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Stasiun Peluncuran Roket

Stasiun Peluncuran Roket or Staspro (literally "Rocket Launching Station") is a rocket launch site managed by the Indonesian National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN). It is located at Pameungpeuk Beach in the Garut Regency on West Java near Cilautereun and has been active since 1965 to perform engine tests and launch sounding rockets.The facility was built from 1963 through cooperation between Indonesia and Japan, as the station was designed by Hideo Itokawa with the aim to support high-atmospheric... read more

Klender railway station

Klender Railway Station (KLD) is a railway station in Jatinegara Kaum, Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta, Indonesia. This railway station is on the railway line of Bekasi path, the branch line KA Commuter Jabodetabek. read more

Cicalengka railway station

Cicalengka Station (''Stasiun Cicalengka'') is a railway station at Cicalengka, Bandung, Java, Indonesia. read more


The MetroMini minibus system is major part of the public transport system of Jakarta. There were reportedly over 3,000 buses in the MetroMini fleet in mid-2012. The buses are similar to the parallel Kopaja system which also provides transport services, on different routes, across Jakarta. The distinctive MetroMini buses are orange and blue with a white stripe running along the length of the bus. Buses provide seating for around 20-30 people with, often, an equal number crammed into limited standing... read more

Padang railway station

Padang Station is a train station Padang, located Jl. Stasiun No. 1.==Services==Railway services that utilise this station :Category:Buildings and structures in Padang read more

1989 Kedah Madrasah fire

The 1989 Kedah Madrasah fire took place on 22 September 1989 when the girls' hostel, or Madrasah, at Madrasah Taufiqiah Al-Khairiah or "Pondok Pak Ya" in Guar Chempedak, Kedah, Malaysia was destroyed by fire. About 27 of the students including school girls were killed. Their bodies were buried in a special Muslim cemetery in Padang Lumat known as ''"27 Syuhada Peristiwa Kebakaran Pondok Pak Ya"'' (27 Martyr of the Pondok Pak Ya Fire).https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=DggPAAAAIBAJ&sjid=B4QDAAAAIBAJ&pg=5709,2992582&dq=kedah+madrasah+fire> read more

East Jakarta

East Jakarta () is a city within Jakarta Special District, Indonesia. It had a population of 2,687,027 at the 2010, making it the most populous of the five cities within Jakarta. East Jakarta is bounded by North Jakarta to the north, Bekasi to the east, Depok to the south, and South Jakarta and Central Jakarta to the west.The governor's office is located in the Administrative Village (Kelurahan) of Jatinegara, in the Jatinegara Subdistrict.==Subdistricts==East Jakarta is divided into 10 subdistricts:==Economy==Aviastar... read more

Depok railway station

Depok Station (DP) is a train station located in the city of Depok in West Java. This station commonly known as Old Depok Station ( Stasiun Depok Lama). The station is one of the oldest station in Jabodetabek area. Nearby the station is Depok train depot. read more

Karawang railway station

Karawang Station (''Stasiun Karawang'') is a railway station in Karawang, West Java, Indonesia, just east of Jakarta. It is on the Trans-Java Pantura railway line, as well as the Karawang–Jakarta commuter line, which is nothing more than a section of the main line which sees more frequent runs and is undergoing track expansion. read more

Semarang Tawang railway station

Tawang Station is the biggest train station in Semarang, the capital city of Central Java, Indonesia. The station is the oldest major railway station in Indonesia after Semarang Gudang Station and opened on July 19, 1868 for track Semarang Tawang to Tanggung.http://forum.kompas.com/teras/71000-10-stasiun-kereta-api-tertua-di-indonesia.html Economic class trains do not stop at this station, but stop at Semarang Poncol Station. Because of the rapid development of the Semarang City and the improper... read more

Cirebon railway station

Cirebon Station (Indonesian: ''Stasiun Cirebon'', Station Code: CN) also known as Cirebon Kejaksan Station is the main station in the Cirebon area located on Siliwangi Street, Kebonbaru, Kejaksan, Cirebon. Situs resmi PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) The station is located at DAOP 3 area as North Cross Line, but in this station there is also cross line in Purwokerto Station which is connected by South Cross Line in Kroya Station. Therefore, most of the trains both north and south lines stopped... read more

SMP Negeri 1 Cilegon

Sekolah Menengah Pertama Negeri 1 Cilegon (''English: State Junior High School 1 Cilegon'') or nicknamed SMPN 1 Cilegon is a public junior high school situated in Jalan Cut Nyak Dien No.34 Cilegon, Banten, Indonesia.== History ==Firstly, this school opened in January 1958 in Pegantungan, Cilegon, was originally remote classes from the SMP Negeri Serang.Then in the 70's, the school relocated to Jalan Stasiun (Jalan Cut Nyak Dien) with the name of SMP Cilegon, which at the time was a former prison... read more

Blitar railway station

Blitar Station in the 1920s. The telegraph office on the left is still there, but it is now used as a post office.Blitar Station is a railway station in Blitar, East Java, Indonesia. It was opened in 1882 by the Dutch East Indies government, making it one of the oldest railway station in East Java."Blitar: Stasiun Antik Berumur 130 Tahun". ''Majalah KA''. June 2007. There are locomotive depot (still used) and ex-turntable at this station.==Destination==The railway services that stopped at this station:==References==Category:Buildings... read more

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Bandung railway station

South entrance of Bandung station ca.1930Bandung Station (''Stasiun Bandung'') or Hall Station (''Stasiun Hall'') is the largest train station in Bandung and perhaps in the West Java province, this is where located the "Operation Area 2" (Daop 2) which surrounding the area of Bandung and Priangan.==Location==The station is located at ''Kebon Kawung'' Street on the central Bandung, the old station building was located at ''Stasiun Timur'' street on the southern part of the railroad, later and currently... read more


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