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Voetbal Inside

''Voetbal Inside'' (previously named as ''Voetbal Insite'' (2001-2007), ''RTL Voetbal Insite'' (2007-2008) and ''Voetbal International'' (2008-2015)) is a Dutch football talk show that has aired on TV channel RTL 7. In a studio, host Wilfred Genee discusses the latest developments in Dutch and international football with Johan Derksen, René van der Gijp and a guest. The program is named after and sponsored by the football magazine ''Voetbal International''. Other sponsors include the Eerste Divisie,... read more

Voetbal International

''Voetbal International'' (VI) is a Dutch football magazine. It is the oldest Dutch football magazine that is still running.==History and profile==''Voetbal International'' was established in 1965. As of 2006, VI was published by WP Sports Media. GM Carolina Pruis runs the magazine and Thijs van Veghel and Tom van Hulsen are the chief editors since the retirement of Johan Derksen on 1 August 2013. - Voetbal International The magazine is read by approximately 800,000 people every week. VI was one... read more

Koninklijke Voetbal Vereniging

''Koninklijke Voetbal Vereniging'' or ''Koninklijke Voetbalvereniging'' (KVV) means "Royal Football Association" is often used in Dutch and Belgian association football clubs, such as: read more

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File:Arubaanse Voetbal Bond.jpg

=== Fair use in Aruba national football team ===Although this image is subject to copyright, I, feel that its use in Aruba national football team is covered by the U.S. fair use laws because:# It is being used for informational purposes only;# It is the logo of a company for which no equivalent free alternative exists or could be created without infringing on copyright;# It does not infringe upon the original copyright holder's ability to profit from the media; and# It contributes significantly to... read more

Schiedamse Voetbal Vereniging

Schiedamse Voetbal Vereniging, commonly known as just SVV, is a former Dutch professional football club from Schiedam.Founded in 1904, the club won the Dutch national football title in 1949. In 1991, SVV and neighbouring Dordrecht'90 merged to form FC Dordrecht. SVV, however continued to play in the amateur divisions until this day.==History==The club was founded in 1904 as ''Excelsior'', which was renamed to ''Voorwaarts'' (Forward) two years later. The name was again changed, to SVV this time,... read more

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Curaçaose Voetbal Bond

Curaçaose Voetbalbond (also referred to as CVB) was a Curaçaosean football association. It was a member association of FIFA between 1932 and 1941, and 1946 to 1958.The CVB was responsible for the Territory of Curaçao national football team.Between 1941 and 1946, FIFA had decided to select Nederlands Antilliaanse Voetbal Bond (NAVB) as their member association. Unlike the CVB, The NAVB consisted of representatives from Aruba as well as Curaçao.The organisation was replaced with Nederlands Antilliaanse... read more

File:Dutch Antilles FA.png

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Aruba women's national football team

The Aruba women's national football team is the national women's football team of Aruba and is overseen by the Arubaanse Voetbal Bond.==External links==Category:Caribbean women's national association football teams read more

Football in the Netherlands Antilles

The sport of football in the Netherlands Antilles was run by the Nederlands Antilliaanse Voetbal Unie. The association administered the national football team, as well as the Netherlands Antilles Championship. read more

Maarten Atmodikoro

Maarten Atmodikoro (born 4 February 1971 in Paramaribo, Suriname) is a retired football defender from the Netherlands.==Club career==He started his professional career in the 1989/1990 season for Schiedamse Voetbal Vereniging. He later played for Dordrecht '90 (when SVV and FC Dordrecht merged in 1991), NAC Breda, NEC Nijmegen - Voetbal International before finishing his career at ADO Den Haag. - Voetbal International He retired in 2001.Atmodikoro was sentenced to 7 months in jail in 1998 for rejecting... read more

Huib Ruijgrok

Huib Ruijgrok (born 26 April 1944) is a Dutch former football coach. He coached Molde FK, Fredrikstad FK, De Graafschap, Schiedamse Voetbal Vereniging, and HBS Craeyenhout.==References==Category:Dutch expatriate football managersCategory:HBS Craeyenhout football managersCategory:Expatriate football managers in NorwayCategory:Dutch expatriate sportspeople in NorwayCategory:Schiedamse Voetbal Vereniging managers read more


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