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Ágnes Keleti

Ágnes Keleti (born Ágnes Klein, 9 January 1921) is a Hungarian-Israeli retired artistic gymnast and coach. While representing Hungary in the Summer Olympics, she won 10 Olympic medals including five gold medals, and is considered to be one of the most successful Jewish Olympic athletes of all time. International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Jews in Sports She was the most successful athlete at the 1956 Summer Olympics. In 1957, Keleti immigrated to Israel, where she currently resides.==Career==Keleti... read more

Wikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkReports/belclimb.net

Reporting statistics of link belclimb.net; 1 records.# 13:42:44, Mon Mar 10, 2008 :nl:user:Urban_climber belclimb.net (41.66%/0%/0% - calculated overlap Urban climber belclimb.net) - :nl:IFSC - - COIBot UserReport - :nl:Special:Contributions/Urban_climber.Below a full report on all use of the link belclimb.net.This list is intended to see how the external link gets used, it does not imply that involved accounts are having a conflict of interest in adding the link, or that the involved accounts... read more

The Mechanics' Institute Review

''The Mechanics' Institute Review'' (also known by the abbreviation ''MIR'') is an annual literary anthology published by Birkbeck, University of London, as part of its MA Creative Writing course. The ''MIR'' Project Director is Julia Bell.== History ==The publication owes its name to the institution which publishes the title, Birkbeck, University of London. The first Mechanics' Institute in London was founded in 1823 by George Birkbeck. "Mechanics" then meant "skilled artisans", and the purpose... read more

István Sárkány

István Sárkány (; 5 August 1913 – 28 November 2009) was a Hungarian Olympic gymnast, Olympic judge, gymnastics coach and official. Sárkány represented Hungary at the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics at the age of 22. He participated in all men's gymnastic events with highs of 29th in the Rings and 31st in the Vault competitions. He placed 64th in the Men's All-around competition.http://www.sports-reference.com/olympics/athletes/sa/istvan-sarkany-1.htmlHis personal gymnastics career was impacted... read more

Dracula Reborn

''Dracula Reborn'' is a 2012 vampire-themed direct-to-video horror film, directed and written by Patrick McManus, making his feature film directorial debut. Produced by Ray Haboush, the film stars Corey Landis, Victoria Summer, Krash Miller, Stuart Rigby and Keith Reay. It is a modernized, loosely based take on Bram Stoker's Dracula novel, taking place in Los Angeles, California, where a wealthy Dracula looks to purchase an abandoned building and pursue the wife of his realtor, Jonathan Harker. ==Plot==In... read more

Magdi Youssef

Photograph of a bust portraying Magdi Youssef, sculpted by Mohamed A. Elhayawan, Professor of Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Art, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.Magdi Youssef (born 22 July 1936 ) is an Egyptian professor of comparative literature and culture studies. He has taught at various universities in Europe and Egypt until his retirement.Cf. Franca Sinopoli’s editorial note in her book “European Literature, seen by others” which mentions: “Magdi Youssef insegna Letteratura comparata... read more


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