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Tap Tap

''Tap Tap'' was a series of rhythm games by Tapulous available for the iOS of which several versions, both purchasable and free, have been produced. The goal of the game is to tap each of the colored balls when they reach a line at the bottom of the screen. If the ball is hit on the beat, the player gains points, but if not, it counts as a miss. If a player taps the screen without a tapper on the beat, the streak will go back to 0 and a few points will be lost except for 16x. There were also "shakes",... read more

Voi Voi

"Voi Voi" (: "Hey Hey", : "Hei hei", a supposed Sami expression) was the Norwegian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1960, performed in Norwegian by Nora Brockstedt. This was Norway's debut at the Eurovision Song Contest, and consequently the first occasion on which the Norwegian language was used at the Contest. The title being in Sami was also the first use of the language in the Contest, the next entry being Sámiid Ædnan in 1980.The song is in the ''chanson'' style popular in the early years... read more

Ching chong

Ching chong and ching chang chong are pejorative terms sometimes employed by speakers of English to mock or play on the EnglishChinese language , people of Chinese ancestry , or other Chinese ancestryEast Asians perceived to be Chinese. Several public commentators have characterized the term as derogatory while noting that assaults or physical intimidation of East Asians are often accompanied by racial slurs or imitation Chinese.==Historical usage==The term "ching chong" is based on how ... read more

Linda Chung

Linda Chung Ka-yan () (born 9 April 1984) is a Canadian actress and singer. She is currently active in Hong Kong and signed with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) after winning the 2004 Miss Chinese International. She has starred in several popular TV series, notably ''Forensic Heroes'', ''Heart of Greed'', ''Moonlight Resonance'', ''A Journey Called Life'', ''The Gem of Life'', ''Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!'', ''Legend of the Demigods'', ''Ghost Writer'', ''Witness Insecurity, ''Brother's Keeper'',... read more

Suh Chong Kang

GGM Suh Chong Kang was born in Shineuju North Korea to a wealthy lumber and steel baron Young Joon Kang, on September 25th 1929. His father,Young Joon Kang was the richest man in Northern part of Korea and was nicknamed "Lumber King". He owned vast amount of lumber land and factories, which bordered North Korea and China, where he supplied lumber and paper products to most of China, Korea and Japan. In South Korea, he owned lumber and pulp factories and steel mill. the company was named "Sahm... read more

Tap 011

Tap 011 was a popular Serbian pop group, active in the period 1994-2002 and in 2011. Tap 011 predecessor was a rap group ''Tapiri'' consisting of Milan Bojanic, Djordje Pajovic - Djole, Petar Stupar-Pera and some temporary members. However in 1994 they decided to change things. Two new singers came, Ivana Pavlovic and Goca Tržan, and their musical genre changed. They also started working with manager Gane Pecikoza who remained their manager ever since. The group became known by the shortened word... read more

TAP Portugal

TAP Portugal is the flag carrier airline of Portugal headquartered at Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport which also serves as its hub. TAP is a member of the Star Alliance and operates almost 2,000 flights a week to 88 destinations in 38 countries worldwide. The company has a fleet of 88 airplanes, 63 of which manufactured by Airbus and 25 other are operated for TAP Portugal Express.In June 2015 the company was semi-privatised and became majority-owned by the Atlantic Gateway Consortium, led by David... read more

Vince Chong

Vincent Chong Ying-Cern (, born 30 September 1979) is a Malaysian Chinese, internationally known by his stage name Vince , is the first reality TV star to issue from Malaysian Akademi Fantasia. Chong is popular as a R&B-inclined singer-songwriter. His popularity increased internationally after he teamed up with Nikki Gil and Alicia Pan to record the theme from High School Musical, Breaking Free (Asian Version).== Family, education and early career ==Chong was born in 1979. His father was Chong Chen... read more

Chung Do Kwan

Chung Do Kwan, created by Won Kuk Lee in 1944, is one of the first of nine schools or ''kwan'' teaching what came to be known as taekwondo. This style of Tae Kwon Do is known for its overall power and emphasis on kicks to the head.==Founding==The Chung Do Kwan (; "Blue Wave School") name was first used by Won Kuk Lee. Lee had studied Taekkyon in An Gup Dong (a neighborhood in Seoul), karate with Sensei Gichin Funakoshi in Okinawa, and kung fu at centers in Henan and Shanghai in China. Lee earned... read more

Chung Keng Quee

"It is for the reader, in the light of subsequent events, to judge how far the Councillors were right or wrong, and to see for himself who really did the pioneer work of building up the prosperity of Perak. In the published accounts of British rule in Malaya, sufficient prominence has not always been given to the efforts of these early pioneers; the reaper, intent on his own work, is apt to forget the man who sowed. These Council Minutes are the record of the work of the sowers. A study of that record... read more

Clara Chung

Clara Chung, known by her stage name Clara C, (born October 31, 1987) is an American singer and songwriter.Chung is a YouTube artist who rose to fame when she won numerous talent competitions in a row including Los Angeles’ Kollaboration 10, KAC Media Juice Night, and ISA 2009.== Early life and education ==Chung was born in New York on October 31, 1987 to South Korean-born parents who currently reside in Northridge, California.Chung graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor... read more

Jade Chung

Jade Chung (born November 6, 1984) is a Canadian professional wrestler, manager and model.Chung has appeared with professional wrestling promotions such as Border City Wrestling, IWA Mid-South, Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Wrestlers she has managed include Frankie Kazarian, Jimmy Rave, Nate Mattson, Conrad Kennedy III, A-1, Scorpio Sky, Mr. Hughes and Shane Douglas.==Modeling career==Born in Guelph, Ontario of Chinese Vietnamese descent, Chung started modeling at the age of 12 as a... read more

19 (song)

"19" is a song by British musician Paul Hardcastle released as the first single from his self-titled third studio album ''Paul Hardcastle'' (1985).The song has a strong anti-war message, focusing on America's involvement in the Vietnam War and the effect it had on the soldiers who served. The track was notable for early use of sampled and processed speech, in particular a synthesized stutter effect used on the words 'nineteen' and 'destruction'. It also includes various non-speech, re-dubbed sampling,... read more

Chong Chieng Jen

Chong Chieng Jen, (; born 12 February 1971), is a Malaysian lawyer and politician from the Democratic Action Party (DAP). He owns a legal firm named Chong Brothers Advocates. He is currently the member of Malaysian Parliament for Bandar Kuching seat and the member of the Sarawak State Assembly for Kota Sentosa. He is also the Vice-Chairman of DAP Malaysia, the Chairman of DAP Sarawak, DAP Socialist Advisor of Youth Sarawak & Kuching, DAP Kuching Branch chairman and Life member of DAP since 1998.==Personal... read more

19 You + Me

"19 You + Me" is a debut song by American country music duo Dan + Shay. It was released in October 2013 as the first single from their debut album for Warner Bros. Records. The album, ''Where It All Began'', was released on April 1, 2014. The song was written by Dan + Shay and Danny Orton. It received 59 adds in its first week at country radio, becoming the most added debut single of 2013.==Critical reception==The song received a positive review from ''Taste of Country'' which praised the "warm details"... read more


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