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Libera! activists in a demonstration against hunting. BarcelonaLibera! is a Spanish non profit animal rights organization. To create sensitivity, they especially make education campaigns and of public awareness, Libera! complaints 13/05/09 20 minutos and other protest actions. Libera! was founded in 2004 in Barcelona. In their origins they usually made actions at Catalonia until it converts into a national organisation.One of their campaigns that have achieved a major international media is the... read more

Eupithecia viata

''Eupithecia viata'' is a moth in the Geometridae family. It is found in western China (Gansu)., 2004: New species of ''Eupithecia'' (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) from China, Part IV. ''Transactions of the Lepidopterological Society of Japan'' 55 (4): 285-300. Abstract and full article: .The wingspan is about 21 mm. The forewings are pale pale buff and the hindwings are white. read more

Sarò libera

''Sarò libera'' is the second solo studio album from Emma Marrone, published on September 20, 2011 by the record Universal. The album is preceded by the homonymous single ''Sarò Libera'', released September 2, 2011 and subsequently certified Gold disc.The album reached the highest position as the #43 Switzerland in the Swiss Music Charts, remaining there for eight weeks, and came straight to Number 1 in Italy, with the two versions. The October 28, 2011 is published in radio airplay ''Tra passione... read more

Pectinivalva libera

''Pectinivalva libera'' is a moth of the Nepticulidae family. It is found along the south-eastern coast of New South Wales.The host plant is unknown, but probably a Myrtaceae species. They probably mine the leaves of their host plant. read more

Elena Libera

Elena Libera (1917 – 8 March 2012) was an Italian fencer. She competed in the women's individual foil event at the 1948 Summer Olympics.==References==Category:Fencers at the 1948 Summer Olympics read more

Zbigniew Libera

Zbigniew Libera (born July 7, 1959) is a Polish artist. Born in Pabianice, Poland, he has become well known for the controversial ''LEGO Concentration Camp Set'' that he designed in 1996. The LEGO Corporation gave Libera the bricks for free without a clear vision of Libera's project and not knowing he would use them for this purpose. This act, however, led Libera to include a controversial notice on his boxes saying "sponsored by LEGO Systems". LEGO insists that they did not endorse his artwork.The... read more

Libera (choir)

Libera is an all-boy English vocal group directed by Robert Prizeman. Most members come from the parish choir of St. Philip's, Norbury, in South London. According to a 2009 ''Songs of Praise'' TV special, the group usually consists of approximately 40 members between the ages of seven and sixteen, including new members who are not yet ready to fully participate in albums or tours. The group recruits from a variety of backgrounds in the London area, and does not require its members to belong to any... read more

Libera Me

''Líbera me'' ("Deliver me") is a Roman Catholic responsory that is sung in the Office of the Dead and at the absolution of the dead, a service of prayers for the dead said beside the coffin immediately after the Requiem Mass and before burial. The text of ''Libera Me'' asks God to have mercy upon the deceased person at the Last Judgment. In addition to the Gregorian chant in the Roman Gradual, many composers have written settings for the text, including Tomás Luis de Victoria, Anton Bruckner... read more

Adalberto Libera

Trento, seat of the Regional Council. In the background, the red building is the Grand Hotel by Giovanni Lorenzi.Trento, seat of the Regional Council, Detail of supporting columns.Adalberto Libera (; 16 July 1903 - 17 March 1963) is one of the most representative architects of the Italian Modern movement.==Biography==Adalberto Libera was born in Villa Lagarina in the County of Tyrol of Austria-Hungary (now in Trentino) in northern Italy. He graduated from Parma's Institute of Art in 1925 and then... read more

Libera (song)

"Libera" (English translation: "Free") was the Italian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1977, performed in Italian by Mia Martini, at the time arguably Italy's most successful and celebrated female artist, having had a number of hits like "Padre davvero...", "Gesù è mio fratello", "Credo", "Piccolo uomo", "Donna sola", "Minuetto", "Il guerriero", "Inno", "Al mondo", "Donna con te", "L'amore è il mio orizzonte", "Che vuoi che sia...se t'ho aspettato tanto" on the Italian Hit Parades between... read more

Antoni Libera

Antoni Libera (born 19 April 1949 in Warsaw) is a Polish writer, translator, literary critic, and theater director. He graduated from Warsaw University and received his Ph. D. from the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is a member of the Pen Club, the Polish Writers Association (Stowarzyszenie Pisarzy Polskich), and the American Samuel Beckett Society.== Biography ==He is a son of Polish-Jewish historian Zdzisław Libera, who survived the Warsaw Ghetto. His original surname was Libin.Libera is best... read more

Libera (mythology)

Libera ( ) was a goddess of wine, fertility and freedom. ==Overview==Libera was the female equivalent of Liber (freedom), while her name is in the feminine form. At some time during Rome's Regal or very early Republican eras, she became paired up with Liber, also known as Liber Pater (The Free Father), Roman god of wine, male fertility, and a guardian of plebeian freedoms.Barbette Stanley Spaeth, ''The Roman goddess Ceres'', University of Texas Press, 1996, p. 8: the pairing of Libera and Liber identifies... read more

771 Libera

771 Libera, provisional designation 1913 TO, is a metallic asteroid from the middle region of the asteroid belt, about 29 kilometers in diameter. It was discovered by Austrian astronomer Joseph Rheden at the Vienna Observatory in Austria, on 21 November 1913.The metallic X-type asteroid orbits the Sun at a distance of 2.0–3.3 AU once every 4 years and 4 months (1,576 days). Its orbit shows an eccentricity of 0.25 and is tilted by 15 degrees to the plane of the ecliptic. A photometric observation... read more

Spiaggia libera

''Spiaggia libera'' is a 1965 Italian comedy film directed by Marino Girolami.==External links==Category:Films directed by Marino Girolami read more

Libera (gastropod)

''Libera'' is a genus of air-breathing land snails, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusks in the family Endodontidae.Originally the genus ''Libera'' was placed within the family Charopidae.==Species==Species in the genus ''Libera'' include:Solem A. (29 October 1976) "Endodontoid land snails from Pacific Islands (Mollusca: Pulmonata: Sigmurethra). Part I. Family Endodontidae". Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois, == Shell description ==The genus ''Libera'' was described by Andrew... read more


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