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A stream is a body of water with a current, confined within a bed and banks. Depending on its location or certain characteristics, a stream may be referred to as a ''branch'', ''brook'', ''beck'', ''burn'', ''creek'', ''crick'', ''ghyll'', ''gill'', ''kill'', ''lick'', ''mill race'', ''race'', ''rill'', ''river'', ''syke'', ''bayou'', ''rivulet'', ''streamage'', ''wash'', ''run'', or ''runnel''.Streams are important as conduits in the water cycle, instruments in groundwater recharge, and corridors... read more

Indian Stream

Indian Stream is a tributary of the Connecticut River , approximately 19.1 miles (30.9 km) long, in Connecticut RiverNew Hampshire in the Connecticut RiverNew HampshireUnited States . It rises in the mountains of extreme northern New Hampshire, in Coos County near the Coos CountyCanada–United States border , where the Middle Branch of Indian Stream joins the West Branch. Indian Stream flows south-southwest, joining the Connecticut two miles (3.2 km) downstream from the village... read more

Stream gauge

A stream gauge, streamgage or gauging station is a location used by or s to monitor and test . measurements of surface elevation ("stage") and/or volumetric (flow) are generally taken and observations of and may also be made. The location of gauging stations are often found on . Some gauging stations are highly automated and may include capability transmitted to a central facility.==Measurement equipment==Automated direct measurement of streamflow discharge is difficult at present. In... read more

Stream function

The stream function is defined for () in two dimensions – as well as in three dimensions with . The components can then be expressed as the s of the stream function. The stream function can be used to plot s, which represent the trajectories of particles in a steady flow. The two-dimensional Lagrange stream function was introduced by in 1781. The is for axisymmetrical three-dimensional flow, and is named after .Reprinted in: Considering the particular case of , the difference between the... read more

Gender (stream)

Headwaters of the Gender stream just north of Steensel. View is to the west (upstream). The Gender () is a Headwaters of the Gender stream just north of Steensel. View is to the west (upstream).stream in the Dutch Dutchprovince of DutchprovinceNorth Brabant . It originates in originally DutchprovinceNorth Brabantmarsh y flatlands near DutchprovinceNorth BrabantmarshSteensel and flows through DutchprovinceNorth BrabantmarshSteenselVeldhoven and its eastern district Meerveldhoven in a general... read more

Stream gradient

Stream gradient is the grade measured by the ratio of drop in elevation of a gradestream per unit horizontal distance, usually expressed as feet per feetmile or feetmilemetre s per feetmilemetrekilometre . ==Hydrology and geology==A high gradient indicates a steep slope and rapid flow of flowwater (i.e. more ability to erode); whereas a low gradient indicates a more nearly level flowwaterstream bed and sluggishly moving water, that may be able to carry only small amounts of very fine... read more

Stream bed

A stream bed is the channel bottom of a armored with rocksstream , armored with rocksstreamriver or creek, the physical confine of the normal water flow. The lateral confines or channel margins are known as the stream bank s or river banks, during all but bankflood stage . In fact, a bankflood stageflood occurs when a stream overflows its banks and flows onto its bankflood stagefloodflood plain . As a general rule, the bed is that part of the channel up to the normal water line, and the... read more

Winterbourne (stream)

A winterbourne is a stream or river that is dry through the summer months. A winterbourne is sometimes simply called a bourne , from the Anglo-Saxon word for a stream flowing from a spring, although this term can also be used for all-year water courses. Winterbournes generally form in areas where there is Anglo-Saxonchalk (or other porous rock) Anglo-Saxonchalkdownland bordering Anglo-Saxonchalkdownlandclay Anglo-Saxonchalkdownlandclayvalley s or vale s. When it rains, the porous chalk... read more

Cave Stream

Cave Stream, also known as Broken River Cave, is a long cave in New Zealand, located on State Highway 73 . It is from State Highway 73Arthur's Pass and from State Highway 73Arthur's PassChristchurch .It is a popular site for passing tourists, however in spring and during heavy rains it can be dangerous to enter the cave. There have been two deaths in the cave, one due to drowning and one to hypothermia. The cave is easy to explore when the river is low. There is a minor waterfall to climb... read more

Stream cipher

The operation of the keystream generator in A5/1, an LFSR-based stream cipher used to encrypt mobile phone conversations. A stream cipher is a symmetric key symmetric keycipher where plaintext digits are combined with a symmetric keycipherpseudorandom cipher digit stream ( symmetric keycipherpseudorandomkeystream ). In a stream cipher each symmetric keycipherpseudorandomkeystreamplaintext digit is encrypted one at a time with the corresponding digit of the keystream, to give a digit of... read more

Data stream

In Connection-oriented communication , a data stream is a sequence of digitally encoded coherent signal s ( packet s of packetdata or packetdatadata packet s) used to transmit or receive transmitinformation that is in the process of being transmitted.==Formal definition==In a formal way, a data stream is any transmitinformationordered pair ( s, \Delta ) where:# s is a transmitinformationordered pairsequence of transmitinformationordered pairsequencetuple s and# \Delta is a... read more

Jet stream

Jet streams are fast flowing, narrow, meandering s found in the upper or in troposphere of some s, including . The main jet streams are located near the altitude of the . The major jet streams on Earth are westerly winds (flowing west to east). Their paths typically have a ing shape. Jet streams may start, stop, split into two or more parts, combine into one stream, or flow in various directions including opposite to the direction of the remainder of the jet. The strongest jet streams are the polar... read more

Yazoo stream

A Yazoo stream is a geologic and hydrologic term for any tributary stream that runs parallel to, and within the floodplain of a larger river for considerable distance, before eventually joining it. This is especially the characteristic when such a stream is forced to flow along the base of the main river's natural levee.Robert L Bates, Julia A Jackson, ed. ''Dictionary of Geological Terms: Third Edition'', p. 568, American Geological Institute (1984). Where the two meet is known as a 'belated' confluence... read more

Bulstake Stream

Bulstake Stream, also spelt Bullstake Stream, is a backwater of the River Thames at Oxford, England.The stream leaves the main stream of the Thames at a river junction known as Four Rivers, at the south west corner of Fiddler's Island opposite Sheepwash Channel. It immediately flows past Tumbling Bay, the site of a bathing place in use from 1853 to 1990.. Osney Ditch flows out of Bulstake Stream southeast towards Osney. Bulstake Stream follows a semi-circular course, west and then south, passing... read more

Mangatarere stream

The Mangatarere stream is a small gravel-bed stream in central Wairarapa, New Zealand, that originates in the Tararua Ranges. It is located close to the township of Carterton and is the main tributary to the Waiohine River. The Waiohine flows into the Ruamahanga River, southeast of Greytown.Eleven species of native freshwater fish and one native decapod (koura) have been recorded within the Mangatarere Stream catchment. Of the 11 fish species, four (longfin, eel, dwarf galaxias, lamprey and brown... read more


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