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Quynh Anh

Quynh Anh Pham (born 16 January 1987 in Liège, Belgium) is a Vietnamese-Belgian singer.==Singing career==From the early age, Quynh Anh participated in numerous music activities in Mons. In September 2000, her father enrolled her in the TV singing competition "Pour la Gloire" (For the Glory) held by Belgium TV channel RTBF, where she won the first prize. Through this competition, she met her new manager, who introduced Quynh Anh to her producer. In 2002 she signed a contract with Rapas Centre, a... read more

Lê Hồng Anh

Lê Hồng Anh (born November 12, 1949) is a Vietnamese politician who was the Minister of Public Security of Vietnam from 2002 to 2011. He was conferred the rank of General by the President of Vietnam on January 9, 2005.Later, he was a member of the Politburo, Standing Secretary of Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, one the country's five key leaders, along with General Secretary, President, Prime Minister, and Chairman of the National Assembly.Asian Survey Caliber... read more

Nguyễn Tuấn Anh

Nguyễn Tuấn Anh (born 16 May 1995) is a Vietnamese footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Japanese club Yokohama FC, on loan from Hoàng Anh Gia Lai.Tuấn Anh is considered one of the most talented and technically gifted midfielder that Vietnam football has ever seen.http://bongdaplus.vn/tin-bai/75/99084/tien-ve-nguyen-tuan-anh-nguoi-dac-biet-o-u19-viet-nam.bdplushttp://bongdaplus.vn/tin-bai/65/104603/tuan-anh-la-cua-hiem-cua-bong-da-noi.bdplus He is a product of HAGL – Arsenal JMG... read more

Quynh Nguyen

Quynh Nguyen () is a Vietnamese-American classical pianist based in New York City. She currently serves on the piano faculty of Hunter College and the International Keyboard Institute and Festival at Mannes College of Music in New York City.==Performances and critical acclaim==She made her New York debut in 2001, and, according to ''The New York Times'', "received high praise from reliable quarters for her New York debut recital". American piano critic Harris Goldsmith reviewed her performance of... read more

Paul Truong

Paul Truong (born June 2, 1965) is an American player, trainer, promoter, and organizer.Chessgames (2009). The chess games of Paul Truong. Retrieved on 2009-06-11 from http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessplayer?pid=85820. He was born Hoainhan Truong in , .A promoter, organizer and chess coach, he is married to former . He is also Polgar's business manager, and Vice-President of the Susan Polgar Foundation. He organized and/or promoted most of the events in which Polgar has been involved since she... read more

Nadine Truong

Nadine Truong is a director, writer, and photographer. She received her MFA in Directing from the American Film Institute Conservatory.==Short Films==Her directorial credits include ''Chopsticks'' (which premiered at the 2007 Vietnamese International Film Festival), ''The Muse'' (a dramatic short produced under the Visual Communications' "Armed with a Camera" Fellowship for Emerging Media Artists) which also screened at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and which was nominated for the VC... read more

Caroline Truong

Caroline Truong (born 8 November 1980 in Croix, France) is a French former competitive ice dancer. With Sylvain Longchambon, she won two silver medals on the 1999–2000 ISU Junior Grand Prix series, bronze at the 2001 Ondrej Nepela Memorial, and bronze at the 2002 French Championships.== Competitive highlights ==''GP: Grand Prix; JGP: Junior Grand Prix (Junior Series)'' read more

David Truong

David Truong (born Truong Dinh Hung) (September 2, 1945 - June 26, 2014) was a South Vietnamese national who lived in the United States and partook in the anti-Vietnam War peace movement. Truong was the son of South Vietnamese politician Trương Đình Dzu, a candidate for the presidency in the 1967 elections against Nguyễn Văn Thiệu. Dzu advocated negotiating with the National Liberation Front for South Vietnam to end the war. Truong and co-conspirator Ronald Humphrey were arrested for passing... read more

Andy Truong

Andy Truong is an Australian fashion designer of Vietnamese heritage., "YouTube", Melbourne 7 December 2012. Retrieved on 6 April 2014.In 2012, he was known as Australia's youngest fashion designer, at the age of 15, after his launch into the fashion industry at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.==Early life==Andy Truong (born Andy Truong-Du) was born on 27 November 1996 and grew up in a migrant, working-class family in Sydney before moving with his mother to live in Richmond, Melbourne. Before his start... read more

Monique Truong

Monique T.D. Truong (born 1968 in Saigon, South Vietnam) is a Vietnamese American writer living in Brooklyn, New York. Truong left Vietnam for the United States in 1975 and graduated from high school in Houston, Texas. She served in the past as an associate fiction editor for the Asian Pacific American Journal, a literary publication of the Asian American Workshop based in New York City.==Early life==Monique Truong was born on May 13, 1968, in Saigon, South Vietnam. In 1975, at the age of 6, she... read more

Truong Tran

Truong Tran (born 1969) is a Vietnamese-American poet, visual artist, and teacher. His collection ''dust and conscience'' (2002) won the San Francisco Poetry Center Book Prize,http://www.sfsu.edu/~poetry/awards/bookAwardWinners.html and in 2003, he served as Writer in Residence for Intersection for the Arts. Tran currently lives in San Francisco, where he teaches creative writing at San Francisco State University, and is Writer in Residence at the San Francisco School of the Arts.==Early life==Tran... read more

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Quynh Nguyen

The result was Keep. —Quarl (talk) 2007-03-09 10:28Z===Quynh Nguyen===Fails WP:ATT. I am having trouble verifying any of the claims. If verified, the subject of the article still may not meet WP:MUSIC Nv8200p talk 03:06, 4 March 2007 (UTC) read more

Anh Thơ

Anh Thơ (Ninh Giang, Hải Dương Province, 25 January 1921 – 14 March 2005), real name Vương Kiều Ân, was a Vietnamese woman poet.Kim Ngoc Bao Ninh ''A World Transformed: The Politics of Culture in Revolutionary ... '' Page 92 2002 "It is worth noting, however, that Anh Thơ's most notable literary achievement was a 1941 collection of poetry entitled Buc tranh que (A rural portrait). Her previous poetic efforts had won her an encouragement prize from the Self-Reliant Literary ..."In 1943... read more

Anh Does

''Anh Does...'' is a travel and lifestyle show presented by comedian Anh Do on the Seven Network. It premiered in 2012 with the two-part series ''Anh Does Vietnam'', in which he revisited the country of his birth, Vietnam. Anh's family fled from Vietnam to Australia as refugees in 1980.This series was followed by ''Anh Does Britain'' in 2013 where Anh visited Great Britain and Ireland and continued with other destinations.===''Anh Does... Britain'' (2013)===Anh traveled the country of Britain, including... read more

Anh Duong

Anh Duong (born October 25, 1960) is an American artist, actress, and model. She is known for her self-portraits, which she has compared to a visual diary, as well as portraits of significant art collectors and influencers.==Early life==Duong was born in Bordeaux, France, to a Spanish mother and a Vietnamese father. Duong studied architecture at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France. Having aspired to be a ballerina from an early age, she decided to pursue classical dance. Duong studied with... read more


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