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Otrokovice (; ) is a town in the Zlín Region, Czech Republic. It is located in a hilly country town centrally located in a region called Moravia and is located on the Morava river. The town was a significantly connected with the Bata company which owned multiple local industries including the large shoe factory that created its initial wealth. Today it still has a clearly industrial look, though many of the more run down areas are being steadily improved. Otrokovice and Zlin have expanded so that... read more

FC Viktoria Otrokovice

FC Viktoria Otrokovice is a Czech football club located in Otrokovice in the Zlín Region. It currently plays in the MSFL, which is in the third tier of Czech football.==External links==Category:Football clubs in the Czech Republic read more

Otrokovice railway station

Otrokovice railway station is the principal railway station in Otrokovice in the Czech Republic. The station is situated adjacent to a Continental tyre factory. It has passenger services to Prague and Zlin.==External links==Category:Railway stations in Zlín Region read more

Toma Rosandić

Toma Rosandić (Baptized as Tomaso Vincenzo, 22 January 1878 - 1 March 1958) was a Croatia n sculptor , sculptorarchitect and fine arts pedagog . Together with pedagogIvan Meštrović (1883-1962), he was the most prominent of the Croatian sculptors of his day.Rosandić was born in Split , Habsburg Croatia , on the Habsburg CroatiaDalmatia n coast, the son of a stoneworker. His family name, Rosandić originates from Podgora a small coastal village in Southern Dalmatia about 70 km... read more

Sergiu Toma

Sergiu Toma (born January 29, 1987) is a Moldovan born Emirati judoka. He was born in Chișinău. He competed in the men’s 81 kg event at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where he defeated Japan’s Takanori Nagase to enter the semi-finals. He lost his semi-final match to Russian Khasan Khalmurzaev in sudden death. He then beat Italian Matteo Marconcini in the bronze medal match to win bronze.He had competed in the same category (men's 81 kg) event at the 2012 Summer Olympics; after defeating... read more

Toma Niger

Toma Niger (, ) (c. 1450 – c. 1532) was a Croatian humanist, diplomat, bishop of Skradin, and at the end of his life he served as the bishop of Trogir. He committed most of his life to diplomacy, trying to help crumbling Kingdom of Croatia against the Ottoman Empire.Tomislav Raukar: ''Hrvatsko Srednjovjekovlje'', Zagreb, 2007, page 79.==Life==Toma was born in Split between 1450 and 1460. Although his father was an eminent citizen of Split who carried a title „ser“, he was of common birth.... read more

Laurențiu Toma

Laurenţiu Toma (born 29 April 1984 in Ploiești) is a Romanian handballer playing for HC Dobrogea Sud Constanţa and the Romanian national team.He ranked third in the 2009–10 EHF Champions League's top goalscorers list.For his services to the team and the city, and his exemplary sportsmanship conduct, Toma was made Honorary Citizen of Constanţa in 2010.==References==Category:H.C.M. Constanța handball players read more

Aurel Toma

Aurel Toma (July 30, 1911 – 25 August 1980) was a Romanian professional boxer who lived and fought out of Ventura, California, United States in the second part of his career. He was two-time European champion. Toma was the only boxer to knock out the legendary Benny Lynch, forcing him to retire even though the Scottish was at that hour two years older than the Romanian.He is buried at the Riverside National Cemetery, in Riverside, California.A sports hall in Babadag, Romania is named after him.==External... read more

Victor Toma

Victor Toma (April 4, 1922 - November 26, 2008) was a Romanian engineer and scientist, known to be the creator of the first Romanian computer CIFA 1 in 1957 at the IFA - Institute of Atomic Physics.Obituary Academician Victor Toma 1922-2008) http://www.ifa-mg.ro/docs/Victor_Toma.pdf At the same institute he built CIFA 2, CIFA 3 CIFA 4 and CET 500 and at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 1964 the computer VITOSHA similar with CIFA 3.Cercetari bibliografice http://cercetaribibliografice.blogspot.ro/2011/03/refugiatul-basarabean-victor-toma-tatal.html... read more

Toma Ketama!

''Toma Ketama!'' is a studio album released by Spanish band Ketama in September 12, 2000. The album was produced by Cachorro López and earned the band a Latin Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album.==References==Category:Albums produced by Cachorro López read more

Toma Raspasani

Toma Raspasani (, c. 1648-17??) was an Albanian Franciscan monk and vicar, subordinate Pjetër Bogdani, Archbishop of Skopje, with whom he organized an Albanian pro-Austrian movement that would fight in the Great Turkish War against the Ottoman Empire.== Life ==He was born in 1648. His definite birthplace has not been established, and it is thought to have been in either Skopska Crna Gora, or the surroundings of Prizren or Peć. According to British author Noel Malcolm it was Skopska Crna Gora. At... read more

Toma (name)

In European and Assyrian usage, the name Toma is a version of Thomas, originating from Aramaic ''t’om’a'', meaning ''twin''. In the Russian language, Toma may be a diminutive of the male first name Avtonom.Petrovsky, p. 36It is also a female name, meaning "date palm tree", derived from Tamar, which is a Hebrew Bible name given to baby girls born on the Sukkoth holiday.===Sources===Category:Bulgarian masculine given names read more

Toma Tomas

Toma Tomas () also known by his nom de guerre Abu Joseph, was an Iraqi-Assyrian politician and the leader of anti-government communist millitias (''al-Ansar'') in northern Iraq during the 1960s and 70s.== Early life ==Toma Tomas was an ethnic Assyrian born in Alqosh, in 1924, he was adherent to the Chaldean Catholic Church. He witnessed the Simele Massacre first-hand when Assyrians escaped the massacres to Alqosh. This event was crucial in shaping his political ideas in the future., Aprem Shapira... read more

Narsai Toma

Mar Narsai Toma was the late Metropolitan of the Ancient Church of the East of the diocese of Kirkuk, Iraq. Mar Narsai served as Metropolitan for forty-six years before his death in 2014.== Early life ==Mar Narsai Toma was born as Toma Soro Bobo in Kirkuk, Iraq. Throughout his early years, he was dedicated to his studies, advancing in ecclesiastical education at the Church of the East School in Nineveh (Mosul). He studied under the tutelage of the late Reverend Yousip DeKelaita, and became a scholar... read more

Saadi Toma

Saadi Toma Jirjes () (born 25 April 1955 in Baghdad, Iraq) is an Iraqi-Assyrian former football player and coach.He played during his professional career at Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya and made 10 appearances with the Iraqi national team.He Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya. He also trained a number of Iraqi and Arab football clubs. and was an assistant coach to both the national and the U-23 football Iraqi squads.Saadi Toma made headlines by refusing to return to Iraq and applying for asylum in Australia after a match against... read more


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