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.ru is the Latin alphabet Internet Internetcountry code Internetcountry codetop-level domain ( Internetcountry codetop-level domainccTLD ) for the Internetcountry codetop-level domainccTLDRussian Federation introduced on April 7, 1994. The Internetcountry codetop-level domainccTLDRussian FederationRussian alphabet Internetcountry codetop-level domainccTLDRussian FederationRussian alphabetinternationalized country code is Internetcountry codetop-level domainccTLDRussian FederationRussian... read more


== Educational institutions ==RU may stand for the following universities:==See also== ''Ru'' (novel)Rack unitRugby unionRutheniumAirBridge CargoRecognized Component MarkRama UniversityRadboud University NijmegenRadford UniversityRajshahi UniversityRamkhamhaeng UniversityRegis UniversityReykjavík UniversityRhodes UniversityRockefeller UniversityRockhurst UniversityRoosevelt UniversityRowan UniversityRuse UniversityRutgers UniversityRyerson UniversityRewe (disambiguation)Rew (disambiguation)Roo (disambiguation)Rue... read more

Ru Ba Ru

''Ru Ba Ru'' is a 2008 Indian drama film directed by the debutant director Arjun Bali. Filmed in Hindi, the film revolves around the relationship between a live-in couple caught amidst their busy professional careers. The film stars actors Randeep Hooda and a relative newcomer Shahana Goswami in the leading role. Rati Agnihotri, Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Jayant Kriplani play the supporting roles. This movie is an adaptation of Junger's film ''If Only'' (2004).==Plot==Tara (Shahana Goswami), an aspiring... read more

Ru Sang

Ru Sang (, also Romanized as Rū Sang; also known as Kalāteh-ye Rū Sang and Rui Sang) is a village in Jazin Rural District, in the Central District of Bajestan County, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 15, in 5 families. == References ==Category:Populated places in Bajestan County read more


RU-58642 is a non-steroidal antiandrogen with very high affinity and selectivity for the androgen receptor (AR), which made it among the most potent and efficacious antiandrogens known at the time of its discovery. It was investigated for topical application for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (male-pattern baldness), but development did not proceed past initial trial stages, and it is now only used for scientific research into the AR. read more


RU-28306 is a tricyclic tryptamine derivative which acts as a serotonin receptor agonist, with selectivity for 5-HT1 and 5-HT2 subtypes. It can be regarded either as a conformationally constrained derivative of DMT, or a structurally simplified analogue of LSD, but the binding affinity of racemic RU-28306 is closer to that of DMT, though with relatively higher affinity for 5-HT2 subtypes and lower for 5-HT1.Taylor EW, Nikam S, Weck B, Martin A, Nelson D. Relative selectivity of some conformationally... read more

Ri Ru

Ri Ru (, also Romanized as Rī Rū) is a village in Chamsangar Rural District, Papi District, Khorramabad County, Lorestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its existence was noted, but its population was not reported.== References ==Category:Populated places in Khorramabad County read more

Sun Ru

Sun Ru (孫儒) (died July 3, 892.''Zizhi Tongjian'', vol. 259.), formally the Prince of Le'an (樂安王), was a warlord late in the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty who initially served as a general under the pretender emperor Qin Zongquan. After Qin's defeat, he nominally submitted to Tang imperial authority and contended for control of the central-lower Yangtze River region with Yang Xingmi; he was eventually defeated by Yang and executed. His subordinate Ma Yin was the eventual founder of the... read more

Chen Ru

Chen Ru (陳儒) (d. 885) was a warlord late in the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, who ruled Jingnan Circuit (荊南, headquartered in modern Jingzhou, Hubei) from 882 to 885, most of that time as its military governor (''Jiedushi''). == Background ==It is not known when Chen Ru was born, but it is known that he was from Jingnan Circuit's capital Jiangling Municipality and that his ancestors had served for generations as army officers.''New Book of Tang'', vol. 186.As of 882, the military governor... read more

Ru (cuneiform)

Cuneiform ru, but also (''Epic of Gilgamesh''), šub, šup, and as sumerogram ŠUBHittite form of ru (used commonly in the Amarna letters).Amarna letter EA 364, Ayyab to Pharaoh. In Line 8, the final character (5th) is ru; the line translates as "SAHAR-(a sumerogram, (="Iš (cuneiform)", =dust) and ''a-pa-ru-(100x24px100x24px100x24px) ''" (Akkadian='eperu', "dust"): (Line 7.9)..."and... (line 8) dust and dust, (line 9) (at) 2 feet-yours."-(the Pharaoh) (high resolution, expandible photo)The cuneiform... read more

Ru (novel)

''Ru'' is a novel by Canadian novelist Kim Thúy, first published in French in 2009 by Montreal publisher Libre Expression. It was translated into English in 2012 by Sheila Fischman and published by Vintage Canada.==Plot Summary==The novel tells the tale of a woman, An Tinh Nguyen, born in Saigon in 1968 during the Tet Offensive who immigrates to Canada with her family as a child.The book flits between her childhood in Vietnam where she was born into a large and wealthy family, her time as a boat... read more

Ru Freeman

Ru Freeman (born 1967) is a Sri Lankan writer and journalist.==Life==She was born in Colombo.http://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/authors/profiles/article/55457-war-peace-ru-freeman.htmlShe studied at Murdoch University. She graduated from Bates College with a BA, and from the University of Colombo.https://www.awpwriter.org/community_calendar/user_view/22935/freeman_ruHer work has appeared in ''Huffington Post'',http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ru-freeman/13-bests-of-awp-2013_b_2861733.html ''Guernica,http://www.guernicamag.com/daily/ru-freeman-siege/... read more

Ru Long

Ru Long (; 1916 – July 1991) was a Chinese translator and professor.He was most notable for being one of the main translators into Chinese of the works of the Russian novelist Anton Chekhov.==Biography==Ru was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu in 1916, his father, who graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, working as an officer in Pingsui Railway Bureau.At the age of 6, Ru settled in Beijing with his family, he graduated from Beijing North China High School ().From 1938 to 1945, Ru taught at Jiangbei... read more

Ru Darya

Ru Darya (, also Romanized as Rū Daryā; also known as Rūd Daryā) is a village in Bakesh-e Yek Rural District, in the Central District of Mamasani County, Fars Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 134, in 30 families. == References ==Category:Populated places in Mamasani County read more


RU-58841 (also known as PSK-3841 or HMR-3841) is a non-steroidal antiandrogen which was previously investigated for use as a topical treatment for acne, androgenetic alopecia, and hirsutism. The compound is similar in structure to RU-58642 but contains a different side-chain. These compounds are similar in chemical structure to nilutamide, which is related to flutamide, bicalutamide, and enzalutamide. RU-58841 can be synthesized either by building the hydantoin moiety or by aryl coupling to 5,5-dimethylhydantoin read more


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