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Ultra Rice

Ultra Rice is a grain product made to resemble rice and fortified with vitamins and nutrients. Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) developed Ultra Rice as a food supplement for use in countries where people do not have easy access to food which satisfies the nutritional requirements for good health.==Manufacture==Ultra Rice was developed by Dr. James P. Cox and his wife Jeanne over a course of 20 years, starting in the 1960s while living in Canada.Jim and Jeanne's idea was to utilitize... read more

Ultra-low-sulfur diesel

Ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) is diesel fuel with substantially lowered sulfur content. As of 2006, almost all of the petroleum-based diesel fuel available in Europe and North America is of a ULSD type. There is not a single standard set of specifications and as the government required standard becomes progressively more strict so does the definition.The move to lower sulfur content is expected to allow the application of newer emissions control technologies that should substantially lower emissions... read more


Ultra was the designation adopted by British Britishmilitary intelligence in June 1941 for wartime Britishmilitary intelligencesignals intelligence obtained by breaking high-level Britishmilitary intelligencesignals intelligenceencrypt ed enemy Britishmilitary intelligencesignals intelligenceencryptradio and Britishmilitary intelligencesignals intelligenceencryptradioteleprinter communications at the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) at Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS)Bletchley... read more

HBICtv: Ultra Rich Asian Girls

HBICtv: Ultra Rich Asian Girls () is a Canadian reality television web series, broadcast in Mandarin and English, featuring daughters of affluent Chinese Canadians living in Vancouver, Canada.The series is created by Kevin K. Li in 2014 and modeled after Lifestyles of Rich and Famous and the House Wives series., produced by Veyron Media, Kevin K. Li and Desmond Chen.''Ultra Rich Asian Girls'' has two seasons airing on YouTube hosted by four to five girls each season: Chelsea, Coco, Flo.Z, Joy in... read more

Ultra-high-energy cosmic ray

In astroparticle physics , an ultra-high-energy cosmic ray (UHECR) is a astroparticle physicscosmic ray particle with a astroparticle physicscosmic raykinetic energy greater than eV , far beyond both the eVrest mass and energies typical of other cosmic ray particles.An extreme-energy cosmic ray (EECR) is an UHECR with energy exceeding (about 8  eVrest massjoule ), the so-called eVrest massjouleGreisen–Zatsepin–Kuzmin limit (GZK limit). This limit should be the maximum energy... read more

Mexico Trilogy

The ''Mexico Trilogy'' or ''Mariachi Trilogy'' (also ''Desperado Trilogy'' on some DVD releases) is a series of American/Mexican action western films—''El Mariachi'', ''Desperado'' and ''Once Upon a Time in Mexico''—all written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. All three films tell the continuing story of central character, El Mariachi (portrayed by Carlos Gallardo and Antonio Banderas). The films were released in theatres between 1992 and 2003, and later on a complete DVD trilogy box... read more

Mexico City

Mexico City, or the City of Mexico ( ; abbreviated as "CDMX"), is the capital and most populous city of . As an "alpha" , Mexico City is one of the most important financial centers in the . It is located in the (''Valle de México''), a large valley in the high s at the center of Mexico, at an altitude of . The city consists of sixteen (previously called boroughs).The 2009 estimated population for the city proper was approximately 8.84 million people, with a land area of .Brian W. Blouet,... read more

Ultra (Ultra album)

''Ultra'' is the debut studio album from the English pop band Ultra, released in February 1999 by East West Records (Warner Music Group).The album reached No. 37 in the UK albums chart and spawned several hit singles in the UK and Europe. It was mainly performed and co-written by James Hearn; vocals and piano, Michael Harwood; vocals and guitar, Nick Keynes; bass, and Jon O'Mahony; drums and percussion. It was produced by ex Tears for Fears member, Ian Stanley.=== International Edition ===#''Say... read more

List of Ultras of Mexico

Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépetl), a stratovolcano on the boundary between the states of Puebla and Veracruz, is the highest mountain peak of México.The following sortable table comprises the 26 ultra-prominent summits of México. Each of these peaks has at least of topographic prominence.This article defines a significant summit as a summit with at least of topographic prominence, and a major summit as a summit with at least of topographic prominence. An ultra-prominent summit is a summit with... read more

Architecture of Mexico

A replica of El Ángel in front of the National Palace in Mexico City.For the artistic relevance of many of Mexico's architectural structures, including entire sections of prehispanic and colonial cities, have been designated World Heritage. The country has the first place in number of sites declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the Americas.==Prehispanic Period==Monte Albán, acropolis of the central valleys of Oaxaca.Uxmal South Building of Nunnery Quadrangle, with the Pyramid of the Magician... read more


Ultra-wideband (also known as UWB, ultra-wide band and ultraband) is a radio technology pioneered by Robert A. Scholtz and others that can use a very low energy level for short-range, high-bandwidth communications over a large portion of the radio spectrum.. Archived from 2012-03-21. UWB has traditional applications in Robert A. Scholtznon-cooperative radar imaging . Most recent applications target sensor data collection, precision locating and tracking applications.. Archived from 2012-03-21.Unlike... read more

Mk Ultra

Mk Ultra was an American alternative band that played between 1994 and 1999. The group formed in the Bay Area in the early nineties and went on to become a hit in local circles. Mk Ultra's career culminated in a national tour in 1999 but came to a rapid end when guitarist John Tyner decided to leave. The other members, already working on side projects, did not wish to find a replacement.Much of Mk Ultra's style has been carried on by John Vanderslice and his new band.==External links== John VandersliceCreeper... read more

Ultra Bra

Ultra Bra was a Finnish band , formed in 1994 by bandOlli Virtaperko and bandOlli VirtaperkoKerkko Koskinen , and disbanded in 2001.==Band history==In 1994, Olli Virtaperko heard about a political song contest held by the Finnish Democratic Youth League (predecessor of the Left Youth , the Left Alliance 's youth organisation) and decided to enter it with his friend Kerkko Koskinen. Koskinen composed several songs based on lyrics from his friends. A group of singers and musicians was assembled... read more

Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus is the name of several fictional characters from the various '' fictional charactersTransformers '' storylines, generally appearing as a chief lieutenant of chief lieutenantOptimus Prime .==Transformers: Generation 1==Despite his incredible fighting skills, courage and unmatched talent for improvisation on the battlefield, Ultra Magnus is most comfortable when carrying out orders, and is naturally at ease if the Matrix of Leadership should ever find itself placed upon him.In Ultra... read more

Ultra Naté

Ultra Naté (born March 20, 1968, Silver Label/Tommy Boy EntertainmentBlufire/PeacebisquitHavre de Grace, Maryland Retrieved 2014-10-26.) is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, DJ and promoter who has achieved success on the pop charts with songs such as " Free ", " FreeIf You Could Read My Mind " (as part of FreeIf You Could Read My MindStars on 54 ), and "Automatic" .Virtually all of her singles have reached the Top 10 of the U.S. "Automatic"Hot Dance Club Play chart. Such singles... read more


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