (or simply ''Nova'') is a radio station broadcast from Paris, created in 1981 by Jean-François Bizot. Its playlist is characterized by non-mainstream or ''underground'' artists of various music genres, such as electro, new wave, reggae, jazz, hip hop and world music.==History==On 25 May 1981, Nova is created following the fusion of several radio stations. The radio is since its creation, owned by the Nova Press company, which today also owns the record label Nova Records, and the jazz-oriented... read more

Nova M Radio

Nova M Radio, later known as On Second Thought, was a radio syndication service providing progressive talk programming. Founded as Nova M Radio by Sheldon and Anita Drobny in 2006, its stated purpose was to purchase, own, and operate underperforming radio stations in small and medium-sized markets. These stations would then broadcast progressive talk radio content, particularly programming from their own network, as well as from Air America Radio and other organizations. On February 18, 2009,... read more

Radio Nova (Sofia)

Radio Nova {101.70 FM} is a Bulgarian radio station for electronic and dancefloor music only. ==History==Radio Nova began broadcasting in December 2003 as a Christmas Radio, and from January 1, 2004, was named Nova. Radio Nova transmits in Sofia on 101.7 MHz, in Varna on 91.2 MHz until May 13, 2006, and in Stara Zagora on 93.6 MHz until July 2004. read more

List of radio stations in Nova Scotia

The following is a list of radio stations in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, . read more

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Radio Nova (Norway)

The result was Nomination withdrawn. Pax:Vobiscum (talk) 16:25, 16 May 2010 (UTC)===Radio Nova (Norway)===Non-notable Airway station, unable to find sources. ''SKATER'' Speak. 20:55, 10 May 2010 (UTC) read more

Nova Press

Nova Press is a French media company established in 1972 by Jean-François Bizot. Nova Press was registered on 4 June 1981.Communiqué officiel du 19.10.2007 : The company most notably owns the radio stations Radio Nova and TSF Jazz. read more

NOVA Entertainment

NOVA Entertainment is an Australian entertainment company with broad interests across the media industry.The company operates commercial radio networks in metropolitan and regional areas of Australia , a pay television station and mobile brands. NOVA Entertainment is owned by AustraliaLachlan Murdoch 's Illyria Pty Ltd which purchased the remaining 50% it did not own from AustraliaLachlan MurdochDaily Mail and General Trust in September 2012.==History==NOVA Entertainment was formed in early 1996... read more

Nova 93.7

NOVA 93.7 headquarters at Rokeby Road, SubiacoNova 93.7 (call sign: 6PER) is a commercial radio station in Perth, Western Australia. Owned by NOVA Entertainment, it was established in the Perth market on 5 December 2002. Nova 93.7 was launched at 3pm by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and by current drive presenter Tim Blackwell, with "Can't Stop" the first song being aired.Nova 93.7 is only the second commercial FM radio station in Perth to not have previously been an AM station. The first was 96fm.===Rigged... read more

Nova 100

Nova 100 (call sign: 3MEL) is a commercial radio station in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, broadcasting on 100.3 MHz.The station is owned by NOVA Entertainment with a sister station smoothfm 915, which share the same studio location on Level 2, 678 Victoria St, Richmond VIC.==History==Nova 100 commenced on the Melbourne airwaves on Monday 3 December 2001 with Kate Langbroek being the first voice heard on the station. It was the first new commercial radio station in Melbourne for 21 years.The... read more


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