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Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom AG () (short form in writing only: DT, ) is a German Germantelecommunications company headquartered in Germantelecommunications companyBonn . Deutsche Telekom was formed in 1996 as the former state-owned state-ownedmonopoly state-ownedmonopolyDeutsche Bundespost was privatized. As of June 2008, the German government still holds a 15% stake in company stock directly, and another 17% through the government bank state-ownedmonopolyDeutsche BundespostKfW . The company is... read more

Telekom Romania

Telekom Romania (formerly known as Romtelecom and Cosmote România, not to be confused with Deutsche Telekom ) is a Deutsche TelekomRomania n Deutsche TelekomRomaniatelecommunications company headquartered in Deutsche TelekomRomaniatelecommunicationsBucharest . It is the result of the brand merger between the formerly Greek-owned telecommunications companies of Romtelecom and Cosmote. In September 2014, in order to reflect the changes, Romtelecom and Cosmote România changed their respective... read more

Magyar Telekom

Magyar Telekom Nyrt. (Magyar Telekom Távközlési Részvénytársaság – Hungarian Telekom Telecommunications Plc.) is the largest telecommunications company. The former monopolist is now a subsidiary of (in 59.21% of shares). Until May 6, 2005, it was (and informally still is) known as ''MATÁV'' (''Magyar Távközlési Rt.'' - Hungarian Telecommunications PLC.). The company was formed under the name of ''Magyar Távközlési Vállalat'' (Hungarian Telecommunications Enterprise) in December... read more

Slovak Telekom

Slovak Telekom (in the past officially called ''Slovenské telekomunikácie'' and ''Slovak Telecom''; the brand used for fixed line products was ''T-Com'' from March 2006 to January 2012. By 2012 is only one brand for mobile products and fixed line products: Telekom"" Telekom press release 2011-10-12 (in Slovak)) is the largest company operating in (after consolidation with its 100 per cent daughter ).==Ownership==In 2015 Slovak republic sold it's share (49%) to Deutsche Telekom, so now it is... read more

Telekom Malaysia

Telekom Malaysia FD IskandarBerhad DBA (TM) is DBAMalaysia ’s leading telecommunications company, with a history dating back to 1946. Beginning as the national telco for fixed line, radio and television broadcasting services, it has evolved to become the largest broadband services provider, in addition to offerings in data, fixed line, pay television and network services. The company sees itself as transforming the way Malaysians connect, communicate and collaborate, with a strong emphasis... read more

Telekom Slovenije

Telekom Slovenije (; Legal name: Telekom Slovenije d.d.) is a telecommunications company based in Slovenia, with its headquarters in Ljubljana.==History==In 1994 PTT Slovenija separated postal and telecommunication activities and transferred all telecommunication infrastructure to the newly founded Telekom Slovenije.==International operations==Telekom Slovenije, d.d., the parent company, is part of the Telekom Slovenije Group, which also comprises subsidiaries based in Slovenia and Southeast Europe.''Subsidiaries... read more

Telekom Cup

The Telekom Cup (formerly known as T-Home Cup and LIGA total! Cup) is a German association football competition held since 2009. The competition features four teams of the Bundesliga, playing two semi-finals and a final. Up until 2015, a match lasted 60 minutes, with each half 30 minutes long. The tournament would be over two days, with two games in each day. In 2015 the rules changed, where there would only be one 45 minute period, and all four matches take place in the same day. The event took... read more

Telekom Baku

Telekom Baku formerly known as Rabita Baku, is an Azerbaijani women's volleyball club.==History==The Rabita Bank was founded in 2001 as Rabitachi Baku, and then took Rabita Baku in 2004. Club participated for the first time in an official competition in the European CEV Cup 2007-08, but was eliminated immediately by OK Hit Nova Gorica.In the season 2008-09, reaches the quarter-finals of the Challenge Cup and was eliminated from the Club Voleibol Albacete and wins for the first time the championship... read more

Türk Telekom

IncreaseTurkish liraDecreaseTurkish liraIncreaseTurkish liraDecreaseTurkish liracite bookTürk Telekom is the formerly state-owned Turkish telecommunications company. Türk Telekom was separated from Turkish Post (PTT) in 1995. In November 2005, it was privatized to Oger Telecom.Türk Telekom Group provides integrated telecommunication services from PSTN, GSM to wide-band Internet. The Türk Telekom Group companies had 16.8 million PSTN customers, 6 million ADSL customers and 12.1 million GSM customers... read more

Crnogorski Telekom

Crnogorski Telekom is the leading telecommunications operator based in Podgorica, Montenegro.==General introduction==Crnogorski Telekom (CT) is the largest telecommunications company in Montenegro. It provides a full range of fixed-line, mobile, IPTV, and internet telecommunication services. Crnogorski Telekom is the main fixed-line service provider in Montenegro. Its exclusive rights expired in 2003. Crnogorski Telekom provides local, national, and international services, in addition to a wide range... read more

Telekom Tower

The Telekom Tower (Malay: Menara Telekom) or Menara TM is a skyscraper in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is 310 m (1,017 ft) tall, has 77 floors, and is shaped to represent a sprouting "bamboo shoot". It is located along the Federal Highway, Sprint Expressway and Jalan Pantai Baharu and is served by the Rapid KL Kerinchi, LRT station. It was designed by Hijjas Kasturi Associates and was constructed between 1998 and 2001 by Deawoo Construction. The building was officially opened on 11 February... read more

TK Telekom

TK Telekom ex Telekomunikacja Kolejowa is a Polish telecommunications company, belonging to the PKP Group.It is responsible for telecommunications and data transmission for the Polish railways and also serves a number of other companies outside the PKP Group and individual clients. Because of the nature of the services it provides, Telekomunikacja Kolejowa has been designated by Poland as a company of special strategic interest.The company was founded following the division of the national rail operator... read more

Telekom Srbija

Telekom Srbija (full legal name: ''Preduzeće za telekomunikacije Telekom Srbija a.d. Beograd'') is a Serbian telecommunications company headquartered in Belgrade. The company offers a range of fixed-line, mobile, and Internet communication services in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.==History==Telekom Srbija was established in 1997 by restructuring of PTT sistema Srbije public enterprise, as a single-member joint-stock company. The company sold 49% of its share capital the same year... read more

Telekom Austria

Telekom Austria Group is a provider of a range of fixed-line, broadband Internet, multimedia services, data, and IT solutions, wholesale as well as mobile payment solutions. Its headquarters are in Vienna." The company operates subsidiaries in eight European countries: Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia. Its largest subsidiary is the Austrian telecommunications provider A1 Telekom Austria. - Telekom Austria. Retrieved July 2, 2013.==History==Telekom... read more

Telekom Srpske

Telekom Srpske (m:tel) is a telecommunications company based in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company is owned by Telekom Srbija, and is the second largest telecommunications company in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the biggest one listed on the Banja Luka Stock Exchange, with the market capitalisation of about €540m.The company's main business are fixed and mobile telecommunications in domestic and international traffic. Other businesses include: The company also owns the founding status... read more


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