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Romper Stomper

''Romper Stomper'' is a 1992 Australian drama film written and directed by drama filmGeoffrey Wright . The film stars drama filmGeoffrey WrightRussell Crowe , drama filmGeoffrey WrightRussell CroweDaniel Pollock , drama filmGeoffrey WrightRussell CroweDaniel PollockJacqueline McKenzie and Tony Lee . The film tells the story of the exploits and downfall of a neo-Nazi group in blue-collar suburban blue-collarMelbourne . This was Daniel Pollock's last film appearance before his death on... read more

Romper Room

''Romper Room'' is an American children's television series that ran in the United States from 1953 to 1994 as well as being franchised internationally at various times in Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and Finland. The program targeted preschoolers, children five years of age or younger, and was created and produced by Bert and Nancy Claster of Claster Television.===Television franchises===''Romper Room'' was a rare case of a series being franchised and syndicated, so... read more

Romper suit

Baby's romper suit, c.1950s. Museum of Childhood (Edinburgh).A romper suit, or just romper, is a one-piece combination of shorts and a shirt worn both by children and adult women.==History==Rompers appeared in the United States of America in the early 1900s. They were popular as playwear for younger children because people thought they were ideal for movement. The Gazette Times Rompers were in many ways the first modern casual clothes for children. They were light and loose fitting, a major change... read more

Hay que romper la rutina

''Hay que romper la rutina'' is a 1974 Argentine film. read more

Kill 'Em All (Vakill album)

''Kill 'Em All'' is a compilation album by Vakill. The album contains tracks encompassing Vakill's rap career from 1990 to 2001.==Track listing==# "Hip Hop Romper Room (Freestyle, Pt. 1)"# "Hip Hop Romper Room (Freestyle, Pt. 2)" read more

Paulo Valentim (guitarist)

Paulo Valentim is a Portuguese fado guitarist and composer. "24 fev. 2011 – O guitarrista Paulo Valentim toca no dia 12 de março em Macau com a Orquestra Chinesa do território fados portugueses para os quais fez" His compositions include ''Romper Madrugadas'' recorded by Katia Guerreiro.Richard Elliott ''Fado and the Place of Longing: Loss, Memory and the City'' Page 37 2010 "59 'Romper Madrugadas', lyric by Paulo Valentim, music by Paulo Valentim & Joao Veiga, recorded by Katia Guerreiro, Nas... read more

Gogó Rojo

Gogó Rojo (née Gladys del Valle Rojo Castro, December 7, 1942 in Santiago del Estero, Argentina) is a former vedette, actress and dancer. She is the younger sister of the actress Ethel Rojo. She appeared in ''Maridos en Vacaciones'' and ''Hay Que Romper la Rutina'' with Alberto Olmedo.==External links==Category:People from Santiago del Estero Province read more

Daniel Pollock

Daniel John Pollock (24 August 1968 – 13 April 1992) was an Australian actor best known for his role as Davey in the 1992 Australian drama film ''Romper Stomper'', which featured Russell Crowe.==Personal life==Pollock is the son of John and Lucy Pollock.==Acting career==Pollock attended Swinburne Senior Community School in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn, Victoria in the mid eighties. He acted in films ''Nirvana Street Murder'' (1990), ''Death in Brunswick'' (1991) and ''Proof'' (1991).Pollock's... read more

Geoffrey Wright

Geoffrey Wright is an Australian film director, born in Melbourne in 1959 who gained cult success with the 1992 film ''Romper Stomper'', which starred Russell Crowe. In 1994, he directed the gritty suburban thriller film ''Metal Skin'', starring Ben Mendelsohn, and later directed the teen horror film ''Cherry Falls'', starring Brittany Murphy. In 2006, he adapted Shakespeare's ''Macbeth'' for film, starring Sam Worthington and Lachy Hulme. read more

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New Fabric Technology Remember "hypercolor" T shirts that would change color with the temperature? Thanks to new fabric technologies, this trick is now possible in a wider variety of textures than ever before. New York-based designer Angel Chang recently showed a pleated orange and yellow dress that blossoms to green when the thermometer rises. The black-ink design on her gossamer cotton romper fades to gray in sunlight. read more

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== Romper Room ==I see in the article about Romper Room that Miss Nancy was the the lady in the San Francisco part. It stays 1953 to 1969. Romper Room lasted longer than that. I was on the show in 1970 and my brother in 1971. Both were filmed at KTVU studios in Oakland, Jack London Square CA. The Hostess was Miss Mary Ann. Why does the article not mention Miss Mary Ann? — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 06:40, 31 March 2012 (UTC) == Cash Transactions vs Credit/Debit... read more

Claster Television

Claster Television, Inc. was a The New York TimesBaltimore, Maryland –based television distributor founded in 1953 by Bert and Nancy Claster as Romper Room Inc. It was originally a producer of the children's show '' The New York TimesBaltimore, MarylandRomper Room ''. ''Romper Room'' was one of the first The New York TimesBaltimore, MarylandRomper Roompre-school children's programs, predating '' The New York TimesBaltimore, MarylandRomper Roompre-schoolMister Rogers' Neighborhood '', '' The... read more

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...that Lamb Chop ''(pictured)'' is a fictional sheep that was created by comedian and ventriloquist Shari Lewis and first appeared on the children's television show ''Captain Kangaroo'' in 1957?...that the US children's television series ''Romper Room'' aired for over forty years?...that Yucca Mountain Johnny is a cartoon character created to explain nuclear waste disposal to children, and has attracted controversy, being compared to Joe Camel?== Source ==#Wikipedia:Recent additions 43, Numbered... read more

Ismael Silva

Milton de Oliveira Ismael Silva (September 14, 1905 - March 14, 1978), known as Ismael Silva, was a Brazilian samba musician of African descent. In 1925 he had his first recorded his samba. His best-known compositions were ''Me faz carinhos'', ''Se você jurar'', ''Antonico'', ''Para me livrar do mal'', ''Novo amor'', ''Ao romper da aurora'', ''Tristezas não pagam dívidas'', ''Me diga o teu nome'', among others.Imprisoned at one point for five years, but getting out after two for good behaviour,... read more

Betty Thompson

Betty Thompson (1934-1994) was a Canadian television presenter who spent most of her career at CKCO-TV in Kitchener, Ontario. She was seen throughout Canada as host of CTV's version of ''Romper Room'', a children's programme produced at CKCO's studios.She was born in Walkerton, Ontario, raised in Peterborough, Ontario and studied broadcasting at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. She was married twice and had three daughters, Susan, Patricia and Judith.The annual Betty Thompson Golf Classic began... read more


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