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Virginia Raffaele

== Life and career ==Born in Rome, the daughter of two carnies, Raffaele studied classical and modern dance at the and in 1999 graduated at the Accademia Teatro Integrato directed by Pino Ferrara. Raffaele started her career on stage, often working as a sidekick of the comedy duo Lillo & Greg. After her television debut as a correspondent in the Rai 2 program ''Quelli che... il Calcio'', she became first known for her imitations and parodies in the Italia 1 show ''Mai dire Grande Fratello Show''.... read more

Raffaele Mirate

Raffaele Mirate (3 September 1815 – November 1895) was a celebrated Italian operatic tenor who had an active career from the 1830s through the 1860s. Known for his intelligent phrasing and bright and powerful vocal timbre, he was regarded as an outstanding interpreter of the tenor roles in the early and middle period operas of Giuseppe Verdi. He notably created the role of the Duke of Mantua in the world premiere of Verdi's ''Rigoletto'' in 1851. He was also a highly regaurded interpreter of bel... read more

Raffaele Casnédi

Raffaele Casnédi (September 22, 1822 – December 29, 1892) was an Italian painter and scenic designer, active mainly in Milan.He was born to Pietro Casnedi e Angela Spaini. He attended the Accademia di Brera from 1840 to 1850, to the disappointment of his parents. There he studied under Sogni and Luigi Sabatelli. In 1852, he won the Mylius prize for the fresco of ''The school of Leonardo'' painted in a lunette for the Accademia. He interned in Rome, where he befriended the landscape artist Costa.... read more

Raffaele Carelli

Raffaele Carelli (25 September 1795 in Martina FrancaLord Napier cites Monopoli near Bari, Italy as his natal town. - 1864 in Naples, Italy) Dates mainly from French Wikipedia entry. was an Italian painter and painter of the School of Posillipo.Raffaele’s father, Settimio Carelli, was a painter in Apulia, where he had been a follower of the style of Pompeo Battoni. Raffaele as a young man sought employment in Naples, and initially worked with a painting restorer, but sooned worked in the studio... read more

Raffaele Postiglione

Raffaele Postiglione (Naples, 1818 - Naples, 1897) was an Italian painter.==Biography==Born to poor parentsLord Napier, page 46. Raffaele trained in the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, where he worked under Costanzo Angelini. By 1851, he was working under and with Giuseppe Mancinelli. He also labored alongside Giovanni Salomone. In the 1860s, he was a professor in the Neapolitan Academy along with Federico Maldarelli, Gabriele Morelli, and Antonio Licata. He painted historical and religious canvases.... read more

Raffaele Franceschi

Raffaele Franceschi (born 18 May 1960) is an Italian swimmer who won a bronze medal in the 4 × 200 m freestyle relay at the 1983 European Aquatics Championships. He also competed at the 1980 and 1984 Summer Olympics and finished fifth in the 100 m and 4 × 200 m freestyle events in 1980.His brother, Giovanni Franceschi, is also a retired Olympic swimmer. In the 2000s, Raffaele was competing in the masters category.. nuoto.it (29 October 2008).==References==Category:Swimmers at the 1980 Summer OlympicsCategory:Swimmers... read more

Raffaele Forni

Raffaele Forni (Villa Bedretto, 24 May 1906 – Lugano, 29 September 1990) was a Roman Catholic archbishop. He worked in papal diplomacy, and among other positions, he was nuntius in Uruguay and Venezuela.==External links==Category:Swiss Roman Catholic archbishopsCategory:Roman Catholic titular archbishopsCategory:20th-century Roman Catholic archbishops read more

Raffaele Belliazzi

Raffaele Belliazzi (December 9, 1835 – 1917) was an Italian sculptor.''Charles the III'' on facade of Royal Palace of Naples.He was born in Naples. His father carved architectural decoration. Belliazzi received his first training from Tommaso Solari in Naples, but followed the styles of Alfonso Balzico and Stanislao Lista. by Oreste Ferrari, Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani - Volume 7 (1970).Belliazzi completed one of the statues, of King Charles III of Spain, outside of the Royal Palace of... read more

Raffaele Molin

Raffaele Molin (29 June 1825 – 27 October 1887) was an Italian scientist with successful career as physician, zoologist, geologist. He is most revered for his works in ichthyology and parasitology. He is immortalised as the authority of a number of parasitic worms. He was born in Zadar on 27 October 1825. His father was Ferdinand Astolfi and mother Margaret Trevisani. He studied medicine at the University of Vienna, from where he graduated in 1849. In 1851, shortly after the retirement of professor... read more

Ambrogio Raffaele

Ambrogio Raffaele or Raffele (1845-1928) was an Italian painter.He was born in Vigevano. He studied under Antonio Fontanesi and Andrea Gastaldi at the Accademia Albertina in Turin, and was a colleague of Marco Calderini. He moved back to Vigevano late in life.. He painted both genre and landscapes, in oil and water-color. In 1880 at Turin, he exhibited: ''Bacia, sole immortale, bacia il tuo figlio''. At Milan, in 1881, he had a landscape depicting ''Un tramonto di sole'', and at Rome, in 1833, ''Lettrice... read more

Raffaele Lauro

Raffaele Lauro (born February 10, 1944, Sorrento) is an Italian politician, member of the Senate of Italy, prefect and a private adviser for institutional relations and communication.==Early life and education==Raffaele Lauro was born in Sorrento to Luigi and Angela Aiello, one of four brothers. In his youth, he worked as a receptionist in hotels in the Sorrento Peninsula. He attended high school in Sorrento, at the Sant'Anna Institute, graduating with honors and reporting of the Commission.After... read more

Raffaele Bendandi

Raffaele Bendandi (Faenza, 17 October 1893 – Faenza, 3 November 1979) was an Italian clockmaker known for his predictions of earthquakes. Bendandi was self-taught and never published a verifiable scientific exposition of his theory.==Life and legacy==Bendandi was born in Faenza to a family of modest wealth. He only attended school for five years, but at the time of the solar eclipse of 30 August 1905 became interested in planetary motion in the solar system. He worked for a watchmaker and an... read more

Raffaele Alcibiade

Raffaele Alcibiade (born 23 May 1990) is an Italian footballer who plays as a defender.===Juventus===Alcibiade began his career with Italian and European powerhouse Juventus. He started out in youth ranks of the Torino-based squad and was eventually promoted to the ''Primavera'' squad in 2008. Upon his promotion to the Juventus first team, Alcibiade was sent out on loan to Serie B side Pescara. During his loan with the Serie B club, Alcibiade made just 3 league appearances in his 5 month spell, and... read more

Raffaele Ruotolo

Raffaele Ruotolo is a retired American soccer midfielder who played professionally in the North American Soccer League and Major Indoor Soccer League and Continental Indoor Soccer League.When he was five, Ruotolo moved to Naples, Italy with his family. In 1981, he began his career with local amateur club Casalnuovo. In 1982, he moved to Napoli. In 1984, Ruotolo visited an uncle in San Diego, California. While there, he had a successful trial with the San Diego Sockers of the North American Soccer... read more

Raffaele Nolè

Angelo Raffaele Nolè (born 27 March 1984) is an Italian footballer who plays for Reggiana as a forward.==Career==Nolè started his career at his home town club Potenza S.C., going from non-professional to professional level in 2004, the season that the two clubs from Potenza merged. In July 2007, he was signed by the Serie B team Rimini but loaned to Messina, as the club had Daniele Vantaggiato, Jeda and Emilio Docente as forwards. In the next season he returned to Potenza and after Rimini was relegated... read more


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