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Sven Å. Christianson

Sven Åke Christianson (born June 18, 1954) is a Swedish professor of psychology. He is also a psychologist and writer. His research primarily concerns the function of human memory, crime and mental trauma and interview methods.==Career==Periodically, he has also worked outside the universities to implement knowledge about memory and interview techniques. Examples of such institutions are the Swedish Police Authority in Stockholm County, the forensic region clinic in Sundsvall and for Correctional... read more


Å (lower case: å) represents various (although often very similar) s in several languages. It is considered a separate letter in the , and alphabets. Additionally, it is part of the s used for the and the - s of .Though Å is derived from an with a , it is considered a separate . It developed as a form of semi- of an ''A'' with a smaller ''o'' above it to denote a and darker A, similar to how the that distinguishes Ä from A, and Ö/Ø from O, developed from a small ''e'' written above the... read more


Christianson is a patronymic surname and an anglicized form of the Danish/Norwegian Christiansen.Christianson, as a person, may refer to: read more

Å, Sweden

Å is a small village and a parish in Norrköping Municipality , Norrköping MunicipalityÖstergötland County , Norrköping MunicipalityÖstergötland CountySweden . It has a population of about 200.There are also at least 12 other places in Sweden called Norrköping MunicipalityÖstergötland CountySwedenÅ , most of them only a Norrköping MunicipalityÖstergötland CountySwedenÅfarm or a few houses. Å is pronounced "Aw", or phonetically .Å, which means '' Norrköping MunicipalityÖstergötland... read more

Uggerby Å

Uggerby Å (''Uggerby River'') - a river in northern Denmark (the chief river in Vendsyssel).Uggerby Å rises in Sterup (south of Hjørring) and empties into Skagerrak. read more

Å (disambiguation)

Å (historically ''Aa'') is a letter used in several Scandinavian , High German , and Finno-Permic languages.==Places==Å () means ''stream'' or ''river'' in Scandinavian languages. A number of places have been named Å: read more

Å, Moskenes

Å (, from ''å'' meaning "stream") is a village in the municipality of Moskenes in Nordland county, Norway. It is located towards the southern end of the Lofoten archipelago. It is connected to the rest of the archipelago by the European route E10 highway. This part of the highway is also called King Olav's Road. The frequently stolen road sign approaching the village of ÅUntil the 1990s, Å was mainly a small fishing village specializing in stockfish, but since then tourism has taken over... read more

Å, Meldal

Å is a village in the municipality of Meldal in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. It is the southernmost of the four urban areas in the municipality: Meldal, Løkken Verk, Storås, and Å. It lies along the Orkla River, about north of the border with the municipality of Rennebu.Å, has the postal address 7335 Jerpstad, to distinguish it from other places named Å. Agriculture is one of the village's most important industries. A person named Jo Aa, who died in the 1990s, lived in the village of Å,... read more

Å, Andøy

Å is a village in the municipality of Andøy in Nordland county, Norway. It is located on the east coast of the island of Andøya along the Andfjorden. The village of Dverberg lies about to the north and the village of Åse lies about to the south. Its sign is often replaced due to people stealing it for novelty purposes.==Name==The village (originally a farm) was first mentioned in 1567 ("Aa"). The name is from Old Norse ''á'', which means "(small) river".==References==Category:Populated places... read more

Å, Ibestad

Å is a village in the municipality of Ibestad in Troms county, Norway. It is located about east of the city of Harstad on the southwest side of the island of Andørja, along the Bygda strait which goes between the Vågsfjorden and the Astafjorden. The village of Å and the neighboring villages of Laupstad and Ånstad altogether have a total population (2001) of 205 residents.The village is about north of Sørvika where the undersea Ibestad Tunnel connects Andørja island to Rolla island, where... read more

Å, Åfjord

Å is a village in the municipality of Åfjord in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway. The village is also called Årnes or Å i Åfjord or just Åfjord. It is the administrative center of the municipality. The village is located at the end of the Åfjorden, west of the village of By. The lake Stordalsvatnet lies just east of the village. The village has a population of 1,162. Åfjord church is located in Å, just west of the Nordalselva river.==Name==The village is named after the old ''Aa''... read more

Å, Lavangen

Å is a village in the municipality of Lavangen in Troms county, Norway. The village is located along the northern shore of the Lavangen about north of the administrative centre of Tennevoll and about east of the city of Harstad.The population (2001) of the village was 79. The southern part of the village area is called ''Soløy'', and that is the location of Lavangen Church.==The name==The village (originally a farm) was first mentioned in 1610 ("Aa"). The name is from Old Norse ''á'', which... read more

Å, Tranøy

Å is a village in the municipality of Tranøy in Troms county, Norway. The village is home to 132 residents (2001). The village is about across the Vågsfjorden from the city of Harstad. There is a daycare in Å, but for school, church, and stores are located to the east in the neighboring village of Stonglandseidet.The village of Å is located on the southern part of the island of Senja. The village is located near the Åvatnet lake and is in the Ådalen valley. A small river flows from... read more

Usserød Å

Usserød Å, the principal drainage of Sjælsø Lake. is a stream in North Zealand to the north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is approximately 9 kilometres long, drops 18 metres and is joined by Donse Å before itself flowing into Nive Å on its way to the Øresund at Nivå. It passes through the protected Usserød Ådal and the town of Hørsholm. Several watermills and early industrial sites are located along its course, the largest being Usserød Textile Mill.==Course==The point where Usserød Å... read more

Esrum Å

Esrum Å is the principal drainage of Lake Esrum, Denmark's second largest lake, located in Gribskov Municipality, some 50 km north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The 10-km-long stream extends from the northwestern part of the lake and flows past Esrum Watermill and Esrum Abbey on its way to The Kattegat at Dronningmølle. Esrum Canal (Danish: Esrum Kanal) was built in about 1800 to facilitate the transportation of firewood from Gribskov to Copenhagen and remained in use until the 1870s but has now... read more


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