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Daina Schweiz

Daina Schweiz (née Mallenberga in 1939, ) is a retired Latvian rower who was most successful in the double sculls. In this event she won five European medals between 1963 and 1967, three gold medals with Maya Kaufmane (1963–1965) and one gold and one bronze with Tatyana Gomolko. Schweiz was a member of the International Rowing Federation. read more

Mecklenburgische Schweiz

Mecklenburgische Schweiz is an ''Amt'' in the district of Rostock, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. The seat of the ''Amt'' is in Teterow, itself not part of the ''Amt''.The ''Amt'' Mecklenburgische Schweiz consists of the following municipalities:Category:Ämter in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern read more

Schweiz aktuell

''Schweiz aktuell'' (literally "Switzerland today") is the title of a current affairs show on German-speaking Swiss public channel SRF 1. Started in 1981 as ''DRS aktuell'', ''Schweiz aktuell'' is since 1991 broadcast from 19:00 to 19:25 from Monday to Friday on SRF 1 and repeated on SRF info.== Background and contents ==''Schweiz aktuell'' reports ''daily and up to date'' on the major cantonal, regional and local issues and events, covering all parts of the country and ''showing Switzerland in all... read more

Nobina Sverige

Nobina Sverige AB, former Swebus AB, is the largest bus operator in bus operatorSweden , with 5,277 employees, 2,241 bus operatorSwedenbus es and net sales of 5,138 million SEK . It was owned by the SEKSwedish State Railways until October 1996, when it was sold to SEKSwedish State RailwaysStagecoach Group , and then later, in January 2000, to SEKSwedish State RailwaysStagecoach GroupConcordia Bus .==History==Swebus AB was officially formed on 1 January 1990, when all bus operations of the... read more

E.ON Sverige

E.ON Sverige AB , formerly known as Sydkraft, is ABSweden 's second largest utility company with an annual turnover of 42.9 billion Swedish Krona (SEK) (approximately €4.8 billion Kronaeuro , US$7 billion KronaeuroUSD ). The net profit for the 2008 fiscal year amounted to SEK 14.88 billion (US$ 2.11 billion). The company is a complete energy group providing products and services in energy, the environment, KronaeuroUSDrecycling , waste, and communications.==History==The... read more

Sverige (disambiguation)

Sverige is the Swedish language name for Swedish languageSweden and appears on postage stamps of Sweden , but may also refer to: read more

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Talang Sverige

''Talang Sverige'' (; English: ''Talent Sweden''), formerly named Talang between 2007–2011, is the Swedish version of the ''Got Talent'' series show where singers, dancers, comedians, variety acts and other performers compete against each other for audience support and the prize money (1 million SEK in 2007 and since 2014; 500,000 SEK between 2008–2011). The show was broadcast for five seasons on TV4, between 2007–2011, before TV4 put the show on indefinite hiatus. Two years later, on 19 June... read more

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SR Sverige

SR Sverige was a digital radio channel with hit music from the whole wide world.SR Sverige played tunes from Lebanon, Mali, the United States, Scotland, Iraq, France, Brazil, Cuba, Siberia, Madagascar, India and Sweden, sometimes within the same half-hour.The station broadcast 24 hours a day via digital radio (DAB), the internet, and at certain times via FM in the Greater Stockholm region. Among the presenters were Hiba Daniel and Kris Boswell.At 15.00 CET on September 4, 2006 SR Sverige was replaced... read more

Telenor Sverige

Telenor Sverige, previously Vodafone Sweden, Europolitan and Nordic Tel, is a mobile phone company in Sweden, owned by Telenor.==History==In September 1992, the network went live under the name Nordic Tel. A couple of years later it changed its name to Europolitan. During the late 1990s, Vodafone Group went on an acquisition spree that led to the acquisition of Europolitan. In the early 2000s various operating companies in the Vodafone Group changed their names to Vodafone.After several years of... read more

Veidekke Sverige

Veidekke Group's Swedish services are represented by the company Veidekke Sverige AB. Operations are mainly driven by construction and property development. read more

Godmorgon Sverige

''Godmorgon Sverige'' (''Good morning, Sweden'') is the sixth studio album by Swedish pop music artist Mauro Scocco. It was released in 1996 on Scocco's own record label Diesel Music. (requires login)The album consists mainly of soul ballads, comparable to an R. Kelly with Swedish lyrics. The lyrics revolve mostly around love, more often than not in a dark way.Three singles were released from this album: "Om Det Är O.K." (''If it is OK''), "Det Är Dags" (''It is time''), and "Kärleken Var Här"... read more

PostNord Sverige

PostNord Sverige (formerly ''Posten AB'') is the name of the Swedish postal service. The word "posten" means "the post" or "the mail" in Swedish. In 2009 it merged with its Danish equivalent, Post Danmark A/S, forming PostNord AB, a holding company that is jointly owned by the Swedish (60%) and Danish (40%) governments. A rebranding to PostNord for both the mail as well as logistics divisions was performed in 2015.== History ==Posten was established as ''Kungliga Postverket'' (The Royal Postal Agency)... read more


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