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Victor Olaiya

Victor Abimbola Olaiya (born 31 December 1930), also known as Dr Victor Olaiya, is a Nigerian trumpeter who plays in the highlife style. Though extremely famous in Nigeria during the 1950s and early 1960s, Olaiya received little recognition outside his native country. Alhaji Alade Odunewu of the ''Daily Times'' described him as "The Evil Genius of Highlife."==Early life and career==Olaiya was born on 31 December 1930, in Calabar, Cross River State, the 20th child of a family of 24. His parents,... read more

Moji Olaiya

Moji Olaiya (born February 27, 1975) is a Nigerian actress ==Early life and career==Moji is the daughter of highlife musician Victor Olaiya.She began her acting career with Wale Adenuga's production ''Super story''. She has starred in several Nollywood movies of Yoruba and English genres.==Personal life==She married Bayo Okesola in 2007 but they are now separated.She also has a daughter, her daughter schools in babcock university, known to host some popular children, the likes of the son of governor... read more

Moses Olaiya

Moses Olaiya (born 1936), better known by his stage name "Baba Sala", is a Nigerian comedian, dramatist and actor.A Yoruba from Ijesha, Baba Sala, regarded as the father of modern Nigerian comedy,Lakoju, Tunde, in Nigeria magazine, Issue 149, 1984 alongside other dramatists like Hubert Ogunde, Kola Ogunmola, Oyin Adejobi and Duro Ladipo popularized theater and television acting in Nigeria. He is a prolific filmmaker. Significantly, Baba Sala started his career in show business as a Highlife musician,... read more

Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun

Olufemi Olaiya Balogun (born 19 October 1953) is the former Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.http://www.thenationonlineng.net/2011/index.php/news/46423-unilag-vc-sofoluwe-slumps-dies.html==Early life and career==Balogun was born Nureni Balogun in Itoko and raised in Abeokuta, Itoko Township, Ogun State, in the early 50s,the eight child of Saliu Balogun.Nureni attended Adesola High School, Orita Aperin, Ibadan. He enrolled in Form one in the 1968/69 academic... read more


Victor (sometimes spelled Viktor or Vikter) is a male given name, but can also have other meanings: read more

Victor Wooten

Victor Lemonte Wooten (born September 11, 1964) is an American bass player, composer, author, producer, and recipient of five bassGrammy Award s.Wooten has won the "Bass Player of the Year" award from '' Bass Player '' magazine three times in a row, and was the first person to win the award more than once. In 2011, he was named #10 in the "Top 10 Bassists of All Time" by '' Bass PlayerRolling Stone ''. In addition to a solo career and collaborations with various artists, Wooten has been the bassist... read more

Victor D'Hondt

Victor D'Hondt (20 November 1841 – 30 May 1901) was a Belgian lawyer , lawyersalesman , lawyersalesmanjurist of civil law at civil lawGhent University , and civil lawGhent Universitymathematician . He devised a procedure, the civil lawGhent UniversitymathematicianD'Hondt method , which he first described in 1878, for allocating seats to candidates in civil lawGhent UniversitymathematicianD'Hondt methodparty-list proportional representation elections. The method has been adopted by a... read more

Victor Horta

Victor Horta (; Victor, Baron Horta after 1932; 6 January 1861 – 8 September 1947) was a and designer. described him as "undoubtedly the key European architect." Horta is considered one of the most important names in Art Nouveau architecture. With the construction of his in in 1892-3, he is sometimes credited as the first to introduce the style to from the s. The "biomorphic whiplash" style that Horta promoted deeply influenced architect who used it in projects in France and extended its... read more

Victor Mature

Victor John Mature (January 29, 1913 – August 4, 1999) was an American stage, film and television actor who starred most notably in several Biblical movies during the 1950s and was known for his dark good looks and mega-watt smile. His best known film roles include '' One Million B.C. '' (1940), '' One Million B.C.My Darling Clementine '' (1946), '' Kiss of Death '' (1947), '' Samson and Delilah '' (1949) and '' The Robe '' (1953). He also appeared in a large number of musicals opposite such stars... read more

Victor Babeș

Victor Babeș (; b. 28 July 28 July1854 , 28 July1854Vienna – d. 28 July1854Vienna19 October 28 July1854Vienna19 October1926 , 28 July1854Vienna19 October1926Bucharest ) was a Romanian Romanianphysician , Romanianphysicianbacteriologist , Romanianphysicianbacteriologistacademician and Romanianphysicianbacteriologistacademicianprofessor . One of the founders of modern Romanianphysicianbacteriologistacademicianprofessormicrobiology , Victor Babeș is author of one of the first treatises... read more

Victor Davis

Victor Davis, CM (February 10, 1964 – November 13, 1989) was a Canadian Olympic and world champion swimmer who specialized in the swimmerbreaststroke . He also enjoyed success in the individual medley and the butterfly .==Biography==Victor Davis was born in butterflyGuelph, Ontario . As a boy, Davis learned how to swim in the lakes around his home. He then joined the Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club at the age of 12.During his career, Davis held several world records as the winner of 31... read more

Victor Pelevin

Victor Olegovich Pelevin (, born 22 November 1962) is a Russian Russianfiction writer, the author of novels " RussianfictionOmon Ra ", " RussianfictionOmon RaChapayev and Void " and " RussianfictionOmon RaChapayev and VoidGeneration P ". He is a laureate of multiple literary awards including the RussianfictionOmon RaChapayev and VoidGeneration PRussian Little Booker Prize (1993) and the Russian National Bestseller (2004). His books are multi-layered postmodernist texts fusing elements of... read more

Victor Ciorbea

Victor Ciorbea (; born on 26 October 1954) is a Romania n jurist, politician and civil servant. He was the RomaniaMayor of Bucharest in 1996-1997 and, after his resignation from office, RomaniaMayor of BucharestPrime Minister of Romania from 12 December 1996 to 30 March 1998.==Biography==Born in Ponor , PonorAlba County , Ciorbea trained as a PonorAlba Countyjurist (graduating from the University of Cluj-Napoca in 1979), and worked for the municipal tribunal in University of Cluj-NapocaBucharest... read more

Victor Grinich

Victor Henry Grinich (November 26, 1924 – November 4, 2000) was a pioneer in the semiconductor industry and a member of the " semiconductor industrytraitorous eight " that founded semiconductor industrytraitorous eightSilicon Valley .==Early life and education==His parents were semiconductor industrytraitorous eightSilicon ValleyCroatia n immigrants and his original name was Victor Grgurinović. He was born in semiconductor industrytraitorous eightSilicon ValleyCroatiaAberdeen, Washington... read more

Victor Vroom

Victor Harold Vroom (August 9, 1932, Montreal, Canada ) is a business school professor at the Montreal, CanadaYale School of Management . He holds a PhD from Montreal, CanadaYale School of ManagementUniversity of Michigan .Vroom's primary research was on the Montreal, CanadaYale School of ManagementUniversity of Michiganexpectancy theory of Montreal, CanadaYale School of ManagementUniversity of Michiganexpectancy theorymotivation , which attempts to explain why individuals choose to follow... read more


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