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Türkan Saylan

Türkan Saylan (December 13, 1935 – May 18, 2009) was a Turkish medical doctor in dermatology, academic, writer, teacher and social activist. She was famous for fighting leprosy, and for founding a charitable foundation called "Association for the Support of Contemporary Living" (''Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği'', ÇYDD).== Early Life and Background==She was born on 13 December 1935. She was the first born to Fasih Galip, one of the first building contractors in republican era, and Swiss... read more


Saylan is a Turkish surname. Notable people with the surname include: read more


Türkan (also, Turkyany, Tyurkend, Tyurkyan, and Tyurkyany) is a settlement and municipality in Baku, Azerbaijan. It has a population of 10,108. It means beautiful in Turkish. read more

Ziya Saylan

Dr. Ziya Saylan is a Turkish medical doctor and former president of the European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, based in Düsseldorf, Germany. In June 2004, he announced a procedure utilizing titanium/polypropylene mesh inserts to perform breast reconstruction, anchoring the "internal bra" to the ribs and muscle tissue. The procedure has been used on at least three dozen women to date. Medical evidence regarding the safety of this procedure is still being compiled; however the technique of using titanium/polypropylene... read more

Türkan Erişmiş

Türkan Erişmiş (born January 5, 1984 in Ağrı, Turkey), aka Türkan Bozkurt, Türkan Bozkurt Erişmiş or Türkan Özata-Erişmiş, is a Turkish female middle distance runner competing mostly in the 3000 m steeplechase and cross country running events. The tall athlete at graduated from Niğde University, and works now as a teacher of physical education.In 1996, at the age of twelve, she moved to Ankara leaving her parents in Ağrı. She was discovered and recommended to coach Ali Çelik in... read more

Türkan Akyol

Türkân Akyol (born October 12, 1928) is a Turkish politician, physician and academic. She was the first Turkish female government minister, and the first female university rector in Turkey.==Early life==Türkan Akyol was born on October 12, 1928 in Istanbul. She completed her primary education in various places of Turkey due to her father's profession as a staff officer. She graduated from the Erenköy Girls High School in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1947.==Academic career and politics==On March 25,... read more

Türkan (disambiguation)

Türkan is a settlement and municipality in Baku, Azerbaijan. read more

Türkan Şoray

Türkan Şoray (born 28 June 1945) is a Turkish film actress and director.Turkan Soray is one of four big female stars of the old Turkish cinema.Her nickname is “Sultan” which means queen of the Turkish cinema. She played in 190 films and 8 TV series.Her most well-known films are Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım,Vesikalı Yarim,Kara Gözlüm, Sultan,Dila Hanım,Güllü and Vukuat Var.Due to the high interest of the producers, she could forced some principles, frequently mentioned as "The rules of Turkan... read more

Türkan (TV series)

Türkan is real story about Turkish doctor who was for humanity received Gandy prison. Many people said for her that she is Mother Teresa of modern Turkey. The series have 26 episodes. First emitter was Kanal D. read more

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Ziya Saylan

The result was keep. Kevin (talk) 23:41, 29 November 2009 (UTC)===Ziya Saylan===Non notable figure within my field Droliver (talk) 08:30, 22 November 2009 (UTC) read more

Association for the Support of Contemporary Living

Association for the Support of Contemporary Living () is a non-profit NGO in Turkey. The main office is in İstanbul and there are 103 branch offices nationwide. ==History==Association for the Support of Contemporary Living (abbreviated ÇYDD) was founded on 10 February 1989 by a group of Turkish female academicians headed by Aysel Ekşi and Türkan Saylan in İstanbul. Next year Türkan Saylan was elected as the chairperson of the ÇYDD; from then on she became the symbol of ÇYDD. In the same year... read more

Sevmek Ve Ölmek Zamanı

''Sevmek Ve Ölmek Zamanı'' is a 1971 Turkish romance film, directed by Halit Refiğ and starring Türkan Soray, Murat Soydan, and Zuhal Aktan. read more

Sultan Gelin

''Sultan Gelin'' is a 1973 Turkish drama film, directed by Halit Refiğ and starring Türkan Soray, Ali Ozoguz, and Handan Adak. read more

The Bread Seller Woman

''The Bread Seller Woman'' (Turkish:''Ekmekçi kadin'') is a 1965 Turkish drama film directed by Zafer Davutoglu and starring Türkan Soray, Izzet Günay and Çolpan Ilhan.Raw p.263 It is an adaptation of the French novel ''The Bread Peddler'' by Xavier de Montépin.== External links ==Category:Films directed by Zafer Davutoglu read more

Khazar raion

The Caspian or Khazar raion (Azerbaijani: Xəzər) is one of the 12 rayonlar in Baku, Azerbaijan. It has a population of 170,400. The raion contains the municipalities of Binə, Buzovna, Çilov-Neft Daşları, Gürgən-Pirallahı, Mərdəkan, Qala, Şağan, Şüvəlan, Türkan, and Zirə. Before being renamed by the decision of the Parliament of Azerbaijan on May 11, 2010, the raion was called Azizbekov (Azerbaijani: Əzizbəyov) after Meshadi Azizbekov. read more


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