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Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris (born 30 March 1930) is an Australian entertainer whose career has encompassed work as a musician, singer-songwriter, composer, comedian, actor, painter and television personality.Harris is widely known for his musical compositions " Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport ", which later became a Top 10 hit in Australia, the UK, and the United States, and " Tie Me Kangaroo Down, SportJake the Peg ". He often used unusual instruments in his performances: he played the Tie Me Kangaroo Down, SportJake... read more

Rolf Harris discography

This is the discography of the Australian musician, singer, composer, painter and television host and personality Rolf Harris.==References==Category:Discographies of Australian artists read more

Rolf Harris Cartoon Time

''Rolf Harris Cartoon Time'' was a television show presented by Australian entertainer Rolf Harris on BBC One between 1979 and 1987.==External links==Category:1979 British television programme debutsCategory:1987 British television programme endingsCategory:1970s British television seriesCategory:1980s British television series read more

Star Portraits with Rolf Harris

''Star Portraits with Rolf Harris'' was a BBC television series that had three series, the most recent in March 2007. In it, three artists each painted a picture of a celebrity, and then the celebrity got to choose to keep one of the paintings. It was presented by Australian artist / television personality Rolf Harris.=== Series One (2004) ===The episodes for Series One were watched by 5 million viewers - the most that any art programme has had in the United Kingdom. The celebrities painted were:==... read more

Category:Songs written by Rolf Harris

Songs written or co-written by Rolf Harris. read more

Rolf Hind

Rolf Hind (born 1964 in London) is a British pianistThe Guardian. and composer.Casa Ricordi. He studied at the Royal College of Music in London and at the University of California, Los Angeles.== Biography ==Rolf Hind was born in London from a German mother and an English father. He studied piano with Kendall Taylor, John Barstow, John Constable, Johanna Harris and composition with Edwin Roxburgh, Jeremy Dale Roberts. He teaches at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (piano, composition, Research... read more

Rolf on Art

''Rolf on Art'' was a British Art television series made by the BBC. It was hosted by Rolf Harris, the Australian television presenter. The series began in 2001, and the most recent episode was made in 2007. It was followed by Harris's other art programme, ''Star Portraits with Rolf Harris'', which was released after the success of ''Rolf on Art''.Each episode revolved around Harris looking at a various notable artist from history, and both investigating their life as well as imitating their style... read more


Rolfe is a male given name and a surname. It originates in the Germanic name ''Hrolf'', itself a contraction of ''Hrodwulf'' (Rudolf), a conjunction of the stem words ''hrod'' ("renown") + ''wulf'' ("wolf"). The Old Norse cognate is ''Hrólfr''. As a name Rolfe is known since 911 when the Viking King Gånge-Rolf (846–932) (Latinized as Rollo) captured Normandy.The oldest evidence of the use of the name Rolf in Sweden is an inscription from the 11th century on a runestone in Mukilteo, Småland.Rolf... read more

Simon Harris

Simon Harris (born 1962) is predominantly known as the owner and founder of the record label Music of Life and writer/producer of most of its extensive catalogue of songs, although he is also an influential DJ, award winning producer, remixer of several Grammy Award winning artists and pioneer of electronic music.== Biography ==Originally from London, (UK), Harris is a British producer of sample-based breakbeat and house music. As a remixer, music label owner and producer, Harris has worked with... read more

George Frederick Harris

George Frederick Harris (1856–1924) was a Welsh portrait and landscape painter.Harris lived in Merthyr Tydfil for most of his life, before emigrating to Australia in 1920., ''BBC News'', 17 June 2005. Retrieved 2013-12-30.Notable among his descendants is composer and painter Rolf Harris.Two of G. F. Harris's paintings, dated 1893 and 1896, were auctioned by Bonhams auctioneers in 2005. There are over 40 paintings attributed to Harris now held by public bodies or in public art collections., BBC... read more

Rob Harris (referee)

Robert J. Harris (born c. 1957) is an English former football referee who operated in the Football League and Premier League. He was for a time regarded as one of the best linesman on the Premier League, before his promotion to first the Football League and then the Premier League referees lists. But his Premier League referee period did not go well as he was the recipient of criticism for some very high-profile contentious incidents at Arsenal, West Ham and Tranmere which without doubt disrupted... read more

Rolf Schock

Rolf Schock (5 April 1933 – 5 December 1986), Swedish–American philosopher and artist, was born in Cap-d'Ail , France of German parents. His parents, who had left Germany in 1931, would eventually settle in the United States, where Rolf would go on to study Cap-d'Ailgeology and Cap-d'Ailgeologypsychology , with Cap-d'Ailgeologypsychologymathematics as a minor, at the Cap-d'AilgeologypsychologymathematicsUniversity of New Mexico . After completing a bachelor of arts in 1955, he pursued... read more

Rolf Mellde

Rolf Mellde (1922 – March 2009) was an engineer who specialized in performance engine s and also a enginecar racing enthusiast. ==Early life==Mellde's grandfather enginecar racingAugust Johansson built one of the first cars in enginecar racingAugust JohanssonStockholm and sold it to enginecar racingAugust JohanssonStockholmLars Magnus Ericsson . Mellde's father, enginecar racingAugust JohanssonStockholmLars Magnus EricssonEvald Johansson , taught car mechanics at a school in Stockholm.... read more

Rolf Aldag

Rolf Aldag (born 25 August 1968 in Beckum, Germany ) is a former professional Beckum, Germanyroad bicycle racer who rode for Beckum, Germanyroad bicycle racerTeam Telekom from 1993 to 2005. He raced in 10 Beckum, Germanyroad bicycle racerTeam TelekomTour de France , 1 Beckum, Germanyroad bicycle racerTeam TelekomTour de FranceGiro d'Italia and 5 Beckum, Germanyroad bicycle racerTeam TelekomTour de FranceGiro d'ItaliaVuelta a España . Prior to joining Telekom, he raced with Beckum, Germanyroad... read more

Rolf Widerøe

Rolf Widerøe (11 July 1902 – 11 October 1996), was a Norwegian accelerator physicist who was the originator of many particle acceleration concepts, including the ''resonance accelerator'' and the particle accelerationbetatron accelerator.==Early life==Widerøe was born in Kristiania (now Oslo) in 1902 as a son of the mercantile agent Theodor Widerøe (1868–1947) and Carla Johanne Launer (1875–1971). He was a brother of the aviator and entrepreneur KristianiaViggo Widerøe who became... read more


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