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RCA Corporation, founded as the Radio Corporation of America, was an American electronics company in existence from 1919 to 1986. AmericanGeneral Electric took over the company in 1985 and split it up the following year.The RCA trademark is used by RCA trademarkSony Music Entertainment and Technicolor , which licenses the name to other companies such as TechnicolorVoxx International and TechnicolorVoxx InternationalTCL Corporation for products descended from that common ancestor.===Organization... read more

RCA Records

RCA Records is an American flagship recording label (alongside Sony Music EntertainmentEmile BerlinerEldridge R. JohnsonLegacy RecordingsColumbia Records and Sony Music EntertainmentEmile BerlinerEldridge R. JohnsonLegacy RecordingsColumbia RecordsEpic Records ) of Sony Music Entertainment (SME) . It releases multiple genres of music including pop , rock , hip-hop , R&B , blues , jazz and, through RCA Nashville, country .The company's name is derived from the initials of the label's... read more

RCA 1802

The RCA CDP1802, a 40-pin LSI integrated circuit chip (IC), implemented using COSMAC (''Complementary Symmetry Monolithic Array Computer'') architecture, is an LSI8-bit LSI8-bitCMOS LSI8-bitCMOSmicroprocessor (µP) introduced by RCA in early 1976, the company's first single-chip microprocessor. Within RCA in the early days (ca 1970s), the 1801 and 1802 microprocessors were sometimes referred to as "the COSMAC". Hobbyists usually refer to it simply as "the 1802". It is being by RCAIntersil... read more

RCA Dome

RCA Dome (originally Hoosier Dome) was a dome d domestadium , located in domestadiumIndianapolis , and the home of the domestadiumIndianapolisIndianapolis Colts NFL franchise for 24 seasons ( 1984 – 2007 ).It was completed at a cost of $77.5 million, as part of the 2007Indiana Convention Center , with the costs split between private and public money.It was demolished in December 2008, as part of a project to expand the attached convention center.==Description==The roof was made up of 2007Indiana... read more

RCA connector

An RCA connector, sometimes called a phono connector or Cinch connector, is a type of electrical connector commonly used to carry audio and video signals. The connectors are also sometimes casually referred to as A/V jacks. The name "RCA" derives from the Radio Corporation of America , which introduced the design by the early 1940s for internal connection of the pickup to the chassis in home radio-phonograph consoles. It was originally a low-cost, simple design, intended only for mating and disconnection... read more

RCA video

RCA video may refer to any video standards using RCA connectors. read more


European Union Force RCA, commonly referred as EUFOR RCA, is the United Nations-mandated European Union peacekeeping mission in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic. The goal of the mission is to stabilize the area after more than a year of internal conflict. Agreement about the mission was reached in January 2014, and the first operations started at the end of April. == Background ==In 2012 the Central African Republic was embroiled in internal conflict, resulting in the ousting of the... read more

RCA Photophone

RCA Photophone was the trade name given to one of four major competing technologies that emerged in the American film industry in the late 1920s for synchronizing electrically recorded audio to a motion picture image. RCA Photophone was an optical sound, "variable-area" film exposure system, in which the modulated area (width) corresponded to the waveform of the audio signal. The three other major technologies were the Warner Bros. Vitaphone sound-on-disc system, as well as two "variable-density"... read more

RCA Thesaurus

''RCA Thesaurus'' is the title of a series of phonographic albums on the RCA Victorlabel featuring outstanding transcriptions of classical music and popular compositions fromthe 1950s. They were produced under the musical direction of Ben Selvin during the 1950s in New York City for RCA Victor and were broadcast over the NBC radio network. The noted musician John Serry Sr. recorded several of his arrangements for this collection with his ensemble The Bel-Cordions in 1954. ''Who Is Who In Music International... read more

RCA clean

The RCA clean is a standard set of wafer cleaning steps which need to be performed before high-temperature processing steps (oxidation, diffusion, CVD) of silicon wafers in semiconductor manufacturing. Werner Kern developed the basic procedure in 1965 while working for RCA, the Radio Corporation of America.W. Kern and D. A. Puotinen: RCA Rev. 31 (1970) 187. It involves the following chemical processes performed in sequence:# Removal of the organic contaminants (organic clean + particle clean)# Removal... read more

RCA Victrola

RCA Victrola was a budget label introduced by RCA Victor in the early 1960s to reissue classical recordings originally issued on the RCA Victor "Red Seal" label. The name "Victrola" came from the early console phonographs marketed by the Victor Talking Machine Company. Many of RCA Victrola's discs included recordings issued in the historic RCA Victor "Living Stereo" series first released in 1958, using triple channel stereophonic tapes from as early as 1954. There were also some first stereo... read more

RCA Camden

RCA Camden was a budget record label introduced by RCA Victor in the 1950s.==History==The label was named after Camden, New Jersey, original home to the Victor Talking Machine Company, later RCA Victor. It specialized in reissuing historic classical and popular recordings from the extensive RCA Victor catalog. The long play albums originally sold for $1.98 retail and consisted of strictly monaural recordings, often drawn from 78-rpm masters. The label also issued 45-rpm "extended play" (EP) records,... read more

Dynaflex (RCA)

An RCA Inner sleeve touts the benefits of Dynaflex.Dynaflex was a trademark for a thin, lightweight vinyl LP record introduced by RCA Records in late 1969. Rather than using the stiff plastic material used by conventional vinyl pressings, Dynaflex records used a "flexible" formulation that allowed RCA to use less material, saving money and also making the record appear to lie flatter on turntables. At the time, many industry record pressing plants were using "reground" vinyl, taking old records,... read more

RCA Lyra

PDP-2860Lyra is a series of portable media players developed and sold by RCA.==RD2201A==The 2201 is one of, if not the oldest Lyra made by RCA/Thomson. Originally sold with a 32MB CF card, it has a 1" × 3/4" backlit monochrome display, software five band graphic equalizer, and an external power jack. This series of players requires a proprietary CF reader used in conjunction with specific media players in Windows in order to write files to the card. A supported setup would take a blank CF card,... read more

RCA (trademark)

Technicolor and Sony Music Entertainment's RCA logoRCA is an American trademark brand owned by Technicolor SA, which is used on products made by that company as well as Voxx International, ON Corporation and Sony Music Entertainment. RCA stood for Radio Corporation of America, a company which later became RCA Corporation which was taken over by General Electric in 1986 and then split up.==Current users==At present, the RCA trademark is owned by Technicolor SA (known as Thomson SA until January 2010)... read more


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