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Brent Skoda

Brent Skoda (born 1985 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America) is an American businessman, the Entrepreneurs Organization's 2010 Global Student Entrepreneur award winner, founder of CollegeFitness.com and Chairman of Ahkeo Ventures.==Early life and education==Skoda began day trading stocks during his fourth year of elementary schooling during recess at Hawken School and by age fifteen he was designing and executing client acquisition strategies for Merrill Lynch’s Private Client Group.Skoda's... read more

Skoda (barquentine)

''Skoda'' was a barquentine built in Kingsport, Nova Scotia in 1893 by shipbuilder Ebenezer Cox.== Background ==''Skoda'', a barquentine weighing 658 tons, was built in Kingsport, Nova Scotia in 1893. She was built by Ebenezer Cox and marked the end of his thirty year shipbuilding career, and was also the last vessel built and launched in Kingsport during the shipbuilding era. Ebenezer Cox built ''Skoda'' for C. Rufus Burgess of Wolfville, Nova Scotia, who was the main purchaser of ships in the... read more

Anna Skoda

Anna Skoda was a Bohemian luger who competed in the early 1910s. She won a gold medal in the women's singles event at the European Championships of 1914 in Reichenberg, Bohemia (now Liberec, Czech Republic). read more

Henri Skoda

Henri Skoda (born 1945) is a French mathematician, specializing in the analysis of several complex variables.Skoda studied from 1964 at l'École normale supérieure and received there in 1967 his agrégation in mathematics. He received in 1972 his Ph.D. from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis under André Martineau (primary advisor) and Pierre Lelong (secondary advisor) with thesis ''Étude quantitative des sous-ensembles analytiques de Cn et des idéaux de functions holomorphes''. Skoda became... read more

Skoda K-series

The Škoda 149 mm K-series was a heavy howitzer design which served with howitzerGermany , howitzerGermanyTurkey , howitzerGermanyTurkeyRomania , howitzerGermanyTurkeyRomaniaSlovakia , and howitzerGermanyTurkeyRomaniaSlovakiaYugoslavia during howitzerGermanyTurkeyRomaniaSlovakiaYugoslaviaWorld War II .==Description==The K-series howitzers were modern designs for their time, with a powerful 149.1 mm calibre barrel mounted on a heavy field carriage designed for motorized transport.... read more

Skoda T-15

The T-15 was an experimental German-Czechoslovakian light tank developed by Škoda Works for the German armed forces from 1941 to 1943. The T-15 never entered mass production or combat, and only no more than five prototypes - including two in mild steel - were built.The T-15 weighed 11-13 tonnes, and was armed with a 37mm gun and MG34 machine gun. Interest in the development of the tank declined in 1942 as the Panzer II Ausf. L was more advanced, however Skoda continued the development project. read more

Eva Badura-Skoda

Eva Badura-Skoda (née Halfar) is a German/Austrian musicologist.Eva Badura-Skoda, "Badura-Skoda, Eva", ''Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart'', ''Personenteil'', vol. 1, ed. Ludwig Finscher, Kassel 1999, pp. 1610–1612.Eva Halfar studied at the Vienna Conservatory and took courses in musicology, philosophy, and art history at the universities of Heidelberg, Vienna (Erich Schenk), and Innsbruck (Ph.D., 1953, with the thesis ''Studien zur Geschichte des Musikunterrichtes in Österreich im 16., 17.... read more

The Skoda Prize

THE ŠKODA PRIZE, also known as ''THE ŠKODA PRIZE for Indian contemporary art'' was one of the prestigious contemporary art awards in the Indian art scene to recognize an Indian artist under 45 years of age. Announced on May 26, 2010, a total reward of Rs 1 million was awarded to artist Mithu Sen by internationally known artist Anish Kapoor after two rounds of long list and short list selection. Since 2011, the awards would also succeeded by a book publication titled " THE ŠKODA PRIZE twenty... read more

Skoda houfnice vz 14

''Skoda houfnice vz 14'' ("Howitzer model 1914") and ''Skoda houfnice vz 14/19'' ("Howitzer model 1914/1919") were 100 mm (3.93-inch) mountain howitzers made in Czechoslovakia by the Skoda works.==Skoda houfnice vz 14==Spanish nationalists' artillery on march, probably Obice da 100/17 modelo 14The ''Skoda houfnice vz 14'' was created in 1914. It was used by the Imperial Austro-Hungarian Army during World War One. Large numbers were acquired by Italy after the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.==Skoda... read more

Paul Badura-Skoda

Paul Badura-Skoda (born 6 October 1927, Vienna) is an Austrian pianist, prolific recording artist, scholar and keyboard instrument collector.==Career==A student of Edwin Fischer, Badura-Skoda first rose to prominence by winning first prize in the Austrian Music Competition in 1947. In 1949, he performed with distinguished conductors including Wilhelm Furtwängler and Herbert Karajan; over his long career, he has recorded with conductors including Hans Knappertsbusch, Hermann Scherchen, and Georg... read more

Skoda–El Mir theorem

The Skoda–El Mir theorem is a theorem of complex geometry, Theorem (Skoda,H. Skoda. ''Prolongement des courants positifs fermes de masse finie'', Invent. Math., 66 (1982), 361–376. El Mir,H. El Mir. ''Sur le prolongement des courants positifs fermes'', Acta Math., 153 (1984), 1–45. Sibony N. Sibony, ''Quelques problemes de prolongement de courants en analyse complexe,'' Duke Math. J., 52 (1985), 157–197). Let ''X'' be a complex manifold, and ''E'' a closed complete pluripolar set in ''X''.... read more

Skoda Model 1928 Gun

The Skoda Model 1928 Gun was a Czechoslovak long-range, dual-purpose cannon designed for the attack of static fortifications and coastal defence duties. About 20 were bought by Yugoslavia and possibly more by Romania, although this latter has not been confirmed from Romanian sources. Guns captured by Nazi Germany after the Invasion of Yugoslavia were used by the Heer as the 15 cm Kanone 403(j). It was tested by the Czechs as the 15 cm kanon NOa, but was not purchased.The gun was mounted... read more

1997 Skoda Czech Open

The 1997 Skoda Czech Open was a women's tennis tournament played on outdoor clay courts at the I. Czech Lawn Tennis Club in Prague in the Czech Republic that was part of Tier IV of the 1997 WTA Tour. It was the sixth edition of the tournament and was held from July 14 through July 20, 1997.===Women's Singles=== Joannette Kruger defeated Marion Maruska 6–1, 6–1===Women's Doubles=== Ruxandra Dragomir / Karina Habšudová defeated Eva Martincová / Helena Vildová 6–1, 5–7, 6–2 read more

1996 Skoda Czech Open

The 1996 Skoda Czech Open was a men's tennis tournament played on outdoor clay courts at the I. Czech Lawn Tennis Club in Prague, Czech Republic and was part of the World Series of the 1996 ATP Tour. It was the tenth edition of the tournament and ran from April 29 through May 5, 1996.===Singles=== Yevgeny Kafelnikov defeated Bohdan Ulihrach 7–5, 1–6, 6–3===Doubles=== Yevgeny Kafelnikov / Daniel Vacek defeated Luis Lobo / Javier Sánchez 6–3, 6–7, 6–3 read more

1998 Skoda Czech Open

The 1998 Skoda Czech Open was a tennis tournament played on outdoor clay courts at the I. Czech Lawn Tennis Club in Prague in the Czech Republic that was part of Tier IV of the 1998 WTA Tour. The tournament was held from July 6 through July 12, 1998.===Women's Singles=== Jana Novotná defeated Sandrine Testud 6–3, 6–0===Women's Doubles=== Silvia Farina / Karina Habšudová defeated Květa Hrdličková / Michaela Paštiková 2–6, 6–1, 6–1 read more


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